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Waiting until he was sleeping, she passed the balcony in the second floor. Then she noticed Song Ting Yu and Chen Jing was chatting there.

It was the first time for them to chat after Chen Jing tricked Song Ting Yu.

But seemed they didn't have a happy talk because Su Ran noticed that Chen Jing's eyes were red and Song Ting Yu's face was a bit cold. He was somewhat impatient, and also didn't want to continue to talk to her, so he turned his body to leave.

Yet Chen Jing called him, didn't what she was talking about, yet Song Ting Yu didn't stop his steps and just continued to walk away.

The time he left the balcony, he looked at Su Ran, and his face changed to be normal.

"You fight again with Ma?"

"No." Song Ting Yu seemed to be unwilling to discuss this with her. He just felt that today he was in a good mood, but after the chat with Chen Jing, he felt a bit jittery.

Chen Jing found him, also only to mention the miserable condition of Bai Zhi Rui, and asked him to help her.

Now for him to face Chen Jing, he was not only remembered how she tricked her, but it made him think that perhaps she is not his mother.

This overturn his twenty years of perception.

"Let's go. Brother Dong Cheng and Tian Mi are still downstairs, let's go down and have a chat with them…" Su Ran wanted to shift his attention, and held his hand.

Song Ting Yu smiled, and nodded.

In the everyone's eyes, Bai Zhi Rui and Song Ting Yu are completely break up.

Because she took initiative to announce the news of their break up, so publicly everyone thought that perhaps she couldn't bear the pressure so she suggested to break up. There were also a group of people that she already found another financial breakup so she broke up with him.

Yet Bai Zhi Rui recently always in silence, not only several advertisements being cancelled, even for the role of female lead in movie she was replaced with someone. Prior she was someone who was awfully busy, but for a month and two months, she always stayed at home, and didn't have any activities.

Originally these production crews were actually still surveyed, they didn't dare to replace her because they couldn't be sure whether she breaks up with Song Ting Yu or not, but looking there was no activity between her and Song Ting Yu, they became impatient and they tried to contact Song company to make indirect approach to ask about Bai Zhi Rui and Song Ting Yu's connection, they got a reply: "Our Chief Song doesn't have any connection with Ms Bai."

This answer made them to be completely relaxed, so they didn't have any apprehensions and replaced Bai Zhi Rui. Even the previous shoot taken was replaced, and rather took another crews.

This moment Bai Zhi Rui leaned on the sofa and looked at Ms Chen, who was standing in the living room and answered calls.

Ms Chen didn't know how many calls she had got today, she finally threw her phone impatiently to the sofa, and cursed silently: "These snobbish people, all of them tried to use their position to bully us. At that time when you were popular, they were so eager to stick close to you. But now, they don't want to discuss anything with me, and just hung up the phone!"

Bai Zhi Rui laughed coldly: "Ms Chen, in this entertainment circle, you are in this for along time, how could you don't know this rule. You should know this more than me? Now I don't have anything, even Song Ting Yu also didn't want to care about me anymore, wouldn't we in trouble?"

She said it and drank the wine.

This recent period, she didn't have any work, she just stayed at home and got drunk. Originally she was the famous one in the whole companies, but now it this step, all of them wanted to give her up, and concealed her.

Looking at her condition, Ms Chen snatched her glass: "Why do you keep on drinking this everyday? You still have heart to drink? You want to being pressed down? Do you know if you keep being like this, you wouldn't be able to stand up again, do you understand?"

"I understand." Bai Zhi Rui yelled: "I understand it, but so what? Everyone thought that I offended Song Ting Yu, so I am like this, who would there to be connected to me? Which variety shows would willing to invite me?"

Ms Chen threw the glass to the trash bin, then looked at Bai Zhi Rui sternly and imposingly: "Zhi Rui, now I should take you something. Company already discuss to conceal you for a moment, because your reputation now is not really good. Several swindlers replaced you, advertisements are cancelled, even your brand ambassador jobs. Do you know your condition now?"

Bai Zhi Rui's beautiful face in a flash turned paled. She bit her lips powerfully: "What could I do?" When she was popular, all the company's resources were given to her, but now when she was in problem, these people just regarded her as the street rat, they hid from her, even they didn't dare to answer her call.

The world is always this cold, this is the reality. Especially in the entertainment industry.

Bai Zhi Rui thought she already understood this way of thinking, after all she already experienced for a period time. She climbed slowly to this position, but this moment she just realized that she couldn't accept this reality, she felt grieved, angry, and unable to accept it!

Ms Chen looked at her: "Zhi Rui, hear me out. You need to seize the opportunity to turn over this condition. I know your feeling to Song Ting Yu, after all you already be with him for several years? But now you need to remember your condition, he doesn't want you anymore. Originally he wouldn't be so ruthlessly, but you are so silly. What were you thinking that time? How could you drugged him? You thought that year Su Ran could do it successfully then it means you could do it too? Su Ran could be successful because of the Madame Song on her side. She forced Song Ting Yu to marry her, but that Madame Song always dislike you. Have you ever think that even you are pregnant, you would not gain anything?"

Bai Zhi Rui was messy, her eyes were red: "In my current conditions, it is hard to be pregnant.  I also didn't expect that being together with him would make me pregnant. I just prepare to record it then I would blackmail him. He would be afraid for Su Ran to know it, naturally he would listen to me…"

"But what is the result now? You fail!" Ms Chen said deeply: "Song Ting Yu's weak spot is Su Ran. Being recorded with you, indeed will make him to be afraid for a while, but now he not only didn't be together with you, you didn't even get the video. The most important thing, you provoked him. He already emphasized he has no relation with you. You don't have any connection with him. Do you know what is it mean? It's mean that everyone would know that you already offend him, and you make yourself sink into a deep hole.

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