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3058 A Kind Reminder

Mu Yiyang was a major, and he was comparatively young among majors.

Afterwards, Si Yiqi had a spar against Mu Yiyang.

Both Si Yiqi and Mu Yiyang were good at fighting, but the two of them were barely a match for Li Mochen or Leng Xiaoyao.

Therefore, in their eyes, Li Mochen was unbelievably skilled.

Li Mochen wasn’t only good at fighting, he was also intelligent. He had many other skills. If he joined the army, he could undoubtedly achieve a lot and have a much higher rank than Mu Yiyang, but he didn’t do that.

He loved to be a free businessman and had powerful connections in politics, military, and business. Accordingly, Li Mochen was very mysterious in Si Yiqi’s eyes.

They didn’t know Li Mochen’s real background. They had tried to find it out, but failed to find anything, so they gave up in the end. Anyway, it was enough for them to know that Li Mochen had no bad intentions. Everyone had secrets!

When Si Yiqi had a spar against Mu Yiyang, Si Yiqi was doomed to fail. This time, Mu Yiyang was much better than last time.

Like Si Yiqi said, as a major, Mu Yiyang trained or carried out tasks all day, so he never stopped making progress. It was very normal for him to win a lot.

Therefore, Si Yiqi didn’t feel angry. Instead, he enjoyed it when he competed with Mu Yiyang. At least, he could persist for a longer time.

If he competed with Li Mochen, he would lose in a moment.

Li Mochen stayed at the circuit with his friends till about 5 pm, then left for the appointed restaurant.

He had asked Leng Xiaoyao whether she needed him to pick her up, but she declined. In order to avoid rumors, she decided to go to the restaurant right after finishing class.

When Li Mochen arrived, it was nearly 6 pm.

Leng Xiaoyao arrived at 6:20 pm.

“Have a seat, Miss Leng.” As a gentleman, Li Mochen stood up and pulled out a chair for Leng Xiaoyao.

This was the first time that Li Mochen had pulled out a chair for a female. He was always aloof, and had never been so gentle to a female.

Normally, he kept in touch with women for work. In other situations, he would avoid women as much as possible.

He didn’t have a bias against women and his sexual orientation was normal. He simply felt women were troublesome.

Therefore, although his sexual orientation was female, he had never had a romantic relationship with any women even though he was nearly thirty years old. It was his own decision. Given his background, he couldn’t have a girlfriend, otherwise the girl and he would be harmed.

What had happened in the previous incarnation proved it.

Li Mochen’s enemies knew his weak point and threated him. In the end, Li Mochen and Leng Xiaoyao died together.

However, the situation was different in this incarnation. Leng Xiaoyao had completely changed. She could protect herself and was able to help Li Mochen too.

In this incarnation, Leng Xiaoyao didn’t know whether she would end up together with Li Mochen again, but she would do everything to stop him from falling into trouble once more.

“Thanks.” Leng Xiaoyao thanked him.

“You can order whatever you like. No need to save money for me,” Li Mochen said.

“Sure!” Leng Xiaoyao didn’t hesitate and ordered five dishes.

One dish of spicy fried crab, one of boiled Australian lobster, one of steamed fish, one of oyster scallop, one of shrimp and some crab porridge.

“That’s all? What else do you want to eat?” Li Mochen asked. He didn’t think it was too much. After all, Leng Xiaoyao was a fung ku lover, so she could eat more than most people.

“What do you want to eat?” Leng Xiaoyao asked. She had ordered enough for herself. The dishes she ordered were served in large bowls and were even enough for the two of them.

Li Mochen took over the menu and ordered three more dishes.

The waiter was amazed by their order. There were only two of them, but they ordered enough food for five people. Did they have a big appetite, or were they so rich they could just waste money?

Either way, they were customers, as long as they paid the bill, it wasn’t important how much they ordered.

After ordering, the waiter walked out. Li Mochen said, “One of my friends is a member of the Mu family. Lu Changwei belongs to the faction led by the Mu family. He saw the video of you rescuing people, so he wants to meet you, but I didn’t give him your phone number, so he’ll try to find you. I’m just telling you this because I don’t want you to think that I gave him your phone number. I didn’t do that, but I can’t stop him from searching for you either. Anyway, I believe you can avoid it if you want to.”

“I know. Thanks for your kind reminder.” Leng Xiaoyao thanked him. Since the man was Li Mochen’s friend and a member of the Mu family, there was no reason for her to avoid him.

If she could form a relationship with him, she could get closer to Li Mochen and expand her connections.

Wherever she built her business, she would need connections if she wanted to be successful.

Even in the previous incarnation, she was a member of the powerful Leng family, but she still managed to form a relationship with a lot of skilled people.

Only when they had a close good relationship would they treat her sincerely. If she only had status without connections, people might not really help her.

Leng Xiaoyao was good at socializing, but she somehow didn’t know what to say in front of Li Mochen right now.

Li Mochen wasn’t talkative, so he had no idea what to say either. As a result, both of them were silent.

However, even though both of them were silent, neither of them felt embarrassed. It wasn’t easy for them to be embarrassed and Li Mochen wasn’t a stranger to Leng Xiaoyao.

Anyway, they couldn’t remain silent all the time, so Leng Xiaoyao tried to start a topic.

“Mr. Li, do you know how Lu Changwei is doing now?” Leng Xiaoyao asked.

“He’s awake now and in a good condition,” Li Mochen said.

“Great!” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Miss Leng, may I know why you invested so much money in stocks? Aren’t you afraid you’ll lose a fortune? Given the current situation, it’ll be a great loss if the stocks go down,” Li Mochen asked. It depended on one’s luck to make money in the stock market. Abilities weren’t enough.

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