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Accustomed to

You…! Su Hao pointed at her, he was just so angry that he can say anything. He opened the door to go outside, Qiao Qing was at the door, looked at his expression: "What happened?"

Su Hao was filled with anger, he groaned coldly and said: "Ask the good daughter of yours, then you will know!"

Hearing this, Qiao Qing face became paled, and busily said: "A Hao, don't be angry, let me talk with her."

Su Hao didn't care about her anymore, he coldly left.

That time Su Ran came out from the study room: "Ma, where is Wei Xi?"

"He is downstair eat with one maid of the house, you come with me, I have something to talk with you."

Su Ran followed her back inside the room. Qian Qing spoke bluntly: "Ran Ran, why you don't want to help your dad?"

"Ma, he…."

Qiang Qing cut off her sentence: "I don't care what is your reason and I don't care what are you doing for him. In brief, he is your father, no matter what he asked you to do you need to help him."

"Ma…." Su Ran's face paled, didn't know how to reply her.

Qiao Qing was not really physically and mentally healthy. Su Ran didn't mean to provoke her. For Su Ran, she could be mindless to Su Hao, but she could not, not to care Qiao Qing as she was the one raised her up. Moreover, when they were not in Su house, this mother and daughter were depended on each other for living.

Qiao Qing didn't have any mistake, her only mistake was she was too love Su Hao, love until completely lose herself.

So for this man, she willingly to do anything, even if he repeatedly let her down, even if without status or part. For many years, she abled to endure everyone spurn, to extend she was utterly isolated by her friends and families.

Su Ran believed that Qiao Qing still loved her.

Qiao Qing should not say that she didn't love Su Ran, also cannot said that she didn't care of Su Ran, only inside her heart, forever her daughter was not a match with her most loved man.

During Qiao Qing's endless waiting, Qiao Qing's mental health sometimes good.

"Why, even my word, you didn't want to obey?" Qiao Qing suddenly caught Su Ran's hand, her eyes were both glared at her: "Why you cannot just think of me for a while? I waited for him for many years, with a lot difficulty now I am with him, do you want to separate us? Right, you want to separate us? Why do everyone to break us apart, even you want to do it?"

Su Ran looked at her and felt something wrong. She hastily used her hand to grip hold her shoulder: "Ma, be calm, let's listen to my word first …"

Yet Qiao Qing shook off her hand powerfully, she continuously stepped backward. Su Ran worried about her, wanted to go forward to pull her to stop. But she didn't know how can Qiao Qing can get a long and thin rod, and suddenly Qiao Qing hit ruthlessly toward Su Ran's back.

This was not the first time she hit Su Ran, before she will avoid it. But she know the more she avoid it, her mood will more fluctuate. Gradually, her old mental disease will relapse, so she didn't avoid it.

Recently these years, she was getting better. Su Ran thought she will not relapse, yet something like this happened.

"Why even you will do something like that to me? Why?" Qiao Qing hit and yelled.

"Ma…" Su Ran cannot withstand her strength, she was hit until she kneeled on the ground.

Song Wei Xi heard the noise from downstair, he hurriedly went upstair, through the crack between door, he saw the scene, he was so surprised that his face paled: "Mama!"

When he was about to run inside, he didn't know why grandma do something like that to mama, but he know he needs to rescue her mom. However he was hurriedly carried by the maid: "Little master, don't go in."

Su Family's was accustomed to this kind of situation, but Song Wei Xi never knew.

Su Ran also saw Song Wei Xi, she tried to hold the pain on her back, in a loud voice asked the maid: "Bring him down first."

Song Ting Yu was in the car, his long finger were somewhat fidgety and pulled his tie.

He didn't know how come Madame Song know the matter of Su Ran came to the office to ask him to go home to Su Family. Tonight when he was coming home alone, she forced her to pick up the mother and son go home, otherwise she let him not to go home too.

He really didn't understand, what is good about Su Ran? Why Madame Song was so protective ofher?

Also didn't know whether she was old and muddled or it was Su Ran's tricks were too brilliant, but these four years, she always being protected. When he thought in the past when Bai Zhi Rui had done a lot of things, Madame Song still not fond of her.

No matter how this moment Song Ting Yu didn't willingly picked them up, but he can only pick them to go home.

He pursed his thin lips cold, took out his phone, and typed out Su Ran's phone number.

The phone connected for a long time, but there was no one answer it. When he was about to hang up, suddenly it was answered: "Su Ran.:

The one who answered it was not Su Ran, but it was a sobbing tone of young boy: "Papa, where are you? Quickly come her…"

Song Wei Xi's voice was on and off, he cried until his voice hoarse.

Song Ting Yu's heart was tight: "Wei Xi, where are you? Mama? What happened?"

I'm in grandma's house. Grandma is hitting mom, she wanted to hit mom until she die. Papa, quickly come here to save her…"

Although Song Ting Yu didn't knew what happened, but hearing to how Song Wei Xi's cry and Su Ran was not on his side, there's definitely some troubles.

"Wei Xi, be good, don't cry, I will go there immediately."

Song Ting Yu said a few low voice comfort sentence, then hung up the phone, he sped up toward Su House.

He had gone to the Su house once, it was four years ago.

He depended on his memory about Su house's location, used the fastest speed to hurry to it. The maid opened the big door for him, and he immediately went toward inside.

Su Hao was drinking tea and reading a newspaper in the living room. Suddenly he was startled, when looked at Song Ting Yu's appearance, immediately he threw the newspaper, and showed him a friendly smile: "Ting Yu, why do you come? You didn't even make a call before you come."

Song Ting Yu looked coldly toward him: "Su Ran?"

Su Hao's face changed: "Ran Ran is upstair, she…"

Song Wei Xi immediately came from upstairs: "Papa…"

Song Ting Yu bent his waist to carry her, looked at his child's eyes was swollen red because of his cry, he used his hand to rub it: "Okay, don't cry anymore."

"Papa, you need to save mama.."

"Okay." Song Ting Yu carried him upstairs, Song Wei Xi pointed to the one of the rooms. Song Ting Yu dimly could hear to a distinct strange noise. He used the door handle to open the door, but it was locked from the inside.

"Su Ran…" Song Ting Yu patted at the door, and didn't get any response.

Following behind them was Su Hao with his awkward face: "This is Su Ran's mother bedroom, they both, mother and daughter, was inside to chat."

Chat? A common chat will make Song Wei Xi to cry like this?

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