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Bai Zhi Rui continued: "I was being violated by Chief Hua.  I called you and let you to come and help me, but you didn't come. I hate you so much. I really hate you and Su Ran so I called this number again. I promised that I will help him…"

"The drug was given by him?"

Bai Zhi Rui nodded: "Yes, it was given by him. He taught me how to use it then I gave it to Chen Jing. At first just want to ask her to put it inside Su Ran's food but Madame Song always let people watched her so she didn't have any chances. Afterwards Madame Song employed Pei Qin to take care of Su Ran, so we used her…"

"I kept in contact with this person, it's a man. But his voice was modified so I didn't really know who was it. My point is I really don't know who is it.

Song Ting Yu stayed silent for a while: "In the past, when you were in the bad situation, and once more you became popular because you donated money to the disaster area, were you in contact with him? Or is it Chief Hua who helped you?"

Bai Zhi Rui knew that she couldn't lie anymore. She didn't have any backing anymore, there wouldn't anyone helped her.

Just like what Song Ting Yu said, she was already an useless pion.

"Not Chief Hua, it's them…."

"Then the person who backed you up is also capable one…" Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa and said it slowly.

Bai Zhi Rui shook her head: "Maybe, but I even don't know who are they…"

"Are you lying to me?"

Bai Zhi Rui shook her head: "I swear. I said it everything already, it's all true."

"How did you get the drug?" Song Ting Yu asked, "How did he give it to you?"

"They made appointment with me to meet at certain place, but they didn't show up. The time I arrived there, the waiter of the restaurant give a bag to me, he said that someone requested it to be given to me…."

"What day was it? What time is it? Where is it?" Song Ting Yu asked: "Give me the specific time and place."

Bai Zhi Rui tried to remember it seriously: "I will write it down."

Song Ting Yu looked at Tang Zi Chu like he signaled him to give paper and pen to Bai Zhi Rui.

Tang Zi Chu went to borrow paper and pen then placed it down in front of Bai Zhi Rui. Song Ting Yu pointed at the table: "Write it down, the time and place…"

Bai Zhi Rui nodded, and wrote it down. She placed it in front of Song Ting Yu: "I just know these much. Could I leave?"

Song Ting Yu took it then looked at it: "In this temporarily time, you should not. You could leave after this is solved."

"Song Ting Yu, you couldn't be like this. You clearly promised me…"

"Did I promise you the time that you could leave?" Song Ting Yu asked back. He stood up.

"But don't you know my condition in An City? If I kept on staying here, I would be crazy! If you want me to stay then okay, you should give me a peaceful place…" She really couldn't live the life with people kept on chasing after her. It worried her.

Song Ting Yu didn't mind her, he just left the restaurant.

Tang Zi Chu stayed there: "Ms Bai, you could live back at your house because now everyone thought that you has left An City. As long you don't go to the public then everyone should not know that you are here…"

He said it then left. Tang Zi Chu went to the carpark and got on the car: "Chief Song, how should we do now?"

"I will go home and have dinner." Song Ting Yu looked at his watch, it's dinner time. "Look for a person to check whether we could check that restaurant and find something."

Song Ting Yu passed the paper to Tang Zi Chu.

Tang Zi Chu accepted the instruction, he knew that Song Ting Yu was rushing to go home to eat the dinner that was cooked by Su Ran.

The driver drove him home. Su Ran was still busy in the kitchen, so in the dinning room there were only Madame Song, Song Ming Xuan, Tian Mi and Gu Dong Cheng.

Song Ting Yu just noticed that she was not cooking for him only but everyone.

He went to the kitchen to greet her.

Su Ran was busy, she was so focus in cutting the veggies that she didn't notice his presence. It was until Song Ting Yu hugged her waist.

She was surprised and wanted to struggle, but very quickly she realized it was him from his scent. She moved: "You are home."


"Go sit down outside. Accompany grandma and Pa to chat around. Don't you bother me."

"I will help you."

"No need." Su Ran just said it without thinking. She thought Song Ting Yu never entered the kitchen. He wouldn't be a help but he would be a troublemaker.

"Don't you underestimate me." He didn't let her go. Su Ran felt herself to be hugged by a large octopus, but she couldn't get free from it: "It's hot. Don't you make trouble. Go outside and sit down. If not you could go and play game with Wei Xi."

"I would just be here."

"It's hot here."

"I don't mind."

"….." Su Ran was speechless: "Then just stay there obediently, don't you make trouble."

Song Ting Yu finally let her go and stood on other side. He noticed that Su Ran was cutting the fruits.

"Why are you cutting fruits?"

"Cake, I baked a cake. Nuan Nuan is here too, later on I will let her try."

Song Ting Yu glared at her: "How many people did you invite to come and have dinner?"

"I called Tian Mi, Brother Dong Cheng, Xi He mother- daughter, but because Xi He is working over time today so it's only Nuan Nuan." Su Ran said without stopping doing what she did before.

"Didn't you especially come out to buy ingredient for cooking for me?"

"So, you are not happy because I called so many people to come?" Su Ran looked at him calmly, like he was a troublesome kid.

"I am just not happy that your dinner "is not just special" for me.

"Who say that I don't do it " specially "? I am do it very "specially". Look, I bought everything that you like? I just called everyone so it would be lively.

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