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A pion

Su Ran bit her lips, nodded her head.

Song Ting Yu's side lips crooked up and showed a captivating smile: "Then beg me."

"…" Su Ran knew that she was helpless, so: "I beg you, I beg you go home with me to Su Family, okay?"

Song Ting Yu slightly laughed: "Su Ran, it doesn't look like a people who beg."

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu will not easily let go of her: "What do you want?"

His long finger pointed to the floor, Song Ting Yu looked at her and said: " Or, you should kneel on the floor."

Su Ran's chest was full of anger, she gripped her hands tightly, took a deep breath: "Song Ting Yu, you push people to hard!"

She finally understood, this man was really have no plan to go home with her. His request to let her beg just for make fun of her, so why should she waste more of her time with him?!

Su Ran took her bag from the sofa, turned her body to leave the office room.

In the parking area, her phone rang.

Su Hao was waiting for a long time and still both of them not yet come, so he called again to ask.

"Ran Ran, is Song Ting Yu still busy? How come you haven't bring him home?"

"I will be there soon." Thinking of how Song Ting Yu has humiliated her, her heart was completely agitated, yet also painful. She didn't successfully bring home Song Ting Yu, she didn't how will Su Hao react later on.

But now matter she didn't want to face it, she still needed to go home, who permit Wei Xi still at Su house.

Going back to Su house, Su Hao and her mother, Qiao Qing, was sitting on the living room for wait for them. The moment Song Wei Xi looked at her, immediately ran toward her: "Mama, you finally come."

Su Hao also stood from the sofa, and looked toward her back: "Why you are alone? Ting Yu ?"

Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi, and pursed her lips: "No need to look, he doesn't come."

Su Hao's immediately changed: "What happened? Didn't I tell you to take him home? Why didn't you look for him? Or you didn't obey my words?"

From the upstairs, there were cold and mockery voice: "Dad, when did she put your word in her heart?"

Su Ran looked up, that was her step-sister, Su Cai, she was went down. Her face hanged a beautiful smile, she smiled because she took pleasure on Su Ran's misfortune. Then she went to the dining room: "From the start she never thought of bring him home, she made us hungry, let's just eat!"

Su Hao's face become more gloomy, looked at Su Ran: "You come with me upstair."

Su Ran didn't really want to go up with him, she knew that when he looked for him, there will not be a good thing. But because Qiao Qing carried Wei Xi from her embrace, and pushed her: "Why you still not yet go up, remember, listen to his word well."

She didn't say anything, just simply followed him.

Pushed opened the study room, Su Hao already sat down on the sofa.


"Ran Ran, sit down, I have something to talk to you." Not long, Su Hao's face changed to be better, even when looked at her, his face showed a bit of smile.

Su Ran knew what he wanted to talk, will definitely related to Song Ting Yu.

"Dad, what's the matter?"

Su Hao looked at her: "This problem you need to help me…"

Su Ran just stayed quiet, because she knew he will continue. Originally Su Hao planned to let her marry to Song Family, so he can benefit of it. He hated to sacrifice his eldest daughter, so he just sacrificed her, since Su Ran in his eyes, was a pion. Since it was a pion, of course, it need to be used.

Looking at silent Su Ran, Su Hao rubbed his hand and said: "It's like this, Dad recently settled on big project, but the company's fund was invested in another project. Now in a short while, we don't have money to take that project, the bank also didn't want to loan some money, so…"

So it was this the reason Su Hao wanted her to bring Song Ting Yu home.

"So you want to ask if Song Ting Yu will lend you some of his money?"

Su Hao immediately nodded his head: "Ran Ran, you will help me, right?"

"Dad, I'm really sorry. This request I can't help you."

This condition was not once or twice matters, Su Hao was too eager for instant success and quick profits, his wild ambition was to big, so always wanted to take possession of a lot of things. But he didn't really a serious consideration about his ability and capacity.

In the past, Su Ran helped him to ask for Madame Song's help, but he haven't return it.

Song Family was An City most wealthy family, with abundant funds, shocking financial resources, although, Madame Song didn't really care about money, but didn't represent that Su Ran can't completely forget that matter.

Now that amount of money hadn't returned, now he wanted to borrow some more.

How can Su Ran able to ask?

Moreover, she herself knew clearly how hateful Song Ting Yu toward them, how can he help?

She knew her condition too. At that time, she will listen to Su Hao's thought to marry into Song Family, it's because of her mother was crying in front of her.

That year, as Su Hao wanted to make connection with Song Family, so he always wanted to introduce her to Song Ting Yu, but it was nothing happened, Song Ting Yu didn't like Su Ran. Until the end for achieving his ambition, Su Hao just put drug in his and her wine.

Until now, she completely remember what happened the next day. When she woke up, Song Ting Yu looked at her. He gripped the sheet, pointed to the red mark on it: "Su Ran, you really do a great work, the first time? Who do you think you lie to?"

That month, Su Hao continuously brought her to Song Family to make trouble, to let Song Family gave them an explanation, until she was told that she was pregnant.

Song family continuously opposed toward Song Ting Yu and Bai Zhi Rui's relationship, in Madame Song's eyes, even though Su Ran's was a mistress' daughter, but she was better than that opera singer. So she forced Song Ting Yu to marry Su Ran.

When that thing happened, Su Ran wanted to rebel, wanted to escape the wedding, but her mother just take a knife and wanted to cut her wrist. She said if Su Ran didn't follow their order, she will die in front of her.

So, how can she rebel?

That some past events was very unbearable, Su Ran didn't really want to recalled.

When Su Hao heard about her rejection, his face changed unusually unpleasant: "You haven't even tried, how can you say you don't want to help? Song Ting Yu is your husband, how can you borrow from him?"

"Or you can ask him by yourself."

Su Hao strongly punched the table: "Su Ran, I ask you one more time, will you help or not?"

Su Ran stood up, and with the same answer: "Sorry!"

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