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Right away come back to your side (2)

Bai Zhi Rui clenched her hands to fist tightly, she felt her nails were biting her skins, it almost bruised her palm: "I know those fans would look for Su Ran because she told me before. They kept on sending her letters. Yet Su Ran didn't response to it, so they would come to the dancing studio where she works….."

"I know. It's the fan who l like you so much right. Yesterday she asked me to smell your wrist to know what perfume you wear. You told me before that fans always imitates you. Last two night you purposely infected Song Ting Yu with your perfume, Su Ran definitely could smell it too. Today when she encountered those fans, Su Ran surely knows now that it was your perfume, and Song Ting Yu was with you. All along I feel it is a good method, without batting an eyelid those two would have problem in their relationship. Now….. what happened? Could it be because the fans didn't look for Su Ran…..?"

"They looked for her." Bai Zhi Rui said in lower voice: "She even pushed her down, and said the kid is gone…."

"This, how could it be so serious?" Ms Chen frowned, although she wasn't really sympathized with her, but if it because of her doing and the kid is gone, then wouldn't Song Ting Yu will take his anger out on Bai Zhi Rui.

Madame Song certainly would think that it was Bai Zhi Rui's doing.

"Then what should we do? How could she do like that? Is she do it carelessly?"

Recalling from her conversation before with Jiang Guo, and how her laughter sounded frightening. She shook her head: "I feel she did it in purpose….."

"How could she do it in purpose? It would be no problem, if she didn't do it in purpose, but if she did in purpose then…."

"I think her mental is not really healthy…."

"You mean she is crazy?" Ms Chen opened her eyes big.

To see it from this present situation, it should be possible. Bai Zhi Rui pursued her lips, she felt that this is a serious situation, she didn't expect her to do that crazy thing.

"Ms Chen, now you need to immediately let a person to check whether Su Ran is still pregnant or not…"

"Okay, don't you worry. Don't let it influences your heart, later on the this scene is really important, you need to perform really good. If I have any news, I would directly tell you." Ms Chen patted her shoulder, then left.

Bai Zhi Rui bit her lips, she felt she was be in harmful situation because of Jiang Guo. These two days the rumours of her just calmed down, now with this happened and a video of that scene was released, it will certainly ruin her reputation again.

The most important was if Su Ran really in the bad state, then the whole Song family would put the blame on her, and used every kind of tricks to attack her. She really has no ability to attack back, she couldn't stay in the entertainment circle anymore.

The kid in Su Ran's womb is not only for saving Song Wei Xi's life, but it is also the hope of the whole family. If there was trouble, Su Ran would definitely couldn't endure it, even Madame Song wouldn't know what to do.

Everyone was waiting impatiently, they all prayed silently.

This time Song Ting Yu stood in front of the operation door, his dark eyes kept on staring at it. If anyone came closer, they could see the redness of his eyes.

After a long time, finally the door of the operation room opened. Everyone came forward and gathered in front of the doctor.

"Doctor, how is my granddaughter-in-law? Is she okay? ow is the baby?" Madame Song didn't wait for the response, she just kept on asking questions.

The doctor took the mask off, his face looked very tired. But finally it turned warm, she smiled slightly: "Madame Song, don't you worry. The patient is okay, her kid is also able to be save…."

When the doctor said it, everyone finally could breath normally. Su Ran was okay, and the kid was good too.

"But…." When everyone was turned to be relax, the doctor said again. Once again it made everyone to be nervous.

"What happened?" This time the one who asked was Qiao Qing.

"This time it is a really great luck that we could save the baby. But the mother's body is not really in good health. Having this accident, it ruined her constitution so next time you all should take a good care of her. Of course, you should be able to protect her, this accident couldn't be happened again…."

"Thank you, Doctor. We understand it." Madame Song said it hurriedly.

The doctor originally wanted to turn her body and left, however she remembered something. She looked around then said: "Before when we just about to enter the operation room, the patient kept on clutching my hands, let me to save her kids. During the whole surgery process, she also has her consciousness. She maybe thinks that she wants to personally know that her kid is well and safe. So she didn't faint. After the operation, I told her that the kid is okay, then she just fainted and slept…."

She said it because she felt the woman inside the operation room should be treated the woman well and warmthly.

Everyone was silent, especially Song Ting Yu, his back was stiff.

The nurses sent Su Ran to the sickroom.

Tonight Su Ran definitely wouldn't be awake. Song Ting Yu kept on accompanying her. Originally Tian Mi also wanted to stay for the night because she felt scared that something may happened to Su Ran. She didn't feel relieved to leave Su Ran with Song Ting Yu.

Gu Dong Cheng held her hands, "Tian Mi, don't you make trouble. Ting Yu would take a good care of Ran Ran. You are tired today, I will send you home to get a rest."

Even if she didn't agree, at last Gu Dong Cheng still took her home.

Qiao Qing went over the bed to see Su Ran, she used her hand to stroke her pale little face, she also felt extremely heartache.

Everyone was starting to leave in turns. Song Ming Xuan wanted to take Madame Song go home. But before it, they needed to pick Song Wei Xi from Xi He's home.

Before they left the hospital, Madame Song looked at Song Ting Yu with her strict eyes: "What happened today, you should investigate it thoroughly. If it is Bai Zhi Rui, that opera singer, I wouldn't let her go that easily. Don't you dare to protect her. If you don't check it, I would check it. If it is really her, then I would let her unable to be in entertainment circle!"

Madame Song finished her words, then left with Song Ming Xuan.

Song Ting Yu closed the door, then he went to the bed where Su Ran laid down. He took a chair and sat down beside her bed. He took her hands and placed in on his palm, he kissed it: "Su Ran, I'm sorry."

But fortunately, she is okay. Our kid is okay…

What Grandma said before it is true, he didn't protect them well.

"Su Ran, I wouldn't let anything like this happen again to you."

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