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Bai Zhi Rui seemed to not be embarrassed, she even didn't think to pick out her bathrobe and put it on. Because she felt that now Song Ting Yu was drugged before so now he tried really hard to control himself, hence, she would try to let him lose control.

She really understands how to do to let a man loses his control.

She came forward and pulled him: "Ting Yu, don't you go. Tonight just stay here."

Have to say that this moment Bai Zhi Rui's appearance is completely attractive, her body is very wonderful, she is good figure and body. But it's a pity in Song Ting Yu's eyes, he could only feel hatred. Except hatred, he didn't have any kind of lust.

No matter how Bai Zhi Rui put effort to seek for it, she couldn't find it.

She was somewhat panic, she didn't have the confidence as before.

Song Ting Yu pushed her hands away, seemed to feel that her touch let him feel sick.

"What happened? Bai Zhi Rui, now you want to do this trick to let a man stays by your side?"

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly, turned his body to leave the room. She just stood there on the ground, she didn't move.

Her tear fell down. She didn't expect her plan would be ended like this!

Song Ting Yu opened the door to leave, then the door on the opposite of the room also opened. Chen Jing ran outside hurriedly, she noticed Song Ting Yu, then said: "Ting Yu, you… where are you going?"

Song Ting Yu's eyes were cold, he pointed at Chen Jing, "Don't you worry that there would problem in the opposite room, so you even don't go home? You check in to the hotel and sleep here?"

"Ting Yu, listen to me. I just, just…."

"What is this? Say it!" Song Ting Yu watched her: "You clearly know for someone to trick me, but as my mother, now unexpectedly you cooperate with other people to trick me. Chen Jing, how could you deserve to be my mother?"

"Ting Yu…" Chen Jing knew now the condition was serious. She came forward to stop him, but she was helpless because she doesn't enough power so at last she was pushed by him.

The time she wanted to chase him, Song Ting Yu's figure already disappeared from the corridor.

She then remembered Bai Zhi Rui on the opposite room, so she hurriedly open the door then looked at how pity was Bai Zhi Rui. This moment she was naked and sat down on the carpet. She just sat down there and cried….

"Zhi Rui…" Chen Jing picked the bathrobe and draped it on Bai Zhi Rui's body: "Are you okay?"

She helped her to stand up, but Bai Zhi Rui pushed her hands away. The moment she raised her head and saw Chen Jing, her eyes were full of hatred.

Chen Jing thought what she saw was wrong, her heart was beating so fast. The time she looked at her again, her eyes were calm.

Chen Jing comforted herself, even though there was hatred, but it was toward her, possibly it was for Su Ran.

Bai Zhi Rui let go of Chen Jing's hand, she went to sit down on the sofa by herself. She also didn't care what happened to her body. She just looked the alcohol on the table, she poured it to the glass till it's full then drank it.

Then she poured, and drank it again.

How could she keep on drinking like this? Chen Jing went to the front of her and grasped the glass on her hand: "Zhi Rui, don't you drink again. If you drink, you will be drunk…."

"Give me the glass…" Bai Zhi Rui extended her hand, but Chen Jing placed the glass on the other table.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't get the glass, she just took the bottle of wine and just drank it directly.

Chen Jing came toward her and grasped the bottle: "What are you doing? Don't you drink too much. I know you are sad, but it's not good for your health to drink this much…"

"If it's not good for my health, it would be my own problem." Bai Zhi Rui covered her face, this moment her hair was on mess. Her eyes were also very red: "Who would care about me?"

"How could be no one would care? There's me…"

"You! Hahaha…" Bai Zhi Rui pointed at her, laughed for a moment. But she didn't say anything.

She drank her alcohol again, and Chen Jing just threw the whole bottles to the trash.

She noticed the alcohol was gone, and curled her body on the sofa, she seemed to be in pain.

Chen Jing looked at it, and felt extremely heartache. She took a blanket and covered her body. She patted her slightly: "Don't you worry. I will help you to get Song Ting Yu back. Even we couldn't get him back, I will not let them to have a happy life."

Bai Zhi Rui didn't say anything.

The time Song Ting Yu took the elevator to leave the top floor, he was in pain.

Remembering how Chen Jing took his trust for granted and wanted to trick him. His heart felt hatred, and wanted to smashed the elevator door.

Li Jing hotel is located in a good location, so even in this late night, he could get a taxi. He gave the address to the taxi driver, and laid down on the backseat and closed his eyes.

He just felt his breath to getting rusher, it really hard for him to breath, and his body started to be hot.

Finally he arrived home. He took a steps upstairs and went to the bedroom. Inside the room, there was a dim light, it is Su Ran's habit. As long he hadn't be at home, she would leave the light on to wait for her.

Song Ting Yu looked at the sleeping Su Ran, and didn't come over. He just went to the bathroom.

He leaned on the wall, the coldness of the ceramic of the bathtub touched his hot body and it lowered down the temperature a bit.

He lowered his head to smell his coat and felt his whole body was full of Bai Zhi Rui's scent. He took all of the clothes and threw it on the floor. Then he went to shower.

He opened the shower head, and didn't turn on the cold water. He just took another cold shower.

Song Ting Yu didn't know for sure how long did he take a cold shower. He just finished it when he felt his body to cool down. Then he wore his bathrobe.

He returned to the bedroom, but he didn't sleep on the bed. He went to sleep on the sofa. He took the pillow and covered his face. He closed his eyes, but he seemed to be unwell.

It seemed that the hotness in his body couldn't be erased by the cold shower. His body started to burn again, let him to be in extreme suffering.

Especially in this room, in the air, seemed to be full of Su Ran's fragrance. This fragrance made him to be stirred restlessly.

Su Ran who laid down on the bed, actually had wake up because of noise from the bathroom. This moment she could hear his rush breathing. She was surprised and opened her eyes

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