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Undercurrent Turbulent (1)

Su Ran didn't know how could Song Ting Yu appear in Su house, yet she didn't want to think too much so she turned her body to leave, yet her hand was clutched by Qiao Qing, and she dragged her in. Qiao Qing secretly shook her head, her eyes showed some warm appeals. If they were just two of them, she without slightest doubt maybe will kneel down to beg her to stay. Qiao Qing used her utmost power to drag Su Ran inside, and let her sit down on the right side of Song Ting Yu. Then she said softly into her ear: "Ran Ran, Ma begs you. Don't you make trouble okay? Just have a dinner well…."

She said it then raised her head, smiled: "You guys sit down first, there would be one more dish. I will go inside and get it out. Ting Yu, don't you hold yourself, just make yourself at home."

Su Hao and Su Lai had already came down, before it was Su Lai's voice. She sat down on the left side of Song Ting Yu. She looked that she was dressing up delicately, her make up was refined, this moment she smiled toward Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, I'm really happy you could come."

Song Ting Yu didn't say anything , but he looked disaffectionate and apathetic. Since he didn't turn his head to look at Su Ran, also didn't look at Su Lai.

Su Hao and Qiao Qing sat down on the opposite of them.

Su Hao served out wince cups, with a face full of smile: "Come, Ting Yu. Let us have a toast."

"Tonight I don't want to drink any alcohol." Ting Yu casted a cold glance toward him, and without any trace of politeness, he rejected.

Su Hao's smile was stiffen, this moment his face was in awkward expression. Although he knew Song Ting Yu is not friendly with her, but this afternoon, when he called him to invite him to have dinner back home, he originally declined, but didn't know why he agreed to come. So he thought he would not act like in the past.

Su Hao put back the wine cup, smiled: "It's okay, let me have it by msyelf."

"If you don't drink any alcohol, then eat more." Su Lai used the chopsticks and picked a veggie to Song Ting Yu's bowl.

Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes toward her, his eyes were full warning. Su Lai was so afraid that she swallowed her saliva: "What happened?"

Song Ting Yu then looked at Su Ran. Yet she apparently always concentrated in finishing her food. She seemed to be unaware of what happened.

Song Tign Yu held up his chopsticks, and said: "Thank you."

Although it just two simple words, but it sufficient to make Su Lai happy. She immediately said: "Ting Yu, don't you be too modest. If you like it, then you could eat more. Eat this also, these all are so yummy…" She noticed that Song Ting Yu didn't throw aside the veggies that she took for him, so her courage also became bigger, continuously put something into his bowl.


It was until Song Ting Yu spoke up, she just stopped her chopsticks. She looked at Su Ran, this moment Su Ran also raised her head.

Su Ran thought it was funny, so she ignored her, then shifted her gaze.

Su Lai opened her mouth: "Ran Ran, I heard that Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother passed away right? This morning it looked like that you joined the funeral. How is he? Is he okay? I thought you will be by his side, because you guys always have a good relationships. He is so sad, you should stay by his side…"

Su Ran raised her eyebrows, and faintly mocked: "Sis, how am I not aware that you like to talk during the dinner?"

She noticed the change in Su Lai's face then turned her head. Because unconsciously she looked at Song Ting Yu's bowl, then white rice was covered with a various of dishes, it was all picked by Su Lai.

He also didn't reject her intention.

Su Ran bit her lips, she originally wanted to lower her head and continued to eat her food. Suddenly she felt her hand was clutched, it was something warm.

She was startled and lowered her head to look down. It was Song Ting Yu's left hand grasped her hand.

He was looking at her, Su Ran knew he was like this not because he heard of Lin Cheng Huan's name but because from the start he didn't have a good mood. She moved away his hand, then said lowly: "Let go."

Song Ting Yu not only didn't release her hand, instead he clutched it even more tighter. It made Su Lai, who sat on Song Ting Yu's side, to sense something wrong. She lowered her head and noticed their clutching hand. She was jealous that she bit her lips, and really wanted to go forward and separate it.

At this time, Su Ran's phone rang.

Su Ran placed her bag on counter behind the dining table, closed to Su Lai.

Su Ran wanted to push away Song Ting Yu's hand to look her phone, but she couldn't do it, so at this moment Su Lai raised up from the chair: "I help you to take the phone."

She said then went over, she opened Su Ran's bag, and took the phone out. She looked at the phone screen, she laughed silently. She place the phone on the table, passed Song Ting Yu, and pushed to Su Ran, she smiled: "Lin Cheng Huan's call."

Su Ran was startled for awhile, her phone was still ringing and it showed clearly the name of Lin Cheng Huan.

The phone then soon stopped ringing.

She felt the hand that was tightly holding her was released, Song Ting Yu's cold gaze still fixed on her.

Su Ran opened her mouth, didn't able to say anything. Her phone was ringing again.

It was still Lin Cheng Huan's call.

The dining room was really quite, it just a sound of ringing phone.

Su Lai looked at her phone, and raised her eyebrow: "Ran Ran, why don't you answer it?"

She said it, then Song Ting Yu threw the chopsticks and stood up from the chair. He took his coat on the side, and his car key and went out.

Su Lai followed him hurriedly: "TIng Yu, you want to go home now? I suddenly also have something to do so I need to go out. My car is broken, could I follow you?"

Song Ting Yu turned his head toward her.

To boil it down although, Su Lai wanted to be closed to her, yet actually she still has some fears for him, so this moment she thought he would be unwilling. When she about to wave her hand to say "no need", didn't expect yet to hear he said: "Follow along."

In a flash, Su Lai's inner heart was full of ecstasy, first she turned to look at Su Ran for once, then hurriedly changed her shoes, she didn't have time to take her clothes, she just hurriedly busily followed him out. She was afraid that Song Ting Yu will suddenly changed his mind and not waited for her.

Song Ting Yu's car was parked on the patio. Near the dining room, it has a window. Even thought it was locked yet the curtain was opened, so from Su Ran's sitting position she could see the outside's condition very well.

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