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Although Gu Dong Cheng was very nervous, but it seemed that he knows why she threw up before so he didn't ask whether she ate something wrong or she was unhealthy.

Su Ran smiled and said: "It should be, Grandma."

Madame Song didn't follow her to the restroom, she just waited until they were back. Tian Mi's face was red, didn't know whether it was because of throwing up or being held by Gu Dong Cheng like little bird who is cute and helpless-looking.

Madame Song looked at both of them, she was exciting: "Dong Cheng, Tian Mi, tell grandma, Tian Mi are you pregnant?"

Tian Mi seemed to be a bit worry for Su Ran, because after all she just lost her kid, now Tian Mi looked at her and she was smiling, she just realized that she was thinking too much.

Of course Su Ran is very happy for her, moreover, it's a good thing everyone should know it.

Gu Dong Cheng lowered his head and looked at Tian Mi, he saw her nodding, then he told Madame Song: "Really, Grandma. Tian Mi is pregnant, today we just found it. Look, this is checkup result."

He took a paper from his pocket and put it in front of Madame Song.

Madame Song already felt really happy, she wore her glasses to see it clearly. 

Actually she didn't really understand the data, she just needs to see the result.

She put down the paper, and smiled: "Yes, Tian Mi is pregnant. It's really a happy thing."

Madame Song smiled, and extended her hand to stroke Song Wei Xi's hair, who was sitting beside her: "Wei Xi, your auntie would give birth for a little baby."

Since being engaged to Gu Dong Cheng, Madame Song asked Wei Xi to call her auntie.

"Really?" Song Wei Xi's eyes immediately looked at Tian Mi's belly: "But auntie's belly is really small…."

Later on it will turn big." Su Ran used her hand to rub his little hand.

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran, she finally could smile. She felt as if someone was watching for her, she turned her head quickly, and looked at his hand. She looked at him for a while but didn't say anything, she turned her head back.

Song Ting Yu just felt his heart was being pressed by a rock, it was so painful that he couldn't breath.

"You still said that you want to hold the wedding in the end of the year, now if it's like this, then I would let one to prepare." Madame Song looked really excited, unexpectedly at once she stood up.

Recently the atmosphere in Song family was really depressing, it's been a long time for a good thing to happen.

Gu Dong Cheng immediately pulled her: "Grandma, don't worry. It's better to let me sort it out. But Tian Mi wanted to give birth to the kid first before married."

"Why?" Madame Song looked at Tian Mi.

As before her face was still red because her face was a bit round, so this moment her face was like an apple.

"Because I don't want to wear dress when I was fat."

Now she already two months pregnant, how could they prepare the wedding quickly? So she thought it would be better to wait until the kid is born.

This is a forever kind of thing, she didn't want to wear wedding dress when she was big.

She wanted to take beautiful pre-wedding photos, and also wanted a beautiful wedding, and went on honeymoon too.

"Oh it's because of that." Madame Song laughed, she could understand it: "Both of you could hold the wedding letter but you both should register your marriage first."

"For this grandma didn't need to be worry." Gu Dong Cheng smiled: "This morning after I know she is pregnant, this afternoon we went home to take the household certificate and register it."

"You kid is really fast." Madame Song smiled.

"Dong Cheng, now Tian Mi is pregnant, you should return and live here. If you live outside, I will not be relieved. Here there is a lot of people, a lot of people could take care of her. You always be busy, you couldn't be able to take a lot of time to accompany here. How could this be, it's better for you guys to live here."

"No, grandma. It's better for us to live outside. I would ask a nanny to take care of Tian Mi."

Madame Song frowned: "You…"

"Ma, these two young people of course hopes to have their privacy. Don't you force them to stay here. Let them decide it." Song Ming Xuan said.

Madame Song is also not a kind of unfair and unreasonable person. She thought about it, then just let them be.

Gu Dong Cheng pushed the door of the private room. He got inside. Inside there were Song Ting Yu and Lu Zhan. They were sitting down and on the table there were also a lot of alcohols.

He took off his coat, and folded his sleeves: "Why did you guys order so much alcohols? Do you guys try to drown worries in wine?"

Song Ting Yu glared at him: "Why are you talking a lot of nonsense? I called you definitely for drinking."

He said it then opened a bottle. He passed one to Gu Dong Cheng and one more to Lu Zhan.

"Just drink it like this?" Lu Zhan said surprisedly, unexpectedly he didn't give him any glass.

"It's more enthusiasm to drink it like this!" Song Ting Yu already drank a full bottle. 

"Ok let's drink, drink." Lu Zhan said helplessly.

Gu Dong Cheng also drank a gulp, but looking at how great was Song Ting Yu drinking, he said; "Don't drink too much, you would get drunk. That time Ran Ran wouldn't let you off easily."

"I also don't want her to let me goo so easily…." Song Ting Yu laughed at himself. "But now she even wouldn't glance at me."

Gu Dong Cheng looked a bit doubtful and looked at Lu Zhan. Lu Zhan shook his head and sighed: "Su Ran wanted a divorce with him."

"What happened?"

"Is it because of the kid?"

"She feels being with me it's too tiring…."Song Ting Yu took another gulp again: "Now she even didn't care about me anymore. She didn't talk to me. I also didn't dare to ask her…."

Gu Dong Cheng smiled: "It's not like you."

In his imagination, Song Ting Yu wouldn't afraid of matters or people?

Since little, he has a strong temper, he would only do what he wants. He doesn't afraid of anything, he would just do what he wants.

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