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Ting Yu, tomorrow night would you have time (2)

Su Ran already faced Song Ting Yu's shamelessness, but regarding what did he say before, she still felt very embarrassed about it, what is "later on if you see something…."

This word….

He said it then sat beside her, he used his hand to shake her shoulder a bit: "Do you still want to pretend to sleep?"

Su Ran still pretended to sleep, she ignored him. It just best to let him think that she is asleep so she just pretended to sleep. She thought that if she ignored him, supposedly he would stop and let her go.

"You really asleep?"

Song Ting Yu seemed to be quite doubting it, his thin lips kissed her lips, and said with low voice: "It's better, then I could do anything I want."

Su Ran bit her lips, her hand clutched the sheet tightly, and cursed silently: "Shameless!"

He said it then undid her button, one by one. In a moment when Su Ran felt that she was about to be exposed in front of him and remembered that she was naked underneath the pajamas, so she sat down, and clutched her pajamas.

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: "What happened? Why didn't you continue to pretend to be asleep?"

" I really sleep before, it's you who wake me up." She used her toes to kick his ankle: "Hurry up go to sleep. Moreover you are not allow to disturb me. Also you are not allowed to say nonsense to the kid."

"What kind of nonsense did I talk?" Song Ting Yu expressed his dissatisfaction: "I just conduct a prenatal education!"

Prenatal education?

In this world, would there be any Papa give that kind of prenatal education for his unborn kid?"

"Me." Song Ting Yu pointed at himself and smiled.

Su Ran: "……."

Song Ting Yu's both hands placed on Su Ran's shoulder: "Before I just asked our daughter's opinion. She agrees, no problem…."

Su Ran didn't trust his rubbish talk, it was his own doing. This only an embryo, how could it say its agreement to him. He is really shameless.

"Song Ting Yu, don't you make trouble." Su Ran looked at him: "It is with difficulty that we could conceive this kid, if something bad happen, how would it be? How about Wei Xi?"

When he heard her words, he couldn't find a way out. Who ask Su Ran to stab his lethal point?

He leaned close to Su Ran's shoulder and be silent for a while, then he said: "You and me let's go to the bathroom."

"What are you doing? I already took the bath before."

"I want to try your skill is it progressing or not."

Su Ran was speechless once again: "…."

As usual after Bai Zhi Rui's interview broadcasted, finally there was group of people commented about her.

It started with famous film reviewer at WeiBo, stated: "Marriage is sacred, no matter what is the first reason to start the marriage. Man and woman shouldn't betray the marriage, and be with other people secretly." Although he didn't really point out who he meant, yet he use "@" to the account of the interviewer. He also said that some fans also didn't have a minimum threshold.

The time this WeiBo went out to the public, it may be considered as exploding moment for Bai Zhi Rui.

There is a lot of people that supported the view's of that famous film reviewer. Of course, Bai Zhi Rui also had a lot of fans, they warned him to control his mouth. They mentioned about how Bai Zhi Rui was almost be together with Song Ting Yu, but it is Su Ran's fault that made this happened.

There were also threatening comments and harsh words that ask him to delete or apologize to their goddess.

But this film reviewer didn't delete his comment, but he posted the another post: "How could this society be so degenerating like this? Some people see the mistress as satisfying? And her fans feel that she is suffering? Even if that year happened again, she wouldn't necessarily had the chance to enter rich family! It just a play, both are willing. How could you see it as reality, it just say that you are stupid!"

After this Wei Bo went out, it created a controversy. The comments started to build up. Bai Zhi Rui 's fans were so loyal to her. Other celebrities' fans also started to attack Bai Zhi Rui.

This matter persisted as trending topic for several days, the entertainment magazines kept on reporting this matter.

Because of she just recently came back to entertainment circle, this matter had influenced her. It just because everyone considered the support of Song Ting Yu, so her contracts and films were not affected.

But these days, she had became everyone attention. If not necessary, she even wouldn't come out. She was afraid that the reporters would come and find her.

Of course, she couldn't avoid the comments on her Wei Bo.

Two more days it would be Valentine's Days, Bai Zhi Rui's fans stood up and said on the Wei Bo: "Song Ting Yu definitely would accompany our goddess for Valentine's day. They truly love each other."

Of course other also said: "This valentine's days, Song Ting Yu wouldn't accompany Bai Zhi Rui. I bet my pack of chili.

In front of the computer, a thirty years old woman panted with rage when looked at the computer. She looked at the woman on the bed: "Zhi Rui, today call Mr Song let him accompany you for Valentine's Day no matter busy he is. He should accompany you. These people just wait for mocking you. I just wouldn't want them to get away with it."

It is Zhi Rui's manager, Ms Chen.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't say anything.

Ms Chen startled for a while: "What happened? Why do I recently never see you together with Mr Song? After the thing on the Wei Bo, it affected your reputation badly. Tomorrow when you are together with him, you should talk to him let him spend a little money to delete the comments on Wei Bo. The company also…."

The moment she said it, all along Bai Zhi Rui's head was low. She used her hand to pat her shoulder: "Zhi Rui, what happened? What are you thinking? Do you listen to my words before?"

Bai Zhi Rui raised her head to look at her: "Song Ting Yu doesn't want me anymore."

Ms Chen was surprised: "No wonder recently…." She frowned: "But why I never heard it? Moreover there is no news about it, so everyone thinks that you are together…"

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