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Chapter 2 We are only Friends

"Ting Yu, where are you?"

"At home." Song Ting Yu was in emotional knot: "A Zhan, what problem do you have?"

Lu Zhan laughed: "It looks like you don't know that Su Ran is sick…."

"Su Ran is sick?" Song Ting Yu wrinkled his brow, he even didn't notice that his voice was somewhat anxious.

"What kind of husband you are?" Lu Zhan was somewhat mocking Song Ting Yu: "She is at my hospital, you just come here and visit her, in a moment I will send you the room number."

Hung up the phone, Song Ting Yu took his coat and car key then hurriedly drove the car toward the hospital.

When he stopped at the traffic light, his mind recalled the Su Ran's expression this morning, her face was indeed somewhat paled.

He thought it was because she didn't have a good sleep, now to think, that time she must be feel unwell?

And she looked completely ignored her condition, and went outside.

These days she always went early and back late, how could he not know what did she do?

Nothing else besides helping her future prospect father to collect some money.

He thought it was funny that she took her house as collateral, and all her things. It was one hundred million, how could she collect it and make it to one hundred million?

Around the hospital the traffic was still crowded, even if it was eleven o'clock now, still a lot of cars passed by. When Song Ting Yu still immersed in his thought, the light turned green, and the car behind him sounded the horn for him to move.

He regained his awareness, and cut his train of thoughts, and drove toward the hospital.

After parking the car, he took his phone to check the message from Lu Zhan and found out the Su Ran's room number.

Su Ran's sickroom was left unlocked, he used his hand to slightly pushed it.

Inside there were people who were talking, didn't pay attention of his arrival.

Lin Cheng Huan stood beside the sick bed, looked at Su Ran and said: "Lin company indeeds in needs for expansion money, however now that amount of money I still can lend it…"

Su Ran shook her head to refuse: "I can't use your money, from my young age, you already helped me a lot of matters, it's enough."

"But it doesn't matter to be one more." Lin Cheng Huan smiled slightly.

"Cheng Huan, I…."

Su Ran looked at him, not yet said anything, she at once heard the cold laughter from the doorway.

She looked to the doorway, and startled.

How could Song Ting Yu be here?

When Su Ran was still confused, Song Ting Yu's tall figure already moved inside, and stopped in the front of the bed: "Do I disturb you guys?"

Lin Cheng Huan smiled again: "Mr Song, you are joking. We are just chatting some common things, how can you disturb us."

These two same tall man stood up and faced each other, and she was laying down, Su Ran felt somehow invisible pressure.

In addition, she clearly felt that the atmosphere between two guys was somewhat strange.

Song Ting Yu looked at his watch: "It's not early anymore. Mr Lin, you should go home and rest. Today it's really inconvenient for you. I will take care Su Ran now."

Su Ran also knew it was late already, and didn't want to see him to spend the night here: "Cheng Huan, you go home and rest first."

Lin Cheng Huan stayed silent for a while, and finally nodded. He used his hand to stroke Su Ran's head: "Then I will go first, you need to rest well. The thing that I said before, consider it first, don't just refuse it."

After Lin Cheng Huan left, Su Ran looked at the man in front of her: "Why are you here?"

'If I don't appear, what will you guys do?" Song Ting Yu leaned his body, his eyes fixed on her face.

Su Ran understood the meaning behind his word, she couldn't help her self but to feel somewhat resentful: "Song Ting Yu, we are just friend."

"Friend?" Song Ting Yu's tone slight rose, it was clear that he didn't believe it, but he didn't say anything. He just extended his hand, and placed it on her forehead. It made her startled.

Su Ran just realized that he wanted to help her to check her temperature.

She shook away his hand: "You also go home."

Related to Su Ran's attitude toward him, there was some indescribable feeling, so his eyes become colder.

He didn't only not leaving, instead leaning on the table near the bedside. He arrogantly looked at her and said: "Su Ran, it looked like you didn't really wish me to be here, why? You blamed me that I prevent your good thing to happen?"

"I don't understand what do you mean." Su Ran's tone slightly rose too, she was furious with this man who always kept on misunderstanding her relationship with Lin Cheng Huan.

For Su Ran, Lin Cheng Huan is her relative, is her brother, it was completely different with what he is thinking.

"Do you really do not understand?" Song Ting Yu crooked up his lip: "Or you just pretend to be confused?"

"Go out!" Su Ran pointed to the door. Because she was angry, so her chest full of fierce emotion.

She really felt that she really unable to communicate with this man. Besides, it was he said, to let her knew her place where. So her matter was unrelated to him.

Song Ting Yu said: "Su Ran, I remembered that I have warned you, I asked you to make some distance with Lin Cheng Huan, it looked like you didn't listen to my words, em?"

"Repeatedly being together with him, acted as if no one else were present and be intimate, were you that impatient that you can't control yourself?" Song Ting Yu continues, " Lin company is needed to use money, yet Lin Cheng Huan willingly to give out some money for you. So your statement that you are both just friend, who will believe it?"

"Song Ting Yu, don't you bully people too extreme!"

Su Ran raised one of her hand, and wanted to slap her. However, it was gripped by his hand.

From his mouth, his words became more and more hurtful: "How do you plan to return this money? No need to return? Or use your only valuable body to return it?"

Su Ran's face paled, her eyes were red. She used her power to struggle and shook his hand. Then, she rubbed her eyes.

She didn't really like to cry, especially in front of Song Ting Yu, because it will become a joke for him.

This moment this time, she pulled her lips, and said: "Song Ting Yu, am I that low in your eyes?"

Her voice was very soft, it looked like it to be a fog.

Song Ting Yu was startled, this moment Su Ran let his heart to cover with indescribable feeling, in a short while his heart felt was empty.

"Too low that…" Her voice choked with sobs: "I need to use my own body to do business, to get the things I want…."

Even if she tried her hard to be strong, but the corner of her eyes still showing the tears. Song Ting Yu didn't expect he would extend his hand to wipe it. He unexpectedly could not bear to look at her tears. But Su Ran avoided his hand, she took a deep breath, and tried to calm her voice: "I know in your heart, that you think lowly of me. But you just be relax, the time that Wei Xi recover, I will directly divorce you. Moreover, I will forever disappear from your face. Are you satisfied now?"

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