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Undercurrent Turbulent (2)

She only saw Song Ting Yu got in the car first, and close at him Su Lai also followed him out. She opened the door beside the driver and got inside.

The car started to move, and slowly disappeared before her.

Su Hao laughed for a while, then stood up to leave the dining room. It just left Qiao Qing and Su Ran in the dining room.

"Ran Ran…." Qiao Qing also didn't understand what was happening. Prior Su Hao said to her, Su Ran and Song Ting Yu recently were having a falling out, he wanted to help them so he would let them go home to have a dinner. Being face to face should be good for them, so this afternoon she called Su Ran, let her to go home this night.

But now what was happening?

Su Lai followed Song Ting Yu's car to leave, and Su Ran was still here.

Su Ran used her hand to press her teary ears. She put her phone inside her bag, turned her body and left the house.

"Ran Ran…." Qiao Qing called her.

But this time, Su Ran didn't turned her body. She just left the room, and directly drove her car to leave.

On the way to Song house, Su Ran's eyes was so teary that she almost couldn't look clearly the road ahead. She stopped the car on the road side, and took a tissue to wipe her eyes.

Also didn't know for how long, but after she was calmed, she once again drove her car and got back to Song house.

As her expectation, Song Ting Yu hadn't back home.

Su Lai felt the man beside her was very cold. His lips were stiffly pursed, his gaze always fixed on the road ahead, didn't know what was he thinking about.

Even though Su Lai knew the mood of the man beside her was not really good, yet as it was not an easy thing to get into his car, she leaned over a bit. She naturally didn't want to let go this chance.

Her both hands crossed, then looked at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, where are we going?"

She knew that he wouldn't go home after his fight with Su Ran, of course she also didn't have anything to do that she need to go out, she just wanted to follow this man.

She just finished her sentence, then she just heard a braking sound. Because it was too sudden, her body was moving forward suddenly for a while, she was surprised that she immediately subconsciously grasped her seatbelt.

Wait until she was responding, the car already firmly stopped on the road side.

Su Lai's heart was beating so hard, she had some lingering fear: "Ting… Ting Yu, what happened? We…"

"Get off." Song Ting Yu didn't even look at her when he said it.

Su Lai thought she heard wrongly: "What are you saying?"

"I say get off the car!" Song Ting Yu's absolutely full of coldness: "Don't you hear it? You need me to say it one more time? Or you need me to personally act to let you out of this car?"

Su Lai was certain that she didn't hear wrongly, Song Ting Yu really wanted to kick her out of the car, but this all around….

She looked outside for a while, this side of the road is so remote, there's no even a sign of human and car, that time how would she go home?

"Ting Yu, there's no car here, I…."

Su Lai wanted to cry, her beautiful face was frowning: "Don't you be like this to me, how am I going to go home?"

"Don't let me to say it for a third times, if not you will regret it."

So Su Lai simply didn't dare to challenge his bottom line, because she without slightest doubt knew that he would do what he say, so if she didn't get off, he would really dragged her to get off the car.

Even if this moment Su Lai was unwilling, regretted to unable to protest, she still opened the door to leave.

The weather outside was very cold, Su Lai didn't wear any coat, so when she got off the car it was so cold that she was trembling and shuddered.

Yet Song Ting Yu drove his car faraway right away after she got off the car.

Leaving her to shiver in the cold draught air.

Luckily she still brought her phone, she had to call her friends, let them to pick her up.

Originally Song Ting Yu wanted to drive back home, yet at last moment he changed direction. On the road time he got a call from Tang Zi Chu, he said that one of their business partner came from Singapore, wanted to continue their discussion about the contract.

Song Ting Yu was silent: "Send the address to me."

Although he didn't really like this kind of business social meeting, but this moment he didn't want to go home alone.

He went to the address sent by Tang Zi Chu, it was entertainment club.

There was someone outside waiting for him, and brought him to a private room. After a period of small talk, everyone sat down.

The business partner of Song company was with family name, Lin, he is a Singaporean, he is all good, but he is fond of women. The moment Song Ting Yu entered, he noticed several women inside the room.

Of course, discussing about business is inseparable from money, good wine, and beautiful woman.

Yet Song Ting Yu didn't fond of this kind of situation, so the time he got inside, he frowned. After he sat down, Mr Lin urged the women beside him to move to Song Ting Yu's side. The moment these two women noticed Song Ting Yu's coming, their both eyes were brighten. To compare with Song Ting Yu, this Mr Lin clearly one hundred percent mediocre. Although he was also a twenty-thirty years old, the same age as him. Yet his appearance and powerful aura couldn't be compared to Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu became aware of these two women's approach. He smiled and stopped them: "Chief Li is a guest, so no need to be courteous to me. It's okay for them to take a good care of you."

The women were being pushed back to Mr Lin's side.

After the business was settled, Mr Li was became more open and aboveboard to get up to tricks these women. So much that can't wait until went to the hotel.

Tang Zhi Chu looked at the condition of the inside of the private room, he frowned, and looked at Song Ting Yu. He was drinking his wine, beside him there was a lot of women, yet they were all being kicked away by his cold gaze.

Although they really wanted to get close to him, yet they didn't want to lose their life.

Usually in this place a businessman who immaculately dressed would be a beast, but luckily, they successively left with their chosen woman or women. Tang Zi Chu went over Song Ting Yu's front side: "Chief Song, Chief Li are gone. Let me send you home."

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa, and took his wine glass. He swayed it for a while: "You follow him over and take care of him for a while, arrange a hotel for him, and prepare anything they need."

After all, this is the first time for Mr Lin to come to An city. He is a guest, and Song Ting Yu is a host, of course need to take care of him properly.

"I know, Chief Song. But you…"

"Later on I will go back by myself."

Song Ting Yu said it while poured another wine for himself.

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