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"Mama knows that you are a good boy…"

"Mama, don't you cry…." Song Wei Xi used his little hand to help Su Ran to wipe her tear. Su Ran rarely cried in front of him so this time seeing she cried, he looked really very helpless: "Don't you cry…."

Because these days she kept on crying, Su Ran's eyes were swollen, it almost hard for her to open her eyes. She tightly hugged Song Wei Xi, and nodded continuously: "Okay…."

"Mama, let me tell you a story." Song Wei Xi took out a storybook. He sat down on the bed, and opened the book slowly and spoke.

He did it as how usual Su Ran did, seemed like he purposely chose the one that felt funny.

The sickroom was very quiet, it just his charming little voice heard inside the room.

In this moment only Song Wei Xi could make Su Ran felt a little bit better.

Qiao Qing also stayed in the hospital for take care of Su Ran for a long time, Song Ting Yu asked Tian Mi to send her home to rest.

When he went inside, Song Wei Xi already laid down on Su Ran's thigh and slept.

Su Ran lowered her head and looked at him, she stroked his back softly.

Song Ting Yu went over: "I help you to carry her to sleep on the side."

Su Ran nodded. He cautiously carried her and placed him on the sofa. He took off his coat and covered him.

Although it was hot, but he was afraid that he would be cold.

After doing this, Song Ting Yu returned to Su Ran's side. He took a chair and sat down beside her. He held her hand: "Su Ran, you don't want me anymore? Are you considered it well? Have you decided?"

Su Ran's eyes were at loss and in pain, she shook her head slowly: "I don't know…."

"Song Ting Yu, being together with you really make me tired. I'm really afraid that Wei Xi be in trouble…."

"He will be okay. There will be no problem. Very quickly the doctor would prepare the surgery for him. He would be better and okay." He looked at her skinny face: "Moreover, did you only feel tired being with me? Su Ran, are you really willing to let me go?"

"I don't want."

"Then don't let me go." Song Ting Yu said.

Su Ran raised her head and looked at him calmly: "I don't want to talk about this matter, let's talk about it later okay?"

Song Ting Yu understood Su Ran, she was afraid. If it's only her, she would without slight doubt stayed beside him and be together with him but it because her kid is dead, it's a greatest attack to her. She worried Song Wei Xi would be in trouble. Now she felt insecure and sensitive.

"Okay, let's not talk about this." Actually Song Ting Yu was also afraid to say anything more as he was afraid to say Su Ran's answer.

The next day Chen Jing was sent by Tang Zi Chu to the police station. Next, they would need to wait for the investigation of the police officers to end. Then, it would be police and prosecutor that sue her.

The prosecution's process wouldn't be so fast, but Chen Jing is already in imprisonment.

Moreover Zhi Rui's matter also being exposed during the day Chen Jing was sent to the police station. It was regarding her matter with Chief Hua, immediately everyone knew about this.

It was a great difficulty that she could return to the entertainment circle, now it's gone. After the news exploded, no one dared to be close to Bai Zhi Rui as they afraid she also got HIV. 

Like before all her advertisements, roles, jobs as brand ambassador all was being cancelled.

In one night, her position as national goddess was ruined. Everyone spurned her, even in front of her house, everyone was there to get a news from her. So she didn't dare to return home, she stayed at the hotel for several days. She stayed in the small hotoe;.

But living in the lavish lifestyle for long time made her unable to sleep well and live comfortably.

Moreover, she also suffered the mental pressure. 

The funeral ceremony of the daughter was held after several days, they just invited close friends and it's not a lot of people.

When it's done, Su Ran also being discharged.

Sogn Ting Yu didn't know what was their condition now. Would she leave? Would she just want to make Song Wei Xi undergo the surgery then divorce him?

This was the first time for Song Ting Yu to have no courage to ask for an answer. He afraid that when he asked, Su Ran would give her answer.

He felt himself to be useless.

Moreover after being discharged, every night Su Ran would stay in Song Wei Xi's room.

He didn't know what should he do.

But he knew he couldn't act blindly without thinking.

Everyday it was torture for him, he felt he would be crazy soon.

Because too many things happened but because the kid was born and just died, so recently everyone was in gloomy mood.

Tonight, Gu Dong Cheng brought Tian Mi home to have dinner.

Although Gu Dong Cheng now basically already stayed in An City, but he would only visit Madame Song on the weekend.

Now after being engaged to Tian Mi, he would take her home.

But today it's not weekend, unexpectedly he initiatively took her home. Madame Song was so happy. She was happy that everyone could gather together and be more happy.

Especially Su Ran, she has a good relationship with Tian Mi. It's a good thing for Tian Mi to come to comfort her.

During the dinner, suddenly Tian Mi covered her stomach and ran to the restroom and threw up. Gu Dong Cheng was so extremely worried, he took tissue and followed her.

Madame Song was startled for. along time, then she responded. Her pale face suddenly appeared a smile: "Tian Mi, are you pregnant?"

Su Ran looked at the table, before it seemed that Tian Mi wanted to take red braised pork. Originally she just like to eat that, but supposedly she felt it's a bit oily after inside the mouth. It's possible that she is pregnant.

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