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3059 Leng Xiaoyao Is Very Interesting

“Well, if I lose, I’ll accept the result. After all, it’s risky to make a fortune, but if I win, I’ll make a large amount of money. I think I can make money even if I lose once. I have confidence in myself,” Leng Xiaoyao said optimistically.

Even if she made a lot of money with these stocks in the previous incarnation, she didn’t know whether she could do it again in this incarnation. After she was reincarnated, her actions caused a butterfly effect. Many things had changed in her life, so she wasn’t sure whether the future would stay the same. Anyway, nothing good came without risk.

All in all, it was more likely to win than lose.

“Miss Leng, I do appreciate your courage. And I believe in your ability to make money,” Li Mochen said. Leng Xiaoyao had really impressed him.

“You don’t need to call me Miss Leng. It sounds strange. After all, I’m only eighteen years old. I don’t want to be called Miss Leng. Why don’t you just call me Xiaoyao? And I can call you Brother Mochen. What do you think?” Leng Xiaoyao said. It seemed as if she disliked the way he called her, but she actually wanted to form a closer relationship with him.

No matter what purpose Leng Xiaoyao had, Li Mochen felt it was indeed inappropriate to call a teenage girl Miss Leng, so he agreed. “No problem.”

However, if he needed to call her Xiaoyao, it might take some time.

After the dishes were served, they started eating and talked less.

“Let me drive you home,” Li Mochen said when they finished.

“Great, thank you, Brother Mochen,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

When they walked out, a drama happened.

Because Li Mochen was tall and extraordinarily handsome, he attracted a lot of attention wherever he went.

Leng Xiaoyao had delicate features, but there were freckles all over her face, so she looked unattractive.

Therefore, when they stood together, it didn’t really look harmonious. As a result, it aroused discussions.

“That man is so handsome!”

“Right! But the girl next to him is so ugly. They can’t be a couple.”

“Of course they can’t be a couple. The girl is so ugly that the man can’t like her.”

“What if the girl is his younger sister?”

“No way! If they’re related by blood, there shouldn’t be such a huge gap between their appearances.”

“Anyway, there must be a relationship between them, otherwise they wouldn’t eat together.”


“How could this girl be so lucky to dine with such a handsome man?”


Hearing their discussion, Leng Xiaoyao was displeased and directly walked to them. “Can’t you be quiet for a while when there is so much delicious food? Do you think you’re pretty? If you are, remove your make-up. You’re not only ugly outside, but also on the inside. How could you judge other people publicly? Do you think you’re superior to the others?”

Those girls were embarrassed when Leng Xiaoyao criticized them and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Leng Xiaoyao didn’t continue, then turned around and walked away.

In fact, Li Mochen was also angry and felt they didn’t have manners. Therefore, when they walked away, he gave them a cold glance, which scared them.

After they were out, Li Mochen comforted Li Mochen. “No need to take their words seriously. What can you expect from a hog but a grunt?”

Li Mochen understood that women disliked it when people said they were ugly, and those girls were very harsh just then. He bet Leng Xiaoyao must be hurt!

He wasn’t good at comforting people, but Leng Xiaoyao was judged because of him, so he ought to do something.

“Hha.” Hearing Li Mochen’s words, Leng Xiaoyao laughed. “You look aloof. I’m surprised that you know how to comfort people. Don’t worry. I’m not that weak. And it’s not the first time that people say I’m ugly. I’m already used to it. It’s just annoying, so I argue against them sometimes.”

Seeing that Leng Xiaoyao indeed looked fine, Li Mochen was relieved, but he felt a bit sorry for her when she said she was already used to it when people said she was ugly. However, he said nothing.

Leng Xiaoyao continued. “To be honest with you, I’m not ugly at all. I think I’m pretty. Although there are freckles on my face, they can be removed. Even if they can’t be removed, I can cover them with make-up.”

Li Mochen agreed with Leng Xiaoyao on that, because he could see that she had delicate features. Even with the freckles, she still wasn’t ugly. She simply wasn’t beautiful.

However, he didn’t care about one’s appearance, because it had nothing to do with him. He valued a person’s abilities much more.

“When I went to a casino last time, I put on make-up to make myself look mature. A lot of men could barely keep their eyes off me!”

“You went to a casino? You can gamble?” Li Mochen asked.

“Yes, and I’m quite good at it. I won twenty million yuan last time. The manager of the casino even asked to see me. You should know casinos aren’t legal. If you win too much, you might not be allowed to leave, but my third uncle has a good relationship with the manager, so they let me go. He only asked me not to go to their place very often and not to win too much money. He’s afraid I’ll make them go bankrupt,” Leng Xiaoyao said jokingly.

Hearing that, Li Mochen subconsciously smiled, because Leng Xiaoyao amused him.

Coincidentally, Leng Xiaoyao turned to look at him and was stunned by his slight smile.

Li Mochen was extremely handsome, especially when he smiled. At least, Leng Xiaoyao was attracted to him.

She had known Li Mochen for two years, but she didn’t see Li Mochen very often. She rarely saw his smile, and this was honestly the first time!

Li Mochen noticed Leng Xiaoyao’s reaction, so he immediately stopped smiling. Leng Xiaoyao came back to her senses, but didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, she directly said, “Brother Mochen, you’re extremely charming when you smile. Why don’t you smile often? You look cold all day. Aren’t you afraid that your muscles will be stiff?”

Hearing that, Li Mochen frowned. He seemed displeased, but actually felt Leng Xiaoyao’s words were interesting.

“Well, I’m just afraid more women will be distracted by me if I smile often,” Li Mochen said, sounding serious.

“You’re right. In order to not distract them, you shouldn’t smile often.” Leng Xiaoyao agreed, because it was the truth.

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