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So this moment inside her heart she was scolding his perverted action, yet she didn't dare to do anything much.

Song Ting Yu finally looked that she stopped laughing at him, his handsome face slightly relieved.

Su Ran placed the box on the ground, then she used her hands to push Song Ting Yu: "Hurry up go take shower."

"Let's take shower together."

"I just took one."

Su Ran knew his mind would have some kind of intention, but now noticing how tired he looks, she used her hands to massage his temple: "What happened? Is it the work problem?" Actually she didn't really understand about the business world, so she really gives him any helps, but she thinks at least she could listen to his complain, then he would be more comfortable.

Song Ting Yu seized the moment and laid down on her thigh: "I already asked someone to look it up….."

Su Ran naturally knew what did it he meant. It was relating to his and Bai Zhi Rui's identity.

"What is the result?"

Song Ting Yu shook his head, "There is no answer yet, but Su Ran, my biological mother is possibly another person…." He continued: "Pa and grandma had hid it from me for twenty years…."

Su Ran turned her head and saw him: "Perhaps there are considerations why they did it. Anyway, it was for you…" She also didn't want him to think wildly for this matter. In any case, they should wait for the result?

She patted his shoulder, and pulled him from the bed: "Hurry up go take the shower. After the shower, I would help you to dry your hair."

Song Ting Yu crossed his legs and supported his chin with his hands, he smiled charmingly: "Why are you looking so kind today? If not why don't you also help me to take a shower?"

Su Ran rolled her eyes, and pushed him away: "Hurry up go."

Under her repeated urge, Song Ting Yu went to the bathroom, Su Ran looked at his figure. She shook her head helplessly and looked at the box of full of underwear and she felt even more speechless. Even she was pregnant, and that parts of her were getting bigger that she needed to change it, but it also didn't need to be this much?

These underwear even though she changed it everyday, she wouldn't able to wear it all!

In the weekend, Gu Dong Cheng indeed took Tian Mi to come back home to Gu family to eat.

The talkative Tian Mi, this moment was being pulled by Gu Dong Cheng to enter the Song family house, she was like a chick who is following its mother hen. She followed Gu dong Cheng, and her face showed a clear nervousness.

Su Ran really never saw that side of her.

Even Song Wei Xi who was standing behind her, pointed at Tian Mi and said: "Auntie Tian, your face is so red."

The unintentional words of the little kid made all the people to laugh loudly, and made Tian Mi to be even more embarrassed. Now not even her face was red, her ears were also getting redder like a red apple.

"It's getting redder and redder." Song Wei Xi added one more sentence.

"Wei Xi!" Tian Mi pretended to glare at Song Wei Xi, and used her hand to pat her face. She felt this little guy really didn't give a chance for her to maintain her image.

"Okay okay, let's go eat." Luckily, Grandma shifted the attention from Tian Mi, helped her to solve this. Everyone is going to the dining hall.

The one that surprise Su Ran today, the chef for tonight unexpectedly was Chen Jing.

At first when she went down, she noticed everyone was there, except Chen Jing. She thought she was out, yet now she was in the dining room. She came out from the kitchen and helped to take care of the dinner preparation, she even served out some dishes. She just knew that today Chen Jing was the chef.

Chen Jing came from a good family background, basically the one that has a pampered life. These four years Su Ran be in the Song family, she never tasted Chen Jing's dishes. Normally the one who cooked is the chef or butler, she seems never did anything. Everyday her job would be only shopping around, made appointment with those rich women to play mahjong, if not she would travel around.

Su Ran didn't expect that she could do these things.

The dishes came out one by one, and Chen Jing also sat down. She took initiative to say: "Today is the day that Dong Cheng's girlfriend comes, everyone is happy so I especially be in charge to cook the dishes today. I hope everyone would like it. Dong Cheng, eat more. Ms Tian, you also taste it."

Tian Mi had ever met Chen Jing because she frequently comes to Song family to look for Su ran. But that time when she met Chen Jing, Chen Jing would see her with her disdainful gaze, she looked down at her, probably because of her relationship with Su Ran.

Behind her back, Tian Mi called her old witch, and the time she chatted with Su Ran, she always calls her that way.

Hearing what Chen Jing said to her, she almost said "old witch…". Luckily Su Ran was beside her, she pinched Tian Mi's thigh and immediately Tian Mi changed her words, and immediately smiled: "Thank you, auntie."

Gu Dong Cheng also smiled warmly: "Thank you auntie, you are too modest."

Probably because of the troubles arouse in the family and Chen Jing was almost kicked out from the house, so this recent period, she was extremely careful about her position. These day she basically stayed at home to do flower arranging and reading books, she even didn't go out shopping or play mahjong.

Now Madame Song was so happy: "Finally I could see that our Dong Cheng brings her girlfriend home to see me. Grandma is really happy. Dong Cheng, you need to marry Tian Mi without delay. Grandma still wants to see you give me a white chubby great- granddaughter."

Tian Mi's face was blushing greatly, Gu Dong Cheng clutched her hand that she placed on the table, smiled, and said: "Grandma, we would."

"Who says that I will marry to you." Tian Mi's said with her low and teasing voice. The others couldn't hear it, but because Su Ran was close she could hear it.

Gu Dong Cheng said with lower voice: "Except marrying me, who could marry to.

Although Tian Mi showed her flat expression, but her lips crooked up a bit.

Even Gu Dong Cheng usually polite and educated, but actually in love, he is also unable to hold his own.

He is a typical social scum. 

Tian Mi frequently uses this expression to Su Ran.

Since being together with Gu Dong Cheng, now Tian Mi kept on talking about him.

Every her and Su Ran's conversation would be evolved in Gu Dong Cheng.

She already trapped in Gu Dong Cheng's love web and couldn't free herself.

It has been a long time for Song family to be this crowded, everyone was quite happy, even Chen Jing kept on smiling in the whole moments, she was different then her previous self.

After the dinner, everyone was sitting on the dining room and accompanied Madame Song to chat. Su Ran was also there, yet because Song Wei Xi was still little and needed his sleep. So when it was bed time, Su Ran brought Song Wei Xi upstair.

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