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"This is Song Ting Yu, why didn't he come?"

"It's all because of that woman, Su Ran…" Chen Jing also forgot that Su Ran was sick yesterday and Song Ting Yu stayed by her side for the whole day. The time Bai Zhi Rui called him, he definitely was in the room. For Su Ran, he didn't care for Bai Zhi Rui, and just casted her away.

Su Ran this woman, she wouldn't let her go! She doesn't only snatch away her man but also pushed her to this step.

For which reason her daughter should suffer like this! But that Su Ran gets best treatment! All the Song family member regards her as gem.

Her eyes were full of hatred.

Because of high fever last night so Su Ran just felt herself to be so sweaty, even though last night Song Ting Yu already changed her clothes but she felt her hair to be unclean.

So the time she got up, she went to the bathroom to wash her hair.

But in her current condition now, it's easier to take a shower than to bent her waist and wash her hair. Her kid was already five months old.

When she was still considering the difficulty, Song Ting Yu opened the door and got inside the bathroo.

She didn't wear any clothes so she screamed. Then took a towel to cover herself up, she said angrily to him: "Song Ting Yu, why don't you knock the door before you get inside?!"

Song Ting Yu crossed his arms: "You've been inside for a long time, I'm worried something bad happen to you."

He said it like it was right thing to do.

Su Ran glared at him: "What accident would happen inside the restroom?"

"For example…." Song Ting Yu pulled her towel, then under her stunned state, he covered her with the towel: "The ground maybe slippery that you could fall, you put too much water on the bathtub. Now you are clumsy. If you fall down, you probably wouldn't be able to stand up…"

Su Ran: "……."

She held her towel and pushed his body: "Go out first. Later on it would be your turn. I want to wash my hair."

"I come inside to help you."

"Help me to?"

"Wash your hair."

"How could you help me?" After her stomach was getting bigger, every time she needs to wash her hair, she feels very difficult.

She didn't know how would Song Ting Yu help her.

"You wait for me for a while."

Song Ting Yu left the room and took a long chair. It was the one she never saw before. "Where did you get this one?"

"I bought it, online." Song Ting Yu patted the chair. "Lay down on tht top. I will help you do Thai-style hair wash.

"The one that is done in the salon?"

"Go up." Song Ting Yu nodded.

Su Ran was skeptical. Song Ting Yu took the shower. Then wet her hairs.

Su Ran's hair is quite long, it is also the reason why it is hard to wash.

Now she isn't the same as the past, she had difficulty to take care of her long hair, it was inconvenient: "Song Ting Yu, if not tomorrow I will go to cut my hair?"

She would change to the shoulder-length hairstyle. Then it would be easy for her to wash it also no need to have so much trouble to take care of it.

Song Ting Yu helped her to massage her had, then raised his head: "You are not allowed to do it."

"I cut my own hair, what's wrong with you."

"You look beautiful with your long hair."

"But it's hard to take care of it. Every time I need to wash it, it would be extra work. Moreover, the time I need to dry it, it would spend a lot of time.

Song Ting Yu is quite good at washing hair, Su Ran thought he would be clumsy.

"Then later on your hair would be taken care by me. I will help you to wash and dry it. Okay?"


"Of course."

Song Ting Yu loves her smooth long hair, so he would be sad if she cut it. He bought this chair also for her to help her to wash her ahir.

Song Ting Yu helped her to wash it, then after went outside the room, he also helped her to dry it. It's all done.

Because today Su Ran would go to have pregnancy check-up so Song Ting Yu would accompany her first before going to Song company.

After the hair was dried, Su Ran changed her clothes and went together with Song TingYu.

Inside the patient room.

Ms Chen sat down in front of the bed, and looked at Bai Zhi Rui. She said: "Zhi Rui, I know it's hard for you to accept this fact. But it's done already so don't you be sad anymore. You need to pull yourself together. Chief Hua already agrees that if you follow him then he wouldn't treat you badly. Later on you would be able to stand firmly in this entertainment industry so Zhi Rui, don't be like this…."

Bai Zhi Rui remembered the moment. Chief Hua, that old man, bind her. He used various ways to torment her. Torment her that she wished that she dead already.

Bai Zhi Rui vowed that she wouldn't want to be together with that kind of man again.

"One day I would let him try what is the feeling of dying." Bai Zhi Rui said suddenly.

Ms Chen heard it, and shivered: "Zhi Rui…"

"Then you don't prepare to be together with Chief Hua?"

Bai Zhi Rui was silent.

"You need to think it carefully. Now he likes you. You wouldn't get anything if you refuse him. Even if you retreat from the entertainment circle, he wouldn't let you go. You also know that now you don't have any one to rely on. Who would help you? Even your mother…" She meant Chen Jing: "She is also powerless. Chen family is on the power of her nephew. It's not really in good condition. Chen Jing also doesn't have any power."

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