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Chapter 145 Right away come back to your side (1)

She seemed to be not satisfied with scolding him, she even raised a punch to his body.

"Enough!" Song Ting Yu pulled her away: "What happened?"

Tian Mi laughed coldly: "How could you not know? It is your own doing! Your loves' debt! For which reason Su Ran should receive this for you? Since you have decided to be together with her, then you should cut off the communication with Bai ZhI Rui. But until now you never formally cut it off, why? You want to enjoy the joy of having several partners? You wouldn't let Su Ran go, yet you also not willing to let Bai Zhi Rui go? Listen to me. If something bad happen to Ran Ran, it is your and Bai Zhi Rui's fans' fault. Those brainless fans came over to our dancing studio to make trouble. They waited for her outside, stopped her, and pushed her…"

Speaking until this, Tian Mi already choked with sobs, she couldn't say anything more. She kept on replaying what had happened before. She just went out of the door, and looked at Su Ran on the ground. She was covering her stomach, and her face was full of cold sweat and tears.

From the dancing studio to hospital, she kept on repeating that sentence.

What will happen to her kid? What will to Wei Xi?

Everyone said, what is this kid means…

But Tian Mi kept on comforting her even though she also felt worried and sad.

Because she also a bit afraid, afraid that something would happen to the kid. If the something bad happened to the kid, then Wei Xi would be in danger. She couldn't think what would happen to Su Ran.

She afraid that Su Ran would be losing her mind to the extent she became crazy….

Song Ting Yu didn't expect this to happen…

Before on the phone, Tian Mi just told him that Su Ran is in trouble, she was sent to the hospital. She was crying when she said it. Her words were unclear. He also didn't wait for her to finish her sentences. He just used the speediest way to rush to the hospital.

"She would be okay, the kid would be okay, I will not let anything happen to them…."

"How could you not let anything happen to them? What would you do? She is inside now, if you really have the way, then why don't you go outside?!"

Tian Mi laughed coldly and pointed at the operation room: "In anyway already told you, if there is something bad to the kid, this lifetime Su Ran wouldn't forgive you!"

"Tian Mi."

She didn't continue her words, she heard someone called her. It turned out to be Gu Dong Cheng, Madame Song, and Song Ming Xuan were coming to the hospital.

Actually when they got the call from Tian Mi, there on the way to somewhere, so very quickly they could arrive in the hospital.

"How is Ran Ran?" Madame Song's face was also really paled.

"She is still inside…"

Madame Song looked at Song Ting Yu, and pointed at him. She just said a sentence: "You didn't take a good care of Ran Ran."

This words like a heavy stone threw to Song Ting Yu's heart, it let him to feel hurt that he couldn't breath properly.

Yes, he didn't take a good care of Ran Ran, so this accident could happened today.

He felt guilty toward Bai Zhi Rui so in the beginning he promised her, then he wouldn't announce their break up publicly before she started to stand steadily in the entertainment circle.

But because of this so the people thought that they were still together, including Bai Zhi Rui's fans. So they would put all the blames on Ran Ran, and they looked for her.

So this accident could happen.

"I've said it so many times to let you cut off your relationship and contact with Bai Zhi Rui, why don't you listen to me? Maybe today all of these are her doing. She always thinks that is Ran Ran who pushed her down the stairs, and couldn't get what she wants, so she planned all of this. What is this? Fans' doing! I think it is obviously it is her plan!" Grandma's voice was somewhat hoarse: "Bai Zhi Rui this opera singer! If something bad happened to the kid, look how will I sort her out!"

The shooting site.

During the recess time, Bai Zhi Rui was looking at the script when she sat down on the chair. Suddenly her phone rang.

Originally it always her assistant that would answer her phone, but now her assistant was away to buy her some drinks. She could just look on the side and took the phone. She didn't even look at the screen, she just answered it: "Hello."

"Rui Rui, I already helped you to take a revenge. She made you lose your child, now I made her lose her child. Hahaha. Rui Rui, are you happy? If she lost her child, Song Ting Yu certainly wouldn't want her anymore. He would return to your side, you would definitely be happy…."

At first Bai Zhi Rui did multitask, she was listening on the phone, while on the other side, she was reading at the script. This moment she felt something strange. She frowned, and looked at the screen of the phone. It was her fan, called Jiang Guo. She always her died-hard fans. Four years ago they met during the fans meeting, they chatted. That time they had a quite good interaction, so they kept in touch. Even if she went abroad for past four years, they still kept contact.

Over the time, she had Bai Zhi Rui's phone, and sometimes called her.

This Jiang Guo, always imitates her hobbies and lifestyles. She even like to eat her favorite food, use, wear, all the same like her.

"Xiao Guo, what happened?" Before Bai Zhi Rui felt that she heard the name of Song Ting Yu and Su Ran. Moreover, she heard that Jiang Guo was laughing and it made a person feel fearful.

"Rui Rui, you still don't know? Su Ran, that shameless woman, lost her kids. No kids…. It was me who pushed her down, it was me. I helped you to take revenge. She lost the kid, Song Ting Yu will be back to your side soon, are you happy?"

This time Bai Zhi Rui listened carefully to her words, also finally able to understand her words. But she didn't really know what was really happened.

"What did happen? Is anything bad happened to Su Ran?" She asked again one more time.

"Today I went to look for Su Ran. We went to look for her. I pushed her away. Hahaa… With my own eyes, I looked that she covered her belly, and in pain. She sat down on the ground and cried…." She was laughing, and somewhat mad let people who heard it feel fcold.

Bai Zhi Rui finally understood what really happened. However, when she heard the laughter of Jiang Guo, she felt her heart to be very scared. Her hands trembled, she almost threw her phone.

This time Ms Chen came over: "Zhi Rui, what happened? Why your face turn so pale?"

"Before I got a call from one of my fans." Bai Zhi Rui gasped for a breath.

"What?" Ms Chen sat down on the opposite of her and looked at her. She felt her voice to be a bit trembling. Moreover, she almost threw the phone.

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