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Song Ting Yu, tomorrow night do you have time (1)

"No, you see it wrong." Su Ran shook her head, and smiled.

"I saw it." Song Tign Yu exposed her lie.

"You look wrong, really."

Song Ting Yu didn't want to talk too much with her, he moved around her waist. He groped her pocket, and his hand was clutched by her. She seized the opportunity to move away his hand, and hooked his arm. She shifted the topic: "I want to talk something to you."

"What kind of thing?" Song Ting Yu was still really focus on the topic before, so he didn't mind her.

"Today when I had dinner with Tian Mi, we met Brother Dong Cheng."


"Then…" Su Ran smiled, "They seem to be attracted with each other…"

"Is it?" Song Ting Yu's attention finally shifted, he looked at Su Ran: "My brother likes Tian Mi?"

"What kind of attitude is that? Why use that kind of tone? What if he likes her? Is Tian Mi bad?"

Noticed Su Ran's attitude, Song Ting Yu smiled hurriedly: "I don't mean that way. It just since that thing happened, he rarely communicated with girls. These years, he never had any kind of relationship with woman. So I felt a bit weird when you said it…."

"What is that thing?" Su Ran also didn't think to find Gu Dong Cheng's secret. It just she felt this kind is related to Tian Mi, so she should know what these things about.

Song Ting Yu's eyes was somewhat imposing, he let go her shoulder, and leaned on the sofa: "That year my brother had a girlfriend, it is his first girlfriend. Then he was stopped by grandma. Then after moment, that woman jumped to the river to kill herself…"

Su Ran didn't expect that there was that kind of thing…

She was startled for a long time: "That year why did grandma try to stop them? Is it because of her family background…."

"It's not." Song Ting Yu undid his tie: "That year he was just twenty years, he knew her during his study in the university. I just around ten years old, I'm not really remember it. It was one time I heard grandma said, because she thinks that girl is not sincere toward brother, and have ulterior motives."

"But that girl jumped to the river to suicide…"

Song Ting Yu shrugged his shoulder: "I'm also not really sure. But after that time, my brother got a serious illness, almost unable to survive. Every day grandma would take care him by his side. Then he got better, yet kept one shut and didn't mention that girl again. These ten years, there is no girl beside him, until today…"

He said then turned around to Su Ran: "If really he likes Tian Mi, then it is also necessarily bad things, supposedly grandma would be very happy."

That year relating Gu Dong Cheng's matter, Su Ran also never participated, never really saw him personally, so she really didn't know the actual situation. She couldn't judge him, yet that thing already ten years ago matter. Every person shouldn't persist obstinately to the past, the future is the important thing.

Just like Song Ting Yu said, if he really likes Tian Mi, it is not really a bad thing.

Su Ran just thought about it when she lowered her hand, her hand suddenly raised up by him. He tried to loosen her finger to look: "Why is there a lot of bruises in your hand?"

Su Ran regained her awareness, she looked at the left hand. It was the hand who pricked because of the needle, she moved her hand: "It's okay, it's not really hurt….."

"When it was pricked, it would be very hurt right?"

Su Ran nodded."

"What are you doing?" Song Ting Yu frowned, his gaze fixed on her hands: "If it is bruise, don't you need to wrap it up? If your hand being wrapped up then what about me?"

At the beginning Su Ran didn't understand his meaning, but after thinking about it for awhile, suddenly she understood and blushed: "I used my right, not left hand."

"No." Song Ting Yu smiled enticingly: "You used both of your hands."

Su Ran felt she couldn't stand this straight-forward man, she patted his hand, and didn't want to discuss this anymore. She said: "I want to sleep, you go to take a bath."

She said then when to the bed. After a while she laid on the bed, she heard Song Ting Yu's words: "It's already three months, why should I always do that way?"

Su Ran didn't care about his words, just felt that he sat down beside her. He looked at the newest pregnant examination form: "Our daughter is three months."

"Right." Su Ran frowned, didn't he come during the check up last two days.

Song Ting Yu in a split second brighten up, he used his hand to stroke her cheeks: "It's already three months, that it means…."

He intentionally slowed down his words.

Su Ran was affected by his action, but didn't understand his words.

He smiled, and clutched her shoulder: "Didn't you remember the doctor's words? After three months, I could…."

Su Ran immediately understood his intention, she immediately extended her hand to resist against his chest, stopped him to lean over: "No."

Song Ting Yu was not satisfied: "Why no? The doctor said that after three months, we could do it. Do you want to choke me? How long would you want me to restrain myself? You really wouldn't restrain to not let our kid to come out?"

Su Ran was somewhat blushing: "I don't let you to restrain yourself, okay? Song Ting Yu, don't your brain to full of just those things?"

"You couldn't blame me."

"Right." Su Ran nodded: "Blame me, so, it's better for us to sleep in the different room, it would be more safety…"

She hadn't finished her words, she just suddenly pressed on the bed and couldn't move: "Don't you say this kind of words again, look how would I sort you out in the future."

He said it then lowered his head, to kiss her collar bone: "Su Ran, let's change the way? How is it?"

Su Ran turned her body, her back faced him. She said: "Let's sleep. If you sleep, you wouldn't indulge in your wild imagination."

Song TIng Yu turned her body quickly, his hand held her body: "I couldn't sleep once I think about this. How could you leave me to sleep like this?"

He said then slowly probed inside her clothes. In the beginning Su Ran just wanted to close her eyes and endure it. She thought he would stop and be uninterested once she didn't mind him.

But she didn't expect that he was getting more and more over. At first after she took the shower, she didn't go anywhere, just be in the bedroom, so she didn't wear anything beside her pajamas.

Song Ting Yu's hand stroked her belly lightly, and immediately said with little voice: "Good girl, Papa Mama are doing serious thing. You just stay good inside okay, don't you make trouble, okay? Later on if you see something, don't feel to weird, just close your eyes and sleep, okay?"

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