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Hearing her to say that, Song Ting Yu felt very satisfied, he kept on smiling.

"Okay, could you go out now?"

"Give me a strawberry." Song Ting Yu pointed the plate of fruits.

Su Ran took a strawberry, and fed it to his mouth. He bit it.

It's not a strawberry season yet, so it's hard to look for one.

"Is it good?"

"Do you want to try?"

Su Ran nodded. When she was about to take one and eat it, her face suddenly was clasped by Song Ting Yu. He lowered his head and kissed her little mouth. She was startled, his tongue got into his mouth. In a flash, her mouth was fulled of strawberry scent.

It's sweet, and sour. It's very strong flavor.

Song Ting Yu let her go, and smiled. This time it's his turn to ask: "Is it good?"

Su Ran didn't expect him to use this way to let her taste the strawberry flavor. She blushed and nodded: "It's good."

"Do you want to eat another one?"

"No!" She immediately shook her head, and used her hand to push him away: "Go away, don't you stay here."

At first she was so focus in cooking, but he kept on bothering her and made her waste a lot of time. If he kept on staying inside the kitchen, she didn't know how could she finish cooking.

"I will just stay here, I want to watch you cook."


"Don't you bother me, don't move around. Don't disturb me."

"Okay." Song Ting Yu indeed folded his arms and stayed still on the other side. But after a while, he started to speak up: "Before I looked for Bai Zhi Rui?"

Su Ran turned her head: "Then?"

"At first she wanted to leave An City, but in the airport she encountered a lot of reporters. For stopping her, I let Tang Zi Chu brought her out, we met up."

"What did she say?"

"I lied to her and said that Chen Jing already tells me everything."

"Then did she feel afraid?" This matter is related to her daughter, so Su Ran stopped her cooking: "Did she admit that it is her doing?"

"She had someone behind her…" Song Ting Yu leaned on the kitchen counter: "In the past when she started to be famous again, it was because someone backed her up. Now I am suspect, that Chief Hua's matter also was his doing…"

"So you thought that little girl with AIDs was arranged by someone to get close to Chief Hua?"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "It's possible…"

"If that's the case, then it should be very powerful one. Moreover, it's clear that he wants to attack our Song family…" Su Ran frowned.

"Right." Song Ting Yu felt, it's not for retaliate Su Ran, perhaps it's not that simple. It's still need further inspection.

"What information did you get from Bai Zhi Rui? Where did she get the drug?"

"Even Bai Zhi Rui never met up with the one that helped her. She got it from a restaurant through waiter."

Su Ran startled for a while: "They are really cautious, moreover they are detailed."

"So now they without doubt could just cast Bai Zhi Rui away. Because Bai Zhi Rui didn't know their identity, it would be hard to look for them."

"Yes." Song Ting Yu stroked her long hair: "I will ask Tang Zi Chu to examine it properly. Sooner or later I would know about it. Don't you think too much about it, just hand it over to me okay." He didn't want Su Ran too think too much about this….

He would handle this matter, she just needs to know the result.

Tang Zi Chu took a folder and knocked Song Ting Yu's office door: "Chief Song."

Song Ting Yu looked at the door: "Come inside."

Tang Zi Chu got in, and Song Ting Yu said "What did you find?"

"The phone is already disconnected, it's a contactless number…" Tang Zhi Chu put it in front of him.

Song Ting Yu looked at the paper: "You couldn't check the owner of this number?"

"It's an old number. That time there was still no registration required. So it couldn't be checked. I asked someone to check the phone call record, it's just one number."

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: "It's Bai Zhi Rui's number?"

Tang Zi Chu nodded: "So we couldn't find the owner of this number."

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while. He crumpled the paper into a ball then threw it to the trash: "What about the restaurant?"

"I found the restaurant and went to check their CCTV, but there was no weird incident. Also it's a long time ago, so it's a bit hard." Tang Zi Chu frowned: "Actually I met the waiter that gave the drug to Ms Bai."

Tang Zi Chu placed a photo on the table, then pointed at the picture: "But he looks to be an ordinary waiter."

Song Ting Yu looked at the photo: "Have you asked someone to check about this waiter?"

"Yes, but he is a good person. Twenty two years old, single, and just a part-timer."

Tang Zi Chu continued: "I am afraid that our action inadvertently alert an enemy so I don't go to interrogate this boy."

He said this so Song Ting Yu could give him advice.

"You also didn't ask who gave the package to him?"


Song Ting Yu nodded: "Don't ask first."

Tang Zi Chu was silent for a while: "Chief Song, what should we do now? I feel this person it's not a simple person. He left everything without any trace. What do you think we should do next?"

Song Ting Yu leaned on the chair, and placed his head on his palm, he thought for a long time and didn't say anything.

This number seemed to be purchased to contact Bai Zhi Rui only.

"What is the payment method of this card?"

Tang Zhi Chu already thought about this matter and asked someone to check it. "It's from the small store. It just once."

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