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A Sick Kid

At the hospital as usual was full of disinfectant smell.

The moment Su Ran came out from doctor's office, her faced hopeless and pale, her legs were powerless and almost fell to the ground, luckily there was someone who hold her.

"Miss, are you okay?"

Su Ran shook her head, sat down on the chair on the hospital's corridor, she covered her face with both hands. She felt really sad that her nose and eyes were sore, but she didn't cry, and shed tears.

Upon seeing this Song family's butler, stood at her side, but didn't really know how to comfort her. This because of Su Ran's son, Song's family little mister, he got serious illness, and already underwent various kind of medical treatments, but it turned out to be ineffective.

Looking at this condition, Madame Song immediately understood this serious situation. Her face turned pale too, with cold tone, she told a middle aged woman behind her: "Now you go call Song Ting Yu, let him immediately come home."

Chen Jing frowned: " Mom, is it really serious? Just let Ting Yu to go home two days after okay? I heard that now he has an important project…"
Madame Song cut off her sentence coldly said, "Until this time you just still care about work? Do you want to see your biological grandson's die?"

Chen Jing's expression changed: "Mom, I didn't mean that way, I will call him immediately."

Madam Song patted Su Ran's slender shoulder: "Ran Ran, don't you worry, even though all method was failed. But fortunately, there's still last method and this had highest probability to heal We Xi, We Xi certainly will be okay."

Su Ran raised up her face, her eyes looked red, her voice was a little bit hoarse: " I know, grandma, I will go to see Wei Xi first."

This last method to be precise is wanting her and long lost husband to have another son, and use umbilical cord to help Song Wei Xi.

Su Ran stood in front of sickroom entrance, used her hand patted her face to let her expression to be more joyful, also specially applied smile and laugh, then, open the sickroom's door, and got inside.

Song We Xi were reading his picture book <>, caught a sight of her, he put down his book: "Mama"

Su Ran went over and hugged him: "We Xi, you're awake, is there any part of you feel unwell?

We Xi shook his head, with his big and beautiful eyes looked at her face, " Mama, are you just crying?"

"No, I didn't cry." Su Ran tried to laugh.

"Your eyes are read." Song We Xi immediately pointed out her lie, even though he just three years old, yet he extremely smart.

Su Ran rubbed her eyes: "Before there were dust on my eyes."

"You said that weak excuse again." Song Wei Xi's small body entered her embrace: "Mama, I'm okay, my illness will recover soon."

Song Wei Xi wore a thick knit hat, his patient uniform looked big on her body, his appearance is a mixture of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu, he is a handsome boy.

"I know." Su Ran felt sad but laughed and kissed his forehead.

Song Wei Xi took out the book on his hand: "Mama, just before great grandmother came here, she said that my father will come back soon, is true?"

"Wei Xi, do you want to meet Papa?"

"I don't want"

Though Wei Xi said it firmly, but Su Ran knew that he was lying, no matter how angry he is because Song Ting Yu abandoned them for several years, at the end he still a kid, his heart certainly will long for fatherly love.

At night, Su Ran accompanied Wei Xi and just back home in late night.

Passing through Madame Song's room, she saw that the light was still on and it passed through door. This late and grandma still not yet sleep? Su Ran came over, just about to knocked door, suddenly heard a cold voice from inside: "There's no other way? Do we really need to use that method? All of you understand that there's no feeling between me and her. If she was no pregnant from the start and you guys forced to marry her, do you think I will marry her? Now you want me to give birth a second child?"

Through the space between door and wall, Su Ran can see the silhouette of the one spoken. Song Ting Yu had came home…

Before he talked about her, his tone carried disgust, just like four years ago.

He should be angry, because four years ago, she used this child to bind him, forced her way to the position of Mrs Song that was not belong to her.

Yet after four years, he should suffered the same thing again for his unwanted son.

"I want Wei Xi to live well." This was Madame Song's voice.

Next, what was said inside, Su Ran didn't listen anymore, she slightly smiled, and laughed at herself, passed by Madame Song's room and backed to her own room.

Opened the door, turned on the light, and just realized that on the her carpet there was a black suitcase. The black suitcase was Song Ting Yu's, didn't know how can the maid put it inside her room.

Four years ago this was his room, but he never came back, so she simply lived here, though he was back now, but most probably he will not agree to stay together in this room.

It's good, she also didn't want to stay together with him, because though they were related because of the child, but their relation was not good as strangers.

Su Ran felt tired, and no intention to move his suitcase, directly she went to the bathroom to cleaned up, then turned off the light, and laid on the bed to rest.

Next morning she needs to accompany Wei Xi to undergo several check up, so now she needs to rest immediately.

When she was about to sleep, she felt there was someone laid beside her, pulled her blanket, and pulled her nightgown roughly. In the dark, there was big hand pressed down her shoulder.

Su Ran was surprised, struggled hurriedly, tightly pull her own nightgown, used her hand to stop the man above her. She couldn't escape that strong hold, can only stretched out one hand's and turned on the light.

She could see clearly the man above her. He was a handsome looking man with a perfect appearance.

She hadn't meet him for four years, she thought she already forget his appearance, it turned out that she still clear about it.

Su Ran's nightgown was half-open because of his pull, he still wanted to continue, she exerted her strength to stop, panically said: "Song Ting Yu, what are you doing?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutched her cheek: "Isn't this what you want? Another child?"

"Let me go!" Su Ran cannot bear the humiliation, used her strength to struggle, don't know how but her hand slapped his handsome face. The voice of that slapping made the movement of both of them stopped.

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