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The time she noticed it was Song Ting Yu, she didn't feel so surprised, she was just startled for a while. She smiled: "It's the infrequent visitor, Mr Song unexpectedly would come to visit me, it really makes me feel even pleasantly surprised."

Behind him was Tang Zi Chu, Bai Zhi Rui smiled and said: "Assistant Tang is also here, what's up why do you guys come to seem me?"

Bai Zhi Rui seemed to remember something, she suddenly looked at Song Ting Yu: "Oh right, I hear that Mr Song's daughter is dead? It's really an unlucky incident, so now are you coming here to look for my comfort? It's really a hard thing for you to remember me…"

She hadn't finished her word, her slender neck was gripped forcefully by him. She used her hand to pat his hand: "You… what are you doing…."

"Who ask you and Chen Jing to do it? Who is the person behind you guys?" His eyes were ice cold.

Bai Zhi Rui also laughed coldly. This moment even though she had difficulty to breath, but she didn't believe that Song Ting Yu would do anything to her: "Hehehe…. Mr Song, you are so funny. What is our connections with your daughter's death? For which reason you could blame me? I'm very happy that your daughter is dead. I also hate to be unable to make Su Ran and Song Wei Xi dead too. Who let me to hate you guys so deeply, but what could I do? Is this could be the evidence that this is my doing?"

Song Ting Yu's lips crooked up coldly. He dragged her by her neck to the balcony. She didn't know what would he do, but she just struggled: "Song Ting Yu, it's better for you to let me go!"

At last, she was pressed to the railings by him.

Her apartment was a duplex apartment. This is the top floor of the apartment. This moment she was pressed down by him, she couldn't move. She just looked around the condition downstairs.

Because it was too tall, so the people downstairs seemed to be really small.

Bai Zhi Rui's legs couldn't stop trembling, her voice also started to tremble: "Song Ting Yu, don't … don't you mess around…"

She felt it was difficult to breath, she really afraid that he would push her down.

"I would ask you one more time, who let you do it?" Song Ting Yu looked at her coldly: "Chen Jing already admitted it is her doing."

Bai Zhi Rui still reluctant to admit it: "I will also tell you for one more time, I don't know what are you talking about. I don't do anything. Your daughter's death is unrelated to me. If Chen Jing did anything, it is her not me. If she did stupid thing for me, it's her own matter, what's the connection to me? Did I ask her to do it? It's because of her guilt to me that she did it, it was her debt to me. Why should I embrace her doing?"

Song Ting Yu gripped her neck forcefully, it was so tight that her white skin started to turn red. She kept on hitting his hand, she wanted him to let her go.

"Song Ting Yu, you need to think carefully. If you push me down, you wouldn't in a good condition. I know your Song family has a great power and influence, you guys could solve most problem. But I also a public figure. If you push me down and I die, do you think everyone would let it go? My fans, netizens would disturb you everyday. Even you guys are capable, but how could you control the mouth of the people. I don't think that you could escape it. You would sit in the prison. I like to see how would Su Ran be. I would like to see how will Song Wei Xi be. Come one, Song Ting Yu. Push me down ! Push me!"

Before she was afraid that Song Ting Yu would push her down, but this moment she didn't care about anything, she just say what she wanted.

But the time she just finished her words, the hand on her neck started to get tighter. She already completely unable to breath. But Song Ting Yu's eyes still looked calm and cold, it was so scary.

This moment Bai Zhi Rui already couldn't say anything, she felt cold.

Without slightest doubt, she could feel now Song Ting Yu really wanted to kill her.

She struggled with her remaining power, but she couldn't.

"Chief Song!" Tang Zi Chu who was standing in front of the balcony door. He was worried that he would lose his rationality and made something bad to Bai Zhi Rui.

When Bai Zhi Rui was about to lose her breath, she was pushed down to the ground. She fell to the ground. She felt her body to be hurt.

She lied down on the ground and took a deep breath. She started to cough and started to breath normally.

Suddenly in front of her was a pair of man's shoes. Song Ting Yu's both hand pinched her face. He raised her face up: "Kill you, I think it would make my hands dirty. I prefer you to live when you wish you could just die."

Song Ting Yu's eyes and voice was ruthless and let people couldn't help but to tremble and shiver.

Bai Zhi Rui lied down, and coughed. Suddenly she said: "Isn't in your heart beside Su Ran, would you be this ruthless? You are really cruel one. I was with you for five yers, but unexpectedly you want to kill me. It's clear that you have wronged me…"

"It was your choice to get involve with me." Song Ting Yu shook off her face: "Man is always selfish. The time a man starts to care about someone, he would put his best for her. He would protect her and punish everyone who hurts her."

Bai Zhi Rui looked at him: "Song Ting Yu, in five years being together, had you ever loved me?"


"Then why should you be together with me in first place?" Bai Zhi Rui seemed to be not resigned to it, she couldn't believe it: "For you, I gave up my everything. The time you just got married with Su Ran, you went to my side. Unexpectedly you never love me…"

"Those five years, I never forced you to be by my side. You could leave whenever you want. That time I also never specially fly over to be with you, it just I want to make a trouble with Song family. Just in time I got work in America. It's you that need to ask yourself honestly, why are you be with me? What for you retreated from the entertainment circle? You thought that being married into Song family? I remember that I say to you clearly, I would marry you. You could chose either to stay or leave. Bai Zhi Rui, these years I never treated you unfairly. I gave you everything you want. You also knew clearly about our relationships, it's just each takes what needs….."

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