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Gu Dong Cheng raised his head to see her, then still looked as he used to be, he looked calm: "It's just a photo."

It just a photo…

Tian Mi didn't understand how could he say it so light and easy…..

"The woman in the photograph is your first love right? Why does she look like me?"

Gu Dong Cheng still spoke in warm voice: "It is just coincidence."

"Coincidence?" Tian Mi laughed coldly: "I am thinking how could Ms Gu would like someone like me. Someone who just likes to eat, it turns out that actually you see me as her substitute? Gu Dong Cheng, Dammit! You really a hundred percent bastard!"

Tian Mi yelled loudly, and threw the cushion from her hands to her face, then left.

The time Su Ran answered Tian Mi's call, she was in the music room, she was learning how to play violin with Song Ting Yu.

All along she never had any musical talent, so when she was little, she couldn't really master the talent of playing cello. No matter how hard she learnt it. Now even for the easiest music score, Song Wei Xi could play it, but she couldn't play it, it simply a tormented voice when she played it.

Song Ting Yu poked her forehead, and felt resentful toward her failure to meet his expectation: "Pig!"

Su Ran glared at him: "In the past didn't you say that I couldn't master how to play cello when I was little because I hadn't encountered you. If I've encountered you in my early age, I would be able to play it. How couldn't I do it today?"

Song Ting Yu smiled, and raised his eyebrows: "Wouldn't it be obvious to say that it's because you are stupid?"

Su Ran: "……"

When she just about to say something, then her phone rang. She placed down her violin then answered it.

"How is it? What did Brother Dong Cheng cook for you tonight?" Su Ran knew that tonight Tian Mi went to Gu Dong Cheng's house to have dinner.

"Ran Ran, I want to break up with him!" Tian Mi's voice was full of sobs.

Su Ran was startled, she thought she heard it wrong. "What happened?" Isn't they are in good mood before?

"Do you know why he decide to be together with me?"


"It's because I look alike with his first love. He definitely be with me because of our similar face. He takes me as the substitute. He doesn't like me, even for a bit."

"It can't be…." This moment she could hear Tian Mi's sobs, she was stammering. Su Ran couldn't hear it clearly, so she just said: "Tian Mi, where are you now?"

"I'm home." Tian Mi continued to cry: "Don't you think Gu Dong Cheng is a bastard? Bastard! He plays with my feeling, he is a liar! I really hate him…."

"Tian Mi, be good. Let's not cry first. I would come to find you. You wait for me at home…" Su Ran hung up the phone hurriedly.

Song Ting Yu heard it and asked: "What happened?"

"Tian Mi had a fight with Brother Dong Cheng, now she is crying seriously. I want to see her."

Of course Song Ting Yu wouldn't let Su Ran to drive alone at night: "I would send you home now."

Su Ran nodded, she went to the room to change her clothes. Then she followed Song Ting Yu out. The time she was in the car, she remembered what Tian Mi said before. She looked at the man who was driving: "Have you ever met Brother Dong Cheng's ex-girlfriend?"

"I've met."

"What is she look like?"

Song Ting Yu turned his head to see her: "I just met her once. It was years before. I was still young so I didn't really remember, why?"

"Before on the phone, Tian Mi said that she noticed that in the photo they looks really similar. She thinks that brother Dong Cheng would be attracted to her because of their similar appearance."

Song Ting Yu sent her to Tian Mi's house, and before she got off, he said: "You go first to chat with her. I would find brother to chat with him. Let's see what really happened. If you have something then give me a call."

"Okay." Su Ran undid her seatbelt: "It is possible that I wouldn't be back home tonight, I would stay here with Tian Mi."

With disappointing feeling, Song Ting Yu looked at her: "You want to let me alone?"

Su Ran pushed his shoulder: "Hurry up go."

Su Ran pressed the bell, and after a while Tian Mi opened the door. Supposedly because she cried, her eyes were swollen like a walnut.

Seeing it was Su Ran, she directly threw herself to Su Ran's embrace. She cried: "Su Ran!"

"Don't cry, don't cry." Su Ran patted her shoulder, and closed the door. She took Tian Mi to the living room.

On the coffee table in the living room, she saw a lot of tissues. It was tissues for her to wipe her tears.

Su Ran was startled, how long had she been crying?

"What happened, I couldn't hear it clearly before."

Tian Mi hugged the cushion, her tears kept on falling down: "Gu Dong Cheng is a bastard, big bastard! I noticed that my face is similar with his ex, especially our eyes. Dammit! No wonder before he said that he really likes my eyes, he actually keeps on seeing me as his ex!" She sobbed for a while: "I just think, I don't have money, I don't have anything. My parents are ordinary people, how could Mr Gu would be attracted to me. It turns out to be like that, bastard!"

"Come…" Looking at how sad she was, Su Ran felt sorry for her. She took the tissue and helped her to wipe her tears. Tian Mi always a quite cheerful and straightforward temper, she never seen this side of her. It can clearly be seen that this time Gu Dong Cheng had hurt her deeply.

It's true, which women would like to be a substitute for the man that they love.

Besides, this is the first time Tian Mi likes someone. 

"How do you know that you guys look alike?" Looking at that Tian Mi started to calm down, Su Ran continued to ask her. 

"I looked it from his wallet. His photo with his first love. We are really similar, even we have the same hairstyle. Don't tell me he didn't regard me as the substitute? He had been single for a while, how could she like me? Turns out it is the reason! Gu Dong Cheng, son of the bitch…"

Tian Mi was hurt and sad, she said all the words that she could think of: "I want to break up with him, immediately break it up!"

"Don't you be too emotional. Let's see this matter carefully first okay? Don't you be too emotional that you regret it later on…"

Su Ran didn't finish her words, Tian Mi's phone rang. She looked at the screen, and took it: "It is Brother Dong Cheng's call, do you want to answer it?"

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