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"Grandma, what are you talking about. If it's something that I can help, of course I would not decline." Gu Dong Cheng said.

Madame Song smiled: "Then it's good."

She remembered one thing: "Oh right, since we want to investigate the matter that had passed, then we also investigate the DNA report, I'm afraid that someone has manipulated it."

"Dong Cheng, do you think there is something strange regarding Director Zhang and Mr Wang?" Except Gu Dong Cheng, there were two other people followed them to retrieve the DNA report.

"Grandma, now it's not an easy problem, but I will let someone to investigate it." Gu Dong Cheng said: "Perhaps the problem is not inside the report, perhaps the problem is in the process of retrieving the hair sample? Perhaps in the tool? Those problems, we need to investigate clearly. Grandma, if you trust me, then just let me handle this."

"Of course I trust you." Madame Song said: "Then I will give it to you. It's not early anymore. You can go back to accompany Tian Mi. If you have any problems, then call me."

"Okay." Gu Dong Cheng stood up and turned his head: "Tonight I will take Tian Mi to come over and have dinner."

Madame Song felt happy and nodded: "Okay, I also want to meet that girl."

After Gu Dong Cheng left, Su Ran answered a call. She pulled Song Ting Yu's hand: "Cheng Huan is awake…."

Song Ting Yu was startled for a while: "Let's go."

"Let us go. Perhaps Lin Cheng Huan could give us any information regarding Zhang An Nan. Just let me take care of Wei Xi." Madame Song said.

"Okay, grandma."

Song Ting Yu said it and took Su Ran out. They took the car to the hospital.

Before the one that called Su Ran was Mother Lin. She said that Lin Cheng Huan was awake and he asked for her.

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu arrived at the hospital. Lu Zhan also just came out from Lin Cheng Huan's room. Looking at their arrival, Mother Lin also took initiative to come out. She let them to chat, but she also asked Su Ran: "Ran Ran, don't let him talk too long. Now he is still in weak state."

"I know, auntie." Su Ran nodded.

Mother Lin left and closed the door.

Su Ran noticed there were two men with black suit standing outside. Supposedly they were appointed by Mother Lin to guard Lin Cheng Huan as Mother Lin worried there Lin Cheng Huan would have any other mishaps.

Lin Cheng Huan looked very weak, his face was very pale. He even had difficulty to raise his hand. His voice was hoarse: "Sit down, you guys…"

Su Ran shook her head and looked at his legs. When he awake, Mother Lin should have tell him about his condition.

"Cheng Huan, how are you?"

Lin Cheng Huan looked at his own legs and laughed at himself: "Before Doctor Lu came by, he already told me about my current situation. This life time, perhaps I will be a handicapped person…"

"Cheng Huan, don't you drivel. Lu Zhan said that you will get better…."

"The chance is very small."

After several period of give vent to his own situation, Lin Cheng Huan now already accepted this reality.

If not, what should he do?

He seemed to be unwilling to continue to talk about this topic. He looked at Song Ting Yu: "Have you found Zhang An Nan?"

Mother Lin also asked someone to look for him, but she hadn't found him. Before the accident he called Su Ran and told her about Zhang An Nan's presence in his car. Lin Cheng Huan knew that Su Ran would definitely tell Song Ting Yu so Song Ting Yu will ask someone to look for Zhang An Nan too.

"No." Song Ting Yu shook his head: "After your accident, I immediately asked someone to look for him but they couldn't find his trace. According to the accident, he definitely also in bad situation. He shouldn't be running away far away. So I thought he definitely being taken away by someone. Moreover I don't know whether he is still alive or not…" He said it then, continued with his pursued hip: "What did happen that time?"

Lin Cheng Huan said: "I found Zhang An Nan and my people went to Singapore. The time my people found him there, they took him back here. But since they were in Singapore, they said that someone has been following them. The early morning, Zhang An Nan was brought back to An City, but there were someone that kept on chasing us from the airport. For dispersing their attention, we took a separate road. I took Zhang An Nan to leave. I thought that we should be able to escape but I didn't know what happened, they found us. Then we being bumped someone. That time Zhang An Nan was also very worried, supposedly he was afraid that he would be killed by someone to prevent him from divulging a secret. He was afraid that we both would be death so he unconsciously said Lin Tian You's name…"

"This matter undoubtedly is related with Lin Tian You…" He looked at Su Ran and Song Ting Yu: "We should start from Lin Tian You….."

"But my Ma already let people continue to check Lin Tian You, but they couldn't find the link. Don't know whether he is too expert in hiding it or someone is helping him. I'd been underestimated him. These several years under my father's help, he's been growing so he will do this."

Hearing this, Song Ting Yu started to think and sort it up.

"I felt this matter has an answer already."

"What do you mean?" Lin Cheng Huan asked.

Hearing this, Su Ran also understood Song Ting Yu's meaning.

Lin Cheng Huan's accident and their problem, it's not just a mere coincidence, but it was a long premeditated collaboration plan.

To be sure Lin Tian You and someone else secretly had collaborated together to deal with Song and Lin family too. They both helped each other so finally they could have a win-win situation.

Su Ran lowered her voice and said: "Cheng Huan, we are also in trouble."

Lin Cheng Huan frowned: "What happened?"

He just fainted for several days and it seemed a lot of problems had happened.

"Probably recently you are too busy about Lin Tian You and you didn't notice that this period fo time there's an unfavorable rumor about Song Ting Yu."

"What rumor?"

"It said that Song Ting Yu is not Song family member. Moreover, it was known by broad directors and shareholders. They forced us to do DNA investigation. Yesterday the result was out and showed that Song Ting Yu is really unrelated with his father……."

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