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"He also told me and Brother Dong Cheng that if you really leave him, he wouldn't know what to do. We already be best friends for many years. It is really the first time for me to see him be like this. In the past, he always be someone who is sure of his success. But for you, he is really unable to be assured. He also would express fear. Actually I could understand his mood, it's because he care you a lot so he would scared to lose you…"

Su Ran's hands wiped her eyes and wanted to wipe her tears away. But her tears kept on falling down.

She tried hard to see Song Ting Yu, she placed her hands on his face: "Ting Yu, sorry…."

"As long as you wake up, I will follow what do you want. I wouldn't divorce you, I wouldn't leave you. We all will be together forever. As long as you wake up……"

She just said then felt her whole body was being hugged by pair of strong hands, it was a warm embrace. Song Ting Yu's hoarse voice heard by her ear: "Really?"

Su Ran's brain was blanked, her tears were on the corner of her eyes.

Song Ting Yu let her go, then looked at her: "Is it true? Is all of things that you said before true? As long as I wake up, you would agree to anything I said? You wouldn't leave me, you would not divorce me too?"

She hadn't processed what was happening: "Song Ting Yu, you…"

She couldn't imagine that the one who was laying down without any vitality, lifeless man, this moment was hugging her. She also could hear his heartbeat that was powerful and loud.

But why didn't she hear it before?

It's because she saw him laying down on the bed. She felt her whole world was collapsing. Then, she didn't care about anything, she really thought he was gone.

"Is it true?" Song Ting Yu was impatient to hear her answer.

But Su Ran's attention was not on it. She responded: "YOU LIE TO ME!"

She was angry, she used her hand to slap his shoulder: "Song Ting Yu, you are really too cruel! Unexpectedly you use this thing to deceive me!"

She really thought that he was gone away, he wouldn't wake up again. He wouldn't appear in front of her again, she already felt so helpless!

Song Ting Yu didn't dodge from her attack, he just let her give vent of her anger on his body. He waited until she calmed down. He then pointed at their surrounding: "Pa, Grandma, also brother and Tian Mi. Oh right, this "quack doctor". They all also participate…"

Su Ran was startled, it turned out that actually they all know about Song Ting Yu's act and they coordinated with him. She was in completely in the dark.

Being called "quack doctor" made Lu Zhan laughed coldly: "He is the lead plotter, we all just accomplices. These all is his thinking."

Song Ting Yu noticed Su Ran's face turned sourly, then looked at Lu Zhan. He sent a signal to him "Please let it go…"

Lu Zhan groaned coldly for a while. He wanted to see whether Song Ting Yu would still dare to call him "quack doctor".

Madame Song smiled: "Ran Ran, don't you blame Ting Yu. He really feel afraid that you would divorce him so he would think of this trick. I think although this is not really true, but I just only could follow it reluctantly to help him once."

Tian Mi covered her lip: "Grandma, your acting before really good. You could get an Oscar!"

Madame Song didn't understand it: "What is it?"

"It's an award for female superstar in movies"

Madame Song grinned from ear to ear.

"Okay okay. Ting Yu actually really gets injured from car accident. Now send him to the patient room. It's a very late at night, you already troubled everyone to come here and help you out. So the next what should you do, it all depends on you." Madame Song said, "Let's go home."

Inside the patient room, Madame Song looked at Su Ran. Song Ting Yu didn't wait until anyone speak up, he just extended his hands to stop Su Ran: "Su Ran, tonight just stay here and accompany me. You guys can go home first."

Madame Song already knows from the start about his intention: "Let's go. We would go home first."

Su Ran sent everyone to the door, then looked at their leaving. Then she closed the door.

Song Ting Yu smiling at  her.

Su Ran felt his smile was really fool. He didn't wait until she spoke up, he just extended his hand and pulled her to sit on the bed.

Because his action was too sudden, Su Ran didn't prepare at all so she fell on his body.

Song Ting Yu really enjoyed it, he seized the opportunity to hug her waist and shoulder. He brought her to his embrace.

Su Ran didn't dare to move carelessly because she knew he just had car accident, she just pinched his backhand: "You already be like this, couldn't you be more calm?"

"You could calculate by yourself, how many days has it been that you don't care about me? The time you appeared in front of me, how could I control myself? How many days has it been for me for not hugging you? Recently, you always sleep with Song Wei Xi together. That little boy snatched my wife…"

Su Ran didn't wait for his words to end, she just covered his lips: "Song Ting Yu, don't you feel embarrassed to say it?"

Unexpectedly he said something like about his son.

Song Ting Yu hugged her. He wanted to stick close to her body.

"I don't want my face, I just want you."

Su Ran blushed: "Indeed you don't want your face, you are shameless. You could do those things and let grandma and Pa, Dong Cheng and everyone to join you to act…."

Especially Madame Song. 

Song Tin Yu didn't feel any bit of guilt, she just looked at Su Ran and smiled: "It's because of you!" He remembered: "Oh right, those words that you said inside the operation room. I heard it all. You said that as long as I wake up, you would agree to all my terms. You couldn't refuse to acknowledge it. Now what I want is for you to leave and stay by my side forever. You wouldn't leave me, do you hear me?"

Su Ran rolled her eyes: "I don't hear it."

Song Ting Yu didn't care about it then smiled: "It's okay as long as I hear it. Anyway grandma and all of them are witnesses. So I am not afraid that you wouldn't follow it."

Su Ran didn't continue to talk about this topic, she just patted his shoulder: "Let me go."

"Where do you want to go?"

"I promise, tonight I would leave okay?"

She covered him with blanket, but then she saw his gypsum: "What did Lu Zhan say about this ?"

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