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Chapter 201

"It's okay, it just the bone. He had extracted the broken one, it would be okay."

He also had several bruise, even there was gauze on his head.

The surgery was done before Su Ran came, Lu Zhan helped him to do it. They all had made a really good preparation. Even Lu Zhan called Song Ming Xuan then let him tell Su Ran.

Though Song Ting Yu had changed his clothes, but his body still reeked of alcohol smell, didn't know how much alcohol he had drank today.

Su Ran came closer to smell him: "Did you drink all the alcohol in the bar?"

"It's all because of you." Now Song Ting Yu placed on the responsibility to Su Ran: "If it's not because of you, do I need to consume it? It's because of you that my heart was moody…"

Su Ran looked at him: "You just want me to pick you up."

"Right." Song Ting Yu admitted it easily: "So I drank a lot, but my alcohol tolerance is really high. Even I drank a lot, I didn't get drunk…."

He hadn't finished it, then he noticed Su Ran was staring at him. He thought he said something wrong so he asked her: "What is it?"

"How could you be that stupid?" Su Ran clasped his face, and looked at his eyes.

"Yes, how could I be that stupid?"

For this matter, Song Ting Yu also couldn't think of it. If it's in the past, he definitely wouldn't think that he would do those kind of stupid thing.

Perhaps it's like what Lu Zhan said that night. Su Ran had ignored her for several days, he was like a completely irrational little idiot.

He didn't know what he had done.

He moved a bit on the bed, and patted the side of his bed: "Su Ran, lay down here."

"Tonight I would sleep on the sofa. It's too small."

"How could it be so small? We could just sleep closely together?" Song Ting Yu patted the bed again: "Get on." 

Su Ran: "…….."

She was very certain that if she didn't do as he wished, he would take her forcefully to get on the bed.

She didn't want it.

So she took off her shoes and got on the bed. Although it was a VIP bed, it was still quite small one. So when Su Ran laid down, she felt herself to be almost fell down. Very quickly Song Ting Yu extended his hand and hugged her, he sticked her close to his body.

"Look, it's okay right? How could you fall down?"

"The weather is too hot, it wouldn't be comfortable to be this close…"

"It's not hot. It has Air-conditioning here…."

Once again Su Ran was speechless. She knows every single time he would have idea to attack her words.

Su Ran could smell the alcohol on his body by being this close. She moved and opened his hand: "Song Ting Yu, you are reek of alcohol."

"Then what should I do, I couldn't take a shower. A Zhan said that for my injury it's better for me not be in contact with water. If not, then……" He looked at Su Ran, and smiled: "If not you help me to take one?"

"If I help you take one, wouldn't it also touch your injury?" Although it wasn't really serious injury, but it's quite big injury. It would take time to recover.

Su Ran got off the bed and wore her shoes. She went to the restroom and after a while, she came out with a basin. It was filled with warm water. She also brought a towel. She soaked the towel to the basin, then wrung it. "Take off your clothes, I will help you to wipe it."

Song Ting Yu smiled: "Help me to take it off. Now my hand is on IV, it's inconvenient."


Su Ran tried to calm down. She placed the towel down on one side. She came over and helped him to take off his clothes. When she was about to take the towel back, she was hugged by him.

"Song Ting Yu, what are you doing?"

The next moment, he pressed his lips to her. Then he let her go but still close to him: "Don't you leave me…."

He felt worry to not hear the answer from her own lips. 

She raised her head to see her: "Em, I wouldn't leave you."

"Ting Yu, sorry. Our daughter is gone. You also should be in heartbroken. You are his Papa. You should also feel sad like me. But I also don't know what should I do so I put all the blames to you. I always feel if I could leave you, then she would be okay…" She said, "It's also unfair for you…."

"Right, you are unfair toward me. You also said that you don't want me anymore. You want to return me back to Bai Zhi Rui. Are you really willing to throw me away to her? Do you know how do I feel when I heard it. What should I do? Su Ran, promise me. Later on you wouldn't say those words again to me." Song Ting Yu felt his heart was in pain. He really couldn't those words from her. 

Su Ran nodded: "Okay."

She already took off his clothes, then took the towel. She helped to wipe his body. Because he had a lot of injuries, so she did it cautiously.

When she finished wiping his upper body, she helped to wipe his face then his hands cleanly.

After done, Su Ran placed back the towel in the basin. When she was about to return to basin to the restroom, she was pulled by Song Ting Yu. He raised his eyebrows: "Is it done?"


She already wiped his body, face, hands, then what else did he want?

Song Ting Yu pointed to his legs: "This? I haven't took off my pants? How could you finish now? You just care about my upper body, you don't want to take care of my lower body?"

How did Su Ran feel that his words was a bit deliberate?

It sounded to be provoking.

Su Ran's ears burned: "Your legs are injured, that part doesn't need to be wiped."

"It's my foot, other part is not. How could it is unnecessary to wipe it? How could you be unconscientious? Hurry come back, and help me to take this off. Wipe the lower body."

"Dream on!" Su Ran threw the towel to his face. Then she went to bathroom.

Song Ting Yu waited for her to sleep together. This time Su Ran didn't refuse or said anything more. She just took off her shoes then got on the bed. Like usual, she just laid down and he hugged her and kissed her forehead: "Su Ran, before did you really feel afraid to lose me? Did you feel that losing me would be same as losing the whole world? You just realized that for you, I am also really important right?" 

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