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Su Ran slowly sat down on the bed and looked at Song Ting Yu: "The kid?"

"It's being sent away…"

Song Ting Yu stood in front of the bed and hugged her body. His finger brushed her hair and bent his waist to kiss her forehead: "Su Ran, pull yourself together. We would have another kid again…"

Su Ran looked at his face. Her face was paled: "Song Ting Yu, how could it be like this?"

The kid seemed to be in a good condition, how could she be a premature baby, why was it?

"Chen Jing let Pei Qin to put some medicine in your food. That kind of medicine that would build an antibody in pregnant woman, this would stop the growth of the baby…"

"So, it is all Chen Jing's doing. She did it for Bai Zhi Rui? She feels I snatch the position of Song family hostess, and feels that I snatch you?"

"Su Ran…."

"Song Ting Yu, I return you to her okay? I return the position of Song family's to her? You let her return back my daughter. I don't want anything, I will give everything to her. Could she return me my daughter, return her to me…"

"Su Ran…" Song Ting Yu's voice was hoarse: "You also don't want me?"

"I don't want…" Su Ran shook her head, she cried: "Song Ting Yu, I couldn't able to want you. I just want my kid. I just want them to grow up healthy and well, but how could this happened? Why they couldn't let my kids go?"

"Song Ting Yu, let's divorce. I would return you back to Bai Zhi Rui. Just aks her to return  my daughter. I don't want you, I don't want you anymore…"

"Su Ran, don't you be so cruel to me…" Su Ran kept on struggling, she wanted to leave his embrace. But Song Ting Yu didn't want to let her go, he just hugged her tightly: "You couldn't be that ruthless to me. What should I do if you don't want me anymore. I know that I let you down. I said that I would protect all of you, but the one I did, I just harmed you guys. We lost our daughter. Su Ran, the kid is also mine. I also experience the pain. Just regard it as my request, don't you say that you would let me go? Don't you also said that you will leave me …."

Su Ran covered her face, with choking: "Song Ting Yu, I am really tired being with you. I lost my daughter. I am really scared that Song Wei Xi would be harmed too. Let's separate. I don't want anything. I just want him to be better. I don't want to experience this all over again…."

"Su Ran, you couldn't be this unfair to me….

Su Ran already laid down again on the bed, she placed her back toward Song Ting Yu, she didn't willing to turn her back to see him again.

Song Ting Yu looked at her frail and skinny shoulder, continuously trembling. He knew that she kept on crying. He knew if he kept on staying here, it would make her be in suffering. He helped to cover her with blanket then left.

Outside, Madame Song stood there. Perhaps she didn't have a good rest too after a lot of troubles has happened. She kept on staying here with everyone.

"How is Ran Ran? Is she awake?" Madame Song asked the moment Song Ting Yu went out from the room.

"She is awake."

"How is her condition now? Do we need to call the doctor again?" Madame Song asked worriedly.

Song Ting Yu's face was not really good, was somewhat paled. "No need, let her to have some rest first."

"Grandma, you also go home first. Let Pa send you home. Have a good rest, I will call you if something happens."

Song Ming Xuan also said: "Yes, Ma, you haven't have a good rest. Every day you stayed here, what if you are sick later on?"

Madame Song sighed: "Something like this happened, how could you guys ask me to rest? Alright, Ting Yu, take a good care of Ran Ran, make her happy. Tell her not to be so sad, you guys will have another baby."

She said it then looked at Qiao Qing and Tian Mi: "Also please Mrs Su to take good care of Ran Ran. Tian Mi, please stay here and accompany her for a while."

"You are too modest." Qiao Qing said.

"I know, Grandma. You can go home first." Tian Mi said.

Song Ming Xuan brought Madame Song home. Song Ting Yu looked at Qiao Qing and Tian Mi: "Please help me to take care of Su Ran."

"Where are you going?" Tian Mi asked.

"I have something to do first. Please go in and accompany her for a while."

Song Ting Yu said it then looked at the door, then left.

"What would he do?"

"Auntie, perhaps he wants to handle something about the kid…" Tian Mi said: "Let's go inside."

They opened the door. Su Ran was laying down on the bed and still in the same position as before.

"Ran Ran, what happened?" Qiao Qing came over: "Are you hurt?"

Su Ran shook her head, and just stayed still.

Tian Mi went in front of her, she noticed her pillow was wet with tears. She felt so sad. She pulled Su Ran up, and wiped her head with tissue: "Don't be sad. Song Ting Yu left, maybe he would handle this matter with Chen Jing. He would give a fair solution to you. They both are too ruthless, really unhuman. No matter what, how could they attack your kid…"

Su Ran was still quiet. Didn't know what was she thinking.

Qiao Qing was afraid that the moment the kid died, Su Ran couldn't pull herself together.

She pulled her hand: "Ran Ran, don't be like this. We all know you are sad. Everyone is all also sad. But you need to pull yourself together. You still have Wei Xi. Wei Xi still needs you. These several days he keeps on asking, where are you…"

Everyone didn't know how to explain this to the three years old kid.

Su Ran regained herself, and mumbled: "Wei Xi hasn't met his sister. He said that he would protect her, but now she is gone. He even doesn't meet her…"

They both was crying when hearing Su Ran's word: "Ran Ran…"

This moment, they really didn't know what should they do to comfort her…

Bai Zhi Rui heard the door bell, she just finished her call. She threw the phone, and opened the door. 

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