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Bai Zhi Rui nodded, and seemed to be impatient: "I know."

"Help me to find Chen Jing, I have some matters to say to her."

"What is this? This morning you seemed to be unwilling to meet her for this life time, what do you want now?" Ms Chen was confused.

"I need some helps from her." Bai Zhi Rui said this, and her gaze was shinning.

Ms Chen didn't know what she wanted to do, she just nodded: "I will help you to find her."

After Ms Chen left, Bai Zhi Rui took her phone and dialed a number: "I agree to cooperate with you. I will do as you wish, but you need to agree to my conditions…."

This afternoon Song Ting Yu went to the Song company, the time he entered his office. Tang Zi Chu also got in rushingly "Chief Song, this morning I already checked one do you want to know."

Song Ting Yu took off his coat and put it on the table, he raised his head to see him: "What happened?"

"Yesterday Ms Chen attended Chief Hua's gathering." Tang Zi Chu said it then placed photos on the table.

The photo saw Bai Zhi Rui entered the restaurant, and brought outside.

"Chief Hua and his friends played around, so I guessed last night something bad happened to Bai Zhi Rui…."

Madame Song already knew from Song Ming Xuan that Bai Zhi Rui is Chen Jing's daughter. That time she just realized, no wonder Chen Jing is so committed to let Bai Zhi Rui entered the Song family. Turned out she just wanted to help her daughter to have a good life.

Chen Jing feels that she owes something to Bai Zhi Rui, so she wants to compensate her.

If she could marry into Song family, then it would be her greatest guarantee to have a good life.

Now, she knew that these two days Chen Jing was not home, so without batting an eyelid she asked someone to check on her and Bai Zhi Rui's matter. It turned out that Chen Jing stayed on the hospital to take care of her.

Madame Song hadn't finished to chat with others, Chen Jing just entered the room.

The moment she got inside, naturally she would see Madame Song, who was sitting on the living room. She took light steps and went to Madame Song's front. She nodded and greeted her: "Okay."

She was full of respect.

Madame Song used her calm expression and watched her: "Now you are willing to be go home?"

Chen Jing was paled: "Sorry, Ma. Recently, because some matters, so I am….."

"What kind of matters will need you to not return home? What matters are that important? I remember I told you clearly that whether you could finally stay at Song family, it's depend on your performance. But I see that yo seem to be persistent in this period of time. How is it? Now you want to unmask and expose the whole truth?" Madame Song knew clearly that she was taking care of Bai Zhi Rui but she pretended to not know about it. She just wanted to see her reaction.

"Ma…." Chen Jing's eyes were full of surprise: "I don't do it in purpose, really…."

"Then what is it?"

"Something bad happened to Zhi Rui…." Chen Jing was hesitant before she said it.

"What did happen?"

Chen Jing tried hard to repress her anger, and lowered her head: "She is in the hospital."

She already knows that Madame Song knows about Bai Zhi Rui's identity so she didn't think that she needs to hide the reason why she took care of her.

"To chat about this…" Madame Song laughed coldly: "Chen Jing, you really have a great capability! That year you and another man carelessly had a kid and told lie that the kid died. These years, you unexpectedly hid it from us. It turns out you know the identity of Bai Zhi Rui, no wonder you use plan to play matchmaker with Song Ting Yu. No wonder you hate Su Ran, it turns out you think that Su Ran snatch away the position of your daughter?"

"Ma, sorry…." Chen Jing then knelt down : "That year I was silly that I could do something like that. I also these years just knew about Bai Zhi Rui's identity. I feel that I owe her a lot. The time she was born I abandon her. That time she was also together with Song Ting Yu so I just want to let her get inside Song family but that time Su Ran appeared. Ma, I just because my position as the mother that I don't think too much. These years, I would brood her because of this. I didn't think whether my actions were wrong or not. I just want to let Zhi Rui to live happily a bit. Which mother wouldn't do selfish thing for her kid?"

"I know these years I was not really kind toward Su Ran and her son. Now since Song Ting Yu and Zhi Rui are not together again. I wouldn't also hope that they would be together. So, Ma, my wrong actions in the past I wouldn't repeat it again. Those years I was silly that I hid the truth of my kid. I didn't have any intention, that time I just felt afraid. Now I still feel afraid…" Chen Jing said and cried: "But these were my past mistakes, recently I am really calm. And Ma, you also promised me that you would give me one more chance. You wouldn't break your promise and kick me out…."

Madame Song looked at her, then said: "Now you are threatening me? You take my words to threaten me?"

Hearing Madame Song said it, Chen Jing immediately said: "Ma, how would I dare! Indeed leaving Song family, I wouldn't know what should I do. Chen family wouldn't let me go home too. Moreover, these two days Zhi Rui is in trouble. So I am worry about her, worry that she would do stupid thing. So I would stay by her side and wait until she gets better…."

"I know about Bai Zhi Rui's condition." Madame Song said that and looked intensely at Chen Jing: "She could be in this step, do you hate Song family? Hate Ting Yu? Hate Ran Ran?"

Chen Jing shook her head: "Zhi Rui could get into this step because her own. That time she was silly that she went to attend that dinner party…" She said it and her tears fell down. Her voice was hoarse: "She was really stupid, why should she insist on being inside that industry? Why couldn't she just let it go? Couldn't she live without being in the entertainment industry? But she said that she didn't willing to let her efforts these years go to waste so she would think of that. That time she already knew what would happened, then afterward she couldn't retreat back…"

Madame Song kept on gazing with her: "In her current condition, what would you do to help her?"

Chen Jing raised her red eyes: "Ma, what could I do

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