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"Where is the hospital?"

Ms Chen's shoulder was hurt because her shoulder was clutched tightly by Chen Jing. She struggled under her grip, also didn't know how could she tell which hospital Bai Zhi Rui stayed in.

Ms Chen didn't know why suddenly Chen Jing was so nervous. Bai Zhi Rui was unrelated to her, why should she be so nervous? It seems like her face was pale.

She hadn't said anything more, Chen Jing just left her because too hurry, the thermos on her hands fell down on the ground and it spilled oer.

Chen Jing just left it quickly and rushed to the hospital.

She checked which room Bai Zhi Rui stayed in then went to her room. She heard a cry and screams, it was really sorrowful one.

She was worried and opened the door, she just looked that inside there were doctors and nurses surrounded her.

The nurses were holding Bai Zhi Rui to stay on the bed. She was in emotional state so the doctor just be able to give her temporary injection to calm her down.

She slowly regained her calmness.

The doctor noticed Chen Jing: "What is your relation with the patient?"

"Auntie." Chen Jing looked at Bai Zhi Rui: "Doctor, how is she? Is she okay?"

"She just receive too much shock, so she couldn't accept it temporarily that she in this too emotional state. Oh right, her body also need to be taken care properly…"


Chen Jing didn't know what had happened that it could make Bai Zhi Rui become more emotional. This moment Bai Zhi RUi just laid down on the bed but didn't sleep. She just looked at the ceiling and cried.

Chen Jing looked that the nurses started to leave, then she went forward to her bed. She moved her hands from the face yet she noticed how swollen and pale her face was.

"Zhi Rui, what happened to you?"

Bai Zhi Rui just looked at the ceiling and didn't mind her, her tears kept on falling down.

Very quickly, Chen Jing noticed the bruise on her wrist and ankle, it was a bruise that you could get from being binded.

"What happened?" She also noticed on her neck, there were purple kiss marks, she was surprised that she opened her eyes so big.

She seemed to be gradually understood what had happened.

"Zhi Rui, this…." She was in heartache that she wanted to scream out. She is her daughter, yet she needed to encounter with these….

This time the door was opened, Ms Chen came inside and brought all the necessities for Bai Zhi Rui, she placed it on the table and went over to the bed.

"Zhi Rui, pull yourself together…" She continued: "It's only Chief Hua, all the other men didn't do anything because they were worried when you fainted, so they didn't…."

"Just him, just him, hahaha….." Bai Zhi Rui suddenly laughed loudly. She was laughing when her tears also started to fall down again. 

"What is this mean?!" Chen Jing couldn't hold it anymore, she looked at Ms Chen.

"Madame Song, aren't you be in the wrong place? What is your relationship with our Zhi Rui? Hurry up and leave here!" Ms Chen pointed at the door way, and said it loudly.

"How could I don't have anything to do with? Zhi Rui is my daughter!" Chen Jing was in emotional state that she said it all.

Ms Chen was startled, what is this?

Chen Jing already reached this step: "Zhi Rui is my daughter, my biological daughter."


"Right, she is my mother. The one who abandoned me when I was baby. What so called mother… haha…" This moment the laying Bai Zhi Rui said.

Chen Jing's heart was in more shock. Originally she thought, it's only her who knew this kind of this fact. But turns out all people knew it, even Bai Zhi Rui knows it too.

"Zhi Rui…"

"You are my mother? The time I was born, you abandon me, and threw me to the orphanage. These years have you care about me? Have you ever help me?" Bai Zhi Rui said. "Now what do you want by appearing in front of me? Are you satisfied to see my condition now? I'm being raped, are you satisfied? Chen Jing, I hate you. I hate Song Ting Yu, I hate Su Ran, I hate all of you!"

Upon seeing this, Ms Chen opened the door and let the nurses and doctor to come inside. When they came inside, Ms Chen pulled Chen Jing outside of the room.

Chen Jing seemed to be at loss in pain from Bai Zhi Rui's words before, she looked at Ms Chen: "What did happen to Zhi Rui? How?"

Ms Chen looked at her: "You also know that recently her career is not really smooth. It's originally just a dinner, but she was fuddled and drugged by someone then she was taken to the hotel. She was being played for the whole night. Originally there were four men, but because she fainted so she was brought to the hospital…"

Chen Jing couldn't hear it anymore: "Who is it?"

Ms Chen's face turned sour: "Chief Hua."

"He is…." In the past, Chen family was an influential family, how could she doesn't know Chief Hua. He almost in the same age as her. Since young, he likes to play with girls, didn't expect that he would pay attention to her daughter!

"Bastard, shameless bastard. I will go to sue him. I will let he lose his reputation. Unexpectedly he dare to do that to Zhi Rui…" Chen Jing was in great wave of emotion.

Ms Chen pulled: "With what power will you oppose him? Song family would help you? Mrs Song, don't blame to say this. Now your Chen family couldn't do anything, and in the Song family, the one who are powerful only Madame Song and Song Ting Yu, would two of them help Zhi Rui? Maybe at last, your action would hurt her even more…."

"Then what should I do?" Chen Jing covered her face and cried: "Don't tell me that Bai Zhi Rui just need to receive this and do nothing…." Looking at her current condition now, she was in heartache, but she couldn't do anything.

"Zhi Rui is like this, later on she still wants to be in this entertainment, so don't you publish this out. It wouldn't be too good for her. For her own sake, you need to think carefully…" Ms Chen said: "Honestly, Zhi Rui in this current situation is because of Song Ting Yu. If he didn't leave her, if last night he answered her call and came over to help, she wouldn't receive this kind of humiliation.

"You mean last night Zhi Rui gave a call to Ting Yu?"

Ms Chen nodded.

"Why didn't Ting Yu come? How could he be so ruthless!" Chen Jing said angrily.

She really couldn't accept the fact that Bai Zhi Rui needs to suffer from this bitterness, but she couldn't help her with anything. Did she need to just let it be?

Couldn't she do anything?

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