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She looked at the place beside her on the bed, Song Ting Yu didn't sleep on the bed.

She looked at the sofa, and noticed his figure. She pulled her blanket and stepped on her slipper. She went over the sofa, and looked the laying Song Ting Yu on it. His eyes were close, and his handsome face seemed to blushed redly.

Is he sick?

She immediately felt worried and extended her palm to cover his forehead, didn't wait until she could feel it. Song Ting Yu, who was laying down on the sofa, suddenly opened his eyes and pulled her to his embrace.

She cried out in alarm, but in next second her thin lip was covered with his. 

Su Ran was a bit mad with his sudden kiss. With great effort she pushed him away, then with unstable voice she asked: What, what happened?"

She asked, and placed her hand on his forehead, her palm could feel his hot temperature: "You are a bit hot, do you have a fever again?"

Song Ting Yu placed his head on Su Ran's neck: "I'm horny not, it's not fever."

Su Ran's face immediately blushed, she used her hand to hit her shoulder: "Song Ting Yu, could you be more serious?!"

"Toward you I couldn't be serious enough."

Su Ran: "……"

She felt this moment being in his embrace, his body seemed to bring a little coolness to her body, but it seemed his body was also hot.

"Did you take a cold shower before? What happened to you? 

Didn't he go to pick Chen Jing up? How could he return home like this?"

"Where's Ma?"

"Don't mention her." Song Ting Yu still leaned on her neck, his voice seemed to be a bit hoarse: "She doesn't deserve to be my Ma."

"What happened?" It was the first time Song Ting Yu heard it. Although Su Ran noticed that their mother-son relationship was not a typical one as they always a bit distant and calm, but it's okay.

This moment Song Ting Yu answered: "I went to the airport to pick her up. She said that she is hungry and want to eat something. I didn't expect that she used my trust, and put drug on my wine…."

Su Ran was startled, it was a bit unbelievable because Chen Jing is Song Ting Yu's biological mother, how could she do this?

"What drug it is?"

"What do you think?" Song Ting Yu kissed her snowy white neck: "It is the same one as the one Su Hao used."

"Why did she do it?" Su Ran still felt a bit surprised. That year Su Hao did it to be connected with Song family and to get benefits from it. But why did Chen Jing do it?

Finally after a long thinking, she thought of something: "For Bai Zhi Rui?"

"Em."Now Song Ting Yu's voice sounded angry: "She cooperated with Bai Zhi Rui to trick me. She was responsible to drug me. When I was in unconscious, she let someone to bring me to the room. Bai Zhi Rui was waiting there for me. She took a bath and appeared…."

"Then did you drink it?"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "I drank it."

"Then you.." Su Ran looked at him: "Then?"

Of course Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu didn't touch Bai Zhi Rui. If he touched her, he wouldn't return home this soon, also wouldn't go to the bathroom. He wouldn't also be this lustful when he saw her. Now being hugged by him, of course she could feel the change in his body.

"Today I just realize something."

"What is it?"

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran: "Before when Bai Zhi Rui was naked and standing in front of me, I didn't have any kind of responses. But now you are wearing a lot layers of clothes, I immediately react. Tell me, what do you think it is?"

Su Ran held her ear: "How could I know!"

Song Ting Yu hugged her tighter, and bit her ear. His voice was so hoarse: "Su Ran, I'm really in hard time…"

Being hugged this tight by him, Su Ran also felt a bit tight. Except being able to feel the change in his body, she also could feel the hotness from him: "Then, then what to do…"

"Earlier I already told you to not cut that doll, but you did it……

"I don't want that, I want you!"


Actually Su Ran also noticed this thing, every time she communicated with him alone, their topics would turn to this.

"I behave well, don't you need to give me reward?"

Su Ran noticed how red was his face, and his face looked hurt. Actually she also felt heartache for him. She used her hands to clutch his face: "How could you bear it and went home?"

"If I don't bear it, do I need to fulfill Bai Zhi Rui's wish? Is it possible that I will look for woman on the street…"

Not waiting until he finished what he said, Su Ran lowered his head and took initiative to kiss his thin lips.

Su Ran rarely would be that initiative, of course Song Ting Yu felt exciting, he immediately carried her from the sofa and encircled her feet on his waist. Then they moved to the bed.

He knew that Su Ran's initiative act meant that she agreed.

Very quickly, he placed Su Ran down on the bed. She felt a bit nervous. She hugged his neck and pulled him close. She said on his ear: "Song Ting Yu, you need to be more careful…."

"Of course." Song Ting Yu nodded. If this time his performance was not good, then Su Ran definitely wouldn't let him touch her. So he should be completely careful: "I am just going to greet our little princess."

"Song Ting Yu, don't you say anymore…" Su Ran was blushing, he kept on talking in beyond reasonable limits.

Song Ting Yu extended his hand and took off her pajamas. One of his hand hugged her waist: "You could just laid down well then enjoy…"

Su Ran clutched a pillow and covered her face, her said: "I know…"

Song Ting Yu felt himself to be not really enjoy it to the fullest, yet Su Ran couldn't endure it anymore. If he dared to do something carelessly, and hurt the little princess. Su Ran would be angry with him.

After they were done, Su Ran felt her whole body to be sticky and sweaty: "I want to go to take the bath."

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