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Even under yellow dim light, Su Ran still can see clearly the red handprint mark on his cheek, one can swell imagine, she exerted great strength to slap him!

She took the opportunity to escape from as Song Ting Yu stopped his movement, hurriedly pushed him off and she tried frantically to escape by getting off the bed, glared at him panically.

Song Ting Yu stroked his cheeks to stop the ache, glared back at her. His gaze was so cold that it made Su Ran trembled with fear. One person sat down on the bedside, another stood up on the carpet, they were facing each other for a long time.

Song Ting Yu was the first one to break the ice, he opened his suitcase, took out his clothes and went inside the bathroom, not for long, Su Ran heard the sound of water flowing inside it.

At this moment whole strength of her body suddenly felt like be absorbed, fell to the top of the bed.

Su Ran didn't know why Song Ting Yu suddenly appeared in her room, but she knew, this was not his wish, he was forced, from his eyes, she could see it clearly.

In this room, there's only one bed, because she usually stays here alone, there was no extra blanket. It was already late at night, if she went to the guest room or looked for extra blanket, she was afraid will wake up other people. But in this cold weather, no matter who slept at the sofa, they will be freeze.

Once again Su Ran laid on the bed, she thought that perhaps Song Ting Yu because his detest to sleep together in the same bed with her, he will go out. However, she also couldn't be sure he will do that, before what he did to her, made her scared of him so she pulled the blanket up and inclined to the corner of the bed. The bed luckily was spacious, so even they slept on the same bed, they will not touched.

Experiencing that mental suffering, Su Ran didn't have anymore sleepiness, laid on the corner of the bed, yet she still couldn't sleep, after a long time, she felt the bed sank, and there was a person laid beside her.

Song Ting Yu didn't leave the room, he slept here.

Su Ran started to breath nervously, held the blanket, rolled it to her body and sank lower to the end to the bed.

The doctor's voice could still be heard in her ears, he said that if they had tried every method and still it was a failure each time, then they need to proceed to the very last method which is giving birth to a second child, and use his umbilical chord blood to save Wei Xi. This is the reason why Madame Song commanded Song Ting Yu to come back home.

But they were a stranger, it was accident to give birth to Wei Xi. Now when they were laying down together in the same bed and pillow, prepared to conceive second child, it's only Song Ting Yu that felt disgusted, in reality Su Ran also wanted to reject. But deep down of her heart she knew that there was no other alternative, now it's to sudden, she couldn't accept it.

Four years ago, when they were newlyweds, the next day he just left with his lover to foreign country. These four years, he never came back, it made Su Ran doubted that he even knew that the gender of their child.

If Song Wei Xi are not sick, Su Ran predicted that she will never meet Song Ting Yu again.

Her mind was wandering around a lot of problems, and at last she slept.

Because of these days, she used to wake up early and go to take care Wei Xi and the hospital, so the next day she woke up early again.

Just now opened up her eyes, the first thing she saw was a handsome face. Her mind went blank, and hurriedly moved back to create some distance with him.

This time she just remembered, tomorrow late at night, Song Ting Yu had come back, and slept together with her in one room and one bed.

Because of her violent respond, Song Ting Yu also become conscious. When he opened his eyes, he looked at her without any expression, as before his eyes showed sense of disgust toward her, then moved the blanket to get up, and went directly to the bathroom.

He didn't wear any upper clothes, his body looked well-built.

When she looked that he went to the bathroom, she hurriedly got up and changed into her clothes. After she was done, she went down.

Madame Song and Chen Jing already inside the dining hall.

"Grandma, Mom, morning." Su Ran came by, the maid served her a bowl of porridge.

Chen Jing always cold and not fond of her, so she just nod to her greeting, not showing any kind of different respond, yet Madame Song with kindness spoke: " Did you have a good sleep last night?"

Su Ran knew what did she meant, her question was not simple. It didn't really want to know the quality of her sleep because the one who forced Song Ting Yu to sleep together in her room was Madame Song.

"It's not bad…" Su Ran laughed, not brave enough to look at her eyes, she lowered her head to eat the porridge.

There were footsteps from upstairs. "Mister, good morning." Said the butler. A shadow of big and tall figure came to the dining room, Song Ting Yu wore all black clothes pulled the chair and sat down: "Grandma, Mom, good morning."

A glance to Song Ting Yu, Chen Jing discovered the red mark in his son's face, shockingly said: " Ting Yu, what happened to your face?"

Song Ting Yu coldly rose up his lips and faced Su Ran: "You ask her."

"Su Ran, is that your doing?" Chen Jing interrogated

Su Ran didn't expect that red mark will last until the next day, she pursed her lips, nodded: "Mom, it's me…"

"Why did you hit him? You think you…"

Chen Jing hadn't finished her sentence, Madame Song just slapped the dining table: " Just stop it, Ran Ran certainly did it accidentally, it's not really a big deal, why should you stir up trouble?"

Chen Jing just stayed silent in front of Madame Song, although she was not content, but she still shut her mouth.

Su Ran hurriedly finished her breakfast, picked up the prepared bland taste breakfast for Wei Xi and said: "Grandma, Mom, I'm full, you just slowly enjoy the food, I will go to the hospital."

"Ran Ran, wait for a moment." Madame Song stopped her: "Wait for Ting Yu, you go together with him."

So at last Song Ting Yu drove Su Ran to the hospital, they didn't speak even one word during their journey.

Actually last night Su Ran planned to stayed at the hospital to be with Wei Xi, but yesterday night, Madame Song called her and asked her to go home. She didn't expect it because of Song Ting Yu's return.

After the car stopped, Su Ran opened the door and got off, didn't care if Song Ting Yu wanted to follow or not, she just went toward Wei Xi's room.

Wei Xi had waken, as before he still wore the thick knitted hat, sat down on the bed. Because he just woke up, he looked full of spirit.

Seeing her mom, his handsome face was full of joy: "Mama, come here."

It looked as if he wanted to tell some secret, Su Ran came toward him and sat down beside him: "What's going on?"

"Before the doctor came, he said that I can leave the hospital today, is that true

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