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"Let him die immediately, tell him to die."

According to Tian Mi's temper, it was a bit difficult to let her to calm down quickly. Su Ran helped her to answer the call: "Brother Dong Cheng, it's me, Su Ran."

"Oh Ran Ran, is Tian Mi beside you?"

"Yes, but she isn't in a good mood…."

"Then help me to take care of her." Gu Dong Cheng said with low voice: "Don't you let her to cry too long…."

Before Gu Dong Cheng finished his words, Tian Mi took the phone and hung up the call.

"What is the point to talk to him?" Tian Mi threw the phone to the sofa, and said angrily.

Su Ran was helpless: "You also need to give him a chance to explain."

"No need, I already saw it with my own eyes. When I asked him before, he was very calm and collected. He said that it was just a photo. I asked him why do I look alike with his fiancee. He just said that it was coincidence…." Tian Mi wiped her tears: "That time I already gave him a chance to explain, but he didn't say anything, so for what he called now?"

Tian Mi was still emotional, Su Ran also didn't want to think too wildly, so she said: "Okay okay. Don't cry anymore. Let me cook you something okay? Then after that you go to sleep okay. Today I will stay here to accompany you."

"I don't want to eat." Tian Mi laid down on the sofa, and looking at the ceiling.

Su Ran sighed, and took her hand: "I already asked Song Ting Yu to have a chat with him and ask for explanation. Don't you think too much, let us rest for the day okay?"

"No, I wouldn't care about him anymore. I wouldn't care for any words he said!"

Tian Mi said it, then closed her eyes.

This night, basically Tian Mi kept on muttering angry words to Gu Dong Cheng. Su Ran also accompanied her and didn't get enough sleep. Originally she planned to wake up early prepare breakfast for her, but Song Ting Yu came early in the morning and brought a pile of breakfast food for them.

Tian Mi was still sleeping, Su Ran didn't want to wake her up early because she just slept.

Su Ran was puzzled: "How could you think of bringing breakfast over?"

"Last night I also didn't return to Song house, anyway I also bought some so I just randomly bring it here." Song Ting Yu drank a milk.

Su Ran sat down: "How is Brother Dong Cheng?"

"He still has that woman inside his heart, it is positive. At first he saw Tian Mi, he also feels they are look alike. He also admitted. Indeed because of their similar appearance, so he had intention to get close to it. But after getting to know her, he said, he really quite likes Tian Mi….."

Song Ting Yu said it then, pointed at the top: "How is Tian Mi?"

"She kept on be angry through the night. Just let her to sleep longer. Later on I would reheat the breakfast again for her. Let her eat it after she wake up later. She wouldn't hear any words when she was angry, just give her sometime…..

Su Ran feels the relationship between two people couldn't be intervene by other people. So for the next what would happen, it would be depend on Gu Dong Cheng's action.

Although Tian Mi always shouted that she wants to break up with him, yet she already trapped in love web, it wouldn't so easy to be free?

It depended on Gu Dong Cheng whether he really cares about Tian Mi or not, whether he wants to be with Tian Mi or not….

Honestly, he could move her intention.

After the breakfast, Su Ran went to the bedroom again, she noticed that Tian Mi was still asleep. She didn't plan to disturb her. She prepared to go home for a while, and later on came back to see her.

These recent days, Tian Mi and Gu Dong Cheng were in cold war situation. Madame Song urged him to bring Tian Mi back home to eat, but every time he would look for excuse. Madame Song knew there was something wrong.

Madame Song looked for him to chat let him to chase after Tian Mi if he really cares about her. How could he let that good woman to run away.

But it was the matter of young people, as the elder, she couldn't do anything much. So at last she wouldn't interfere.

These two days Song Ting Yu was really busy, he went other cities. Su Ran knew although he was busy for business trip, but actually he also went to check his own birth identity.

He hid it from Song family and looked it by himself.

Yet he never went away for a long time, at most he would only went away for two nights.

But this time he would leave for longer time, he would left for four days. Su Ran knew that possibly he already knows the truth.

Su Ran knew that he would go home tonight so before she slept, she left a dim light for him.

During her sleep, she felt her body to being dragged into a warm hug.

Su Ran didn't sleep really soundly, so when she hugged by Song Ting Yu, she woke up. She returned his hug, and seemed to notice his mood: "What happened?"

Song Ting Yu didn't say anything, just hugged her tightly.

After a long time, he broke the silence: "I found my biological mother."

Su Ran's hand was rigid, she knew what did it mean.

Indeed Chen Jing is not his mother.

Su Ran leaned on his shoulder and said: "Then your mother, who is she?"

"She is He Jin. It was twenty year ago, it is hard to check so for details I need to ask my father. But that year Pa indeed was together with her. But she doesn't have a good family background. My granddad was still alive that time so they were obstructed to be together then she left…" Song Ting Yu said.

Su Ran looked at his eyes: "Then where is she now?"

"She is dead…" Song Ting Yu was silent for a moment: "She dead because of birth difficulty…."

So it's like that.

"Then Chen Jing got married into Song family. That time I already born. Bai Zhi Rui indeed is hers. Chen Jing is not in good term with my Pa, supposedly because my Pa always cold toward her so she looked for another man then had Bai Zhi Rui. For fooling people, she ran to Canada to give brith. Then the kid was brought back to the country and placed on the orphanage. Then Bai Zhi Rui was raised by her foster parents…."

Su Ran thought, Song Ming Xuan should loves Song Ting Yu's mother very much. After her death these years, she is still inside his heart, and never left.

After she passed away, he always be so indifferent about things. 

Su Ran held his hands: "Let's ask Pa tomorrow okay? Even though he and grandma all along hid it from you, but now after all you already know the truth, I feel that if you ask them again, they wouldn't hide it anymore…."

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