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"For instance, don't tell me to that Chief Hua, who bullied your daughter, you don't feel angry? Wouldn't you think of let him receive any punishments? Perhaps why don't you beg me for help? Beg Song Ting Yu to help you…" Madame Song said slowly.

Chen Jing wiped her tears: "I also want that, but this matter is being exposed. How could Bai Zhi Rui live in this world? She said that she wouldn't willing to leave this entertainment industry, she wants to survive in it. She should protect her own reputation. She said if I dare to do anything, she would fight me and wouldn't let me to meet her again…."

"So you would just let it go?" Madame Song shook her head: "Chen Jing, this is not like your style…"

If it's like her style, she would said that she wouldn't just let it go, moreover those who being bullied is her own daughter.

But these two days, she was really calm.

"Ma, people could always change. Moreover for Zhi Rui, I am also afraid that she wouldn't see and mind me anymore…" Chen Jing choked.

"Then you would just let it go? and let Bai Zhi Rui being bullied easily?"

"I also don't know…" Chen Jing was at loss: "I also don't know what I could do. I just wish her well…."

"Okay. You go back to your room first. I also don't wish this matter to be known publicly. I also will give some respect for your parents so I let you stay in Song family but I also want to remind you once again, if you don't repent and understand of your position in this family, don't you blame to be merciless!" Madame Song didn't want to say anything more to Chen Jing.

"I know, Ma…" Chen Jing said it then turned her body and went up.

Madame Song looked at her disappearing figure, and said: "Tell me what do you think of her words? How much is it would be a lie?"

She said to the butler.

Butler said: "Madame Song, forgive me to unable to say it."

"This time Chen Jing is too calm. If it's the old her, the first thing she would do is go home. Even she wouldn't beg anything to me, she would ask help from Song Ting Yu, how could she being able to endure it…"

"Supposedly it because of Ms Bai…"

Because Bai Zhi Rui doesn't want to be exposed.

Madame Song was in silent for a while, and said: "Regardless of everything, for this recent time you need to pay attention to know whereabouts. Even if she is at home, as much as possible don't let her to get close to Wei Xi or Su Ran. Oh right, Old Wang, help me to look for professional to take care of Ran Ran…"

"Okay, Madame." Butler said it, then noticed the tall figure entered the house: "Mr is here."

Song Ting Yu entered the living room: "Grandma."

Madame Song nodded, and pointed to the seat beside her: "Ting Yu, sit here. I have something to say to you."

"Grandma, say it." Song Ting Yu sat down, and said.

"Do you know about Bai Zhi Rui's problem?"

Song Ting Yu of course knew about what she meant. He nodded: "I know."

"Then what do you think?"

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: "Before the accident, she called me but I was taking care of Su Ran, so I didn't pay attention to her call…."

"That time she should ask for your help…."

Song Ting Yu said: "Maybe."

Didn't know whether it was her self-talk or words for Ting Yu to hear: "But you didn't appear, and something bad happened to her. Supposedly she would think that you did it in purpose."

She said it then looked at Song Ting Yu: "How is she now?"

"Today I let someone to look at her. She is okay…" According to Tang Zi Chu's version, Bai Zhi Rui stayed in the hospital and at least in the surface, she is already recover quite well, she seemed to be able to accept the reality now.

"You mean the physical or mental?"

"All of it. She seemed to leave the hospital today."

Madame Song nodded: "Su Ran's stomach is getting bigger day by day, recently you spend a lot of time to accompany her. You could temporarily put half your works aside and delegated it to Tang Zhi Chu or Dong Cheng…"

"Okay, Grandma."

Song Ting Yu went upstairs. When he went toward his room, he noticed Chen Jing was standing in front of the bedroom.

She raised her head and looked at him, she smiled: "Ting Yu, you are home…"

"What is it?"

He had been calling her "Ma" for twenty years, suddenly he knows that she is not his mother. He is an awkward situation to face her.

"Ting Yu, I know you already know the fact that I am not your biological mother. But these years I regard you as my own. In my heart, you are also mine. In the beginning, we hid this because it's everyone's decision. Your grandma and father want the best for you, so I…."

Song Ting Yu knew that he shouldn't blame Chen Jing for this, he also didn't think who should he blame….

"That year I also didn't betray your father in purpose. It just since he married me, he kept on being cold toward me. These several years he never saw and cared about me, so I ….."

"Toward your matter, I don't have any interest…" She still wanted to say more, but Song Ting Yu just cut her off coldly: "Starting today as long as you could be calm and know your position as what Grandma instructed, you could stay. If not, you would be kicked out…."

"Then, then Ting Yu…" Chen Jing looked at him: "Do you still regard me as your mother?"

"It doesn't matter whether I regard you or not, but you still the one that raise me up…"

Song Ting Yu said it, then opened the door, then got inside.

Chen Jing understood what Song Ting Yu meant, he would treat her as his mother as long she is well-behaved. But in the same time, she also understands that basically it's impossible to let their relationship to recover as before.

Song Ting Yu entered the room, then noticed Su Ran was not inside. He could hear the noise of water inside bathroom so he knew she was inside.

He poured a glass of wine, and drank it. He placed it down and took off his coat. He untied his tie and threw it to the sofa.

He turned on the TV.

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