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"How could this be…" She hadn't finished her words, Lin Cheng Huan also frowned.

"Today, just before all the shareholders and broad directors of Song company came by to Song house. They kept on forcing Grandma to give decision. Grandma didn't have any way, the best way that she could now is letting Ting Yu to leave the Song company…" Su Ran said immediately.

This matter let Lin Cheng was surprised, he didn't expect that Song family also experienced a big trouble.

"So it seems that this all is not a coincident. Possibly it started from your kid's matter, Lin Tian You and another person collaborated together…"

"Yes." Song Ting Yu pursed up his lips and nodded.

"Originally I found Zhang An Nan, it could solve a lot of problems. He definitely knows who is it. My Ma already sent someone to look for it, but there was not clue. I'm worried, he is death…"

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu also worried about this. The person who is working with Lin Tian You was someone detailed. They could only know about him from Zhang An Nan. If not they should start from Lin Tian You.

Lin Cheng Huan was silent: "Perhaps, the problem in DNA investigation…"

Su Ran constantly feels that Song Ting Yu should be Song family.

Because Lin Cheng Huan's health was still unwell so Su Ran and Song Ting Yu didn't stay for long, they worried they will hinder him from resting.

They left but they didn't immediately left the hospital but they went to Lu Zhan's office. Su Ran wanted to ask him about Lin Cheng Huan's condition.

The time they appeared Lu Zhan already understood their intention. Just in time, he also wanted to ask Song Ting Yu about his family condition.

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu sat down inside his office. He poured two glasses of water for them and also sat down: "You guys want to know Lin Cheng Huan's condition?"

Su Ran nodded: "He just woke up, how is it? Is it like you said before, he couldn't use his legs anymore?"

"According to his current condition, the chance to heal is quite small. But it doesn't mean there's no chance. We need to see his progress in the future…"

Hearing this, Su Ran felt a bit sad to think a tall man like Lin Cheng Huan, will be spent his life on the bed. Perhaps this life time he couldn't stand up anymore…..

Lu Zhan looked at them: "How's the condition now? Ting Yu, what about the problems that created by shareholders and broad directors?"

"What can we do? The time they heard that Grandma left the hospital, they all just went to our hose and let Grandma to hand over.."

Lu Zhan continued: "So at last the result is.."

"Now I leave Song company temporarily…" Ting Yu laughed.

Lu Zhan startled for a while: "It's so serious.."

He knows Song family is a kind of family that really values blood relationship.

So actually he also understands, if Song Ting Yu is really unrelated to Song family, Song family wouldn't fall into his hand.

But for Song Ting Yu, not inheriting Song family is not really important. The most important thing, Song family that he always regards as his family, suddenly in a flash, is gone. It's the greatest attack from him.

Moreover Song Ting Yu was someone that both Grandpa Song and Madame Song trained. They put most of their hopes in his hand.

If he is not part of Song Ting Yu, then Song family will need to look for another successor. That time they will choose a heir from collateral branch of the family. It was also a great attack to Song family.

But those who only want benefit, how could they think this way?

In their way, there's only motivation to get benefit. They just thought by bringing Song Ting Yu down, they will get chance to promote themselves.

Lu Zhan was also very busy man so they didn't sit down for a long time.

Song Ting Yu also brought Su Ran left the hospital.

On the way home, Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu: "Regarding your birth identity, doesn't grandma ask Tang Zi Chu to investigate it?"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "Now with me leaving the Song company and as Tang Zi Chu is also my person, he is promoted by me, he definitely will leave with me. We could only ask him to investigate this matter…."

This recent time there was a lot of tings going on, problems kept on coming and they had no opportunity to breath and relax. This moment she felt it was a long way from the end. There will be a lot of problems they need to solve.

Tang Zi Chu and Song Ting Yu investigated this thing together, from the time Song Ming Xuan and He Jin knew each other.

Yet they still needed Song Ming Xuan's help. Song Ming Xuan was missing since he left the hospital. He couldn't be contacted. Song Ting Yu tried to check his bank and credit card record, but he found nothing.

Song Ting Yu even went to Jing Shan mountain to look for him, but from the neighbors, they told Song Ting Yu that Song Ming Xuan came over and left hurriedly.

Song Ting Yu opened the door and noticed the place was in a mess. All of He Jin's things were ruined.

This house originally was designed according to He Jin's liking, but now he ruined all of this. This shown clearly his hatred toward her.

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