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"It's still early." Madame Song looked at the inside of the room: "Is Ran Ran okay?"

"She's okay. She is asleep." Song Ting Yu smiled.

"Then it's good. Follow me to the study room, I have something to say to you."

Song Ting Yu nodded, supposedly this old woman wanted to chat with him about Su Hao.

Leaving the room, he held Madame Song toward the study room.

When they sat down, Madame Song asked: "What happened to Su Hao? Is it all his own doing?"

Song Ting Yu snorted: "He doesn't have that great of ability."

Madame Song nodded, she felt that Su Hao will not have that kind of ability. He wouldn't think detailed.

Originally Su family in An City also could be said to have prestige, they were powerful and influential, but they were in brilliant time that day.

But after that it was being passed to Su Hao, he isn't a great one. In several years it is getting worst!

Madame Song without doubt feel that Su family will be completely ruined in Su Hao's hand.

At least now that he did these things, she wouldn't let him go.

"Have you checked anyone else that involved in it?"

Song Ting Yu sat down in the opposite of Madame Song, with graved expression: "He was in touch with Zhang An Nan."

Madame Song was confused: "Who is Zhang An Nan?"

"Lin Cheng Huan's assistant."

"Is it related with Lin Cheng Huan, is he the master plan all of this?"

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa and looked at the ceiling: "We still don't know about that yet, but we just have a great doubt about him. After all, Zhang An Nan is his…

"How did you find Zhang An Nan?"

Song Ting Yu retold the stories to Madame Song.

"Let Zi Chu interrogate him, who is behind all of this."

"I already tell him to do it. He will do it, let's see the result tomorrow."

Madame Song's face was dark: "If it is Lin Cheng Huan, why should he did it?" Every master planner should have motivation, so she wanted to analyze it."

"Maybe for Su Ran." It's the only explanation, if not what else can be his motivation.

Madame Song was silent. Being alive for these years, she could understand many thing easily. She would not easily decide these all are Lin Cheng Huan's doing just by seeing Zhang An Nan's involvement.

But according to Song Ting Yu, it could be said that in the present he was one of the suspect.

The one that she was doubted, since he is deeply in love with Su Ran, how could he be willing to hurt her or Song Wei Xi?

"Grandma." Song Ting Yu suddenly said: "Do you know that Lin family has another illegitimate son? Lin Cheng Huan's brother from different mother."

Although Madame Song had retired from her business for several years, but it didn't mean that she completely neglected it. She still had a lot of informants.

"I heard it, it is Lin Tian You. Now he is working in Lin company, but he is not really in a good position, supposedly he is fighting Lin Cheng Huan right now, right?"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "So you think Lin Tian You are not possible in participating in this matter?"

Madame Song was silent for a while, then nodded: "You mean that Lin Tian You possibly bribes Zhan An Na?"

"True." Song Ting Yu said: "Although it appears that Lin Tian You is unrelated and doesn't have any relations with Song family. But if you think carefully, it is possible that because he is in great battle with Lin Cheng Huan. He has great ambition, he also wants to pull down Lin Cheng Huan from Lin company. He wants to own it all so it is possible that he bribes Zhang An Nan, and put the blame on Lin Cheng Huan. He wants to somehow borrow our power to harm Lin Cheng Huan…."

Madame Song nodded: "Indeed it could be. If it's that way, Lin Tian You really too ridiculous. What do you think of our Song family?!"

She immediately looked at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, you need to check this throughly."

"I know, grandma."

"Also…" Madame Song said: "Regarding Su Hao's matter, how do you will solve this problem?"

"I will handle it the same way I handle Chen Jing's matter, I will give it to the police."

"It's good. You should do what you should. But it will create sensation. After all, recently a lot of things had happened. It maybe creates a lot of influence." Madame Song showed her heavy expression. She looked at Song Ting YU: "Ting Yu, soon there will be an election meeting in Song company, you need to do everything carefully…."

Song company has been in An City for a long time and a lot of people were watching for them.

"I understand."

Song Ting Yu looked at the watch that hung on the wall: "Grandma, it's not early anymore. Let me take you to rest."

"Okay." Madame Song didn't say anything more.

By the time, Su Hao was brought by police car, Qiao Qing created a big fuss but still it couldn't stop the polices to take Su Hao away.

Her health was not really good, she fainted.

Su Ran received a call from Su family's butler, she came to her room. When Qiao Qing woke up and saw them, she slapped her ruthlessly: "You are unfilial daughter. Now you are satisfied right, satisfied that now your father will be in jail, you are happy right!"

Qiao Qing's mental health is not really good, she was emotional!

She even took all the things on the table and thew away to Su Ran's body: "Go away, Su Ran. Go away, I don't have a daughter like you. You are not my daughter anymore! How could I give birth to a daughter like you. You personally put your father to the jail. Su Ran, you are really inhuman!"

The butler also stood on the side, and let people to stop Qiao Qing. He was worried: "Miss, if not you can just go first. Let Madame calms herself down first. Wait until she is better, then you can come here again. Don't worry, we will take a good care of her…"

Su Ran nodded and with a hoarse voice, she said: "Sorry to trouble you, later on I will call the doctor to see her."


"Su Ran, go away. I don't a hypocrite like you. You are a ruthless, someone who forgets to be grateful…." Qiao Qing was emotional, supposedly her mental situation was worsen

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