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Chapter 569 – Entering the Mountain

Actually Ye Zichen had wanted to ask the question already. They had stayed there for quite a while already, but nobody mentioned anything about opening the gate. However, since he didn’t understand, he merely stay quiet.

“How are we supposed to open it when we don’t have all the keys?” Jail King twitched his mouth. “When all twelve keys appear in front of the gate, it’ll let out a red light, then the gate will open automatically.

“I see,” the female Yao Emperor nodded, not feeling ashamed for her ignorance at all. Normally speaking, people of their level cared a lot about their face, but her reaction merely showed that the Yao Emperors had a decent personality.

“I wonder who’s so slow,” Bian Tianrui muttered.

At that moment, a white-robed man walked out of the woods with a spiritual monkey on his shoulders. “Everyone’s here, so are you all waiting for me?”

“Bai Hai!” Two voices called out.

Ye Zichen and Bian Tianrui looked towards each other, and revealed mocking smiles.

Bian Tianrui immediately spoke up, “Brother Bai, we descended together, so we should get closer with each other.”

“But I’m not the same kind of person as you,” Bai Hai smiled, then walked in front of Ye Zichen and raised his eyebrows. “Brother Liangchen.”

“Liangchen!?” Bian Tianrui mocked. “Bai Hai, you don’t even know his real name right? He’s not called Liangchen. He’s called Ye Zichen!”

“Hmm?” The three Yao Emperors all looked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen!

They clearly remember what the sire told them. Either kill him or befriend him.

“Big bro, don’t act recklessly. We have no qualms with each other right now. At the very least, we got off to a good start. Sire said that we can befriend him, so let’s not do anything to him unless we absolutely have to,” the female yao emperor pulled on the muscular man’s arm and shook her head.

The man nodded, but maintained his gaze on Ye Zichen.

“Brother Zichen, so I did make you rather wary that day,” Bai Hai smiled, and completely disregarded what Bian Tianrui said. “But it looks like I’m not the last one. Someone’s later than me.”

“Let go of me. Ma Teng, why are you always around. I already came here, and you still captured me!” An angry roar sounded from the woods.

Soon, everyone saw that Ma Teng walked out of the woods with a captured Qiu Yuan in his hands, and obviously, what was binding Qiu Yuan was an Immortal Binding Rope.


At that moment, the keys in everybody’s hands suddenly released a blinding red light.

The lights shot towards the gate, and the twelve holes which corresponded to the twelve keys began to turn as well…


As the dust from the mountain finally settled down, the gate slowly opened.

“The gate’s open, let’s go in!”

The moment the gate opened, a group of people suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and furiously rushed towards the gate.


Yet, before they could reach the entrance, they were rebounded backwards.

“Keys, get the keys!” Someone shouted.

The people who were rebounded backwards immediately rushed towards Ye Zichen and the other key possessors.

“You’re seeking death!” Iron Bull opened his eyes wide and swung his fists, sending the people around him into the nearby trees.

Yang Jian and co. also did the same, and opened a path for Ye Zichen and the younger ones to reach the cave.


Jail King, who was about to enter with Lil’ White, was suddenly rebounded. However, Lil’ White disappeared into the entrance.

“It’s true, only those of the Human immortal level and below can enter,” Jail King frowned.

At that moment, the three Yao Emperors also walked over, and said to Ye Zichen as they sent the people trying to snatch up the keys flying, “Now do you believe us?”

“Alright. I’ll sell a key to you,” Ye Zichen handed a key over to the Yao Emperors. The Yao Emperors immediately handed the key over to their three juniors, and told them to enter together.

“Brother Ye, let’s enter quickly. It’ll only become more disadvantageous for us the later we enter!” Ruan Qingtian said.

Ye Zichen nodded, then shouted towards Zuo Mo and co., “Come to my side!”

As Zuo Mo and co. raced over, Ye Zichen looked towards the three Yao Emperors, “Let’s discuss the deal when we return.”

“No problem, we’ll wait for you to come out here,” the female yao emperor smiled.

Ye Zichen held up his keys, causing a barrier of light to appear and surround them, before they disappeared from the entrance.

“Young Master, you go in,” Iron Bull grabbed Bian Tianrui by his foot a tossed him towards the cave.

Bian Tianrui held a key tightly in his hand.

At that very moment, Mu Chengtian coincidentally walked out of the woods under the support of his lackey.

“Why are they still fighting…”


Before Mu Chengtian could finish his sentence, Bian Tianrui smashed into his stomach. A barrier of light instantly appeared around the three, causing them to disappear together.


The two extra keys fell down from the sky…

“Get them!”

The surrounding people all leaped towards the two keys.

Bai Hai shook his head with a smile as he disappeared into the cave, “What a group of pitiful people.”

At that moment, Earth Traveler Sun also shouted towards Ma Teng, “Hurry up and get in!”

“You hurry up and get in. Let me go!” Qiu Yuan kicked his legs.

Ma Teng snorted, “Brat, don’t think about running away. I still have to exchange you for money at the city lord’s manor when we come out.”


What they didn’t notice was that the moment the two of them entered, several other young men also entered with them.

As key holders entered Mount Supreme continuously, the two extra keys were still being fought over.


A ghost-like figure suddenly appeared in the crowd, and snatched one of the keys, before disappearing into the cave.

As for the final key…

“What happened? Why can’t I move?”

Someone shouted angrily in the crowd.

At that very moment, a black-robed man appeared in front of the person momentarily holding the final key.

Just as the person was in completely shock was what was going on, the black-robed man yanked the key out of his hands, “Thanks.”

Then, when the black-robed man finally entered the cave, the surrounding people regained their freedom.

“My key! My key!”

The elder, whose key was snatched by the black-robed man, cried out. He had already been stuck at the complete stage of the Human Immortal level for too long, the end of his life was nigh. He had wanted to try his luck with Mount Supreme, but since his key was snatched away, he had already lost his chance.

“The candidates, and the Chosen One has already entered. Please leave!” An ancient voice sounded out in from the sky.

Soon after, a soft wind blew against the people around Mount Supreme. When they realized what was going on, they had already appeared outside of where the seals were.

“The person who left Mount Supreme behind was truly an expert. He actually managed to throw us out without us realizing it,” the three Yao Emperors couldn’t help but shake their heads and exclaim.

Yang Jian and co. also couldn’t help but nod.

Meanwhile, the others who did not manage to get in either cried out in depression, or began to rage at the world…

Wei Chen shook his head, “Let’s go back. It’s all up to their luck now!”

Yet, at that very moment…


A beautiful figure appeared in front of them like a comet. Her eyes fluttered as worry and anger filled her eyes. “Where is Ye Zichen!?”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Jail King: …

Ruan Qingtian: …

Iron Bull: …

Bian Tianrui: …

Erlang Shen: …

Zhuge Hong: …

Jail King: Uhm… You do realize that we don’t have all the keys here, right?

Female Yao Emperor: Huh? Oh. Okay. Where are the rest of the keys?

Jail King: They’re obviously in the hands of other people.

Female Yao Emperor: And where are they?

Jail King: How would we know? Do you think that all of us would be standing here like idiots if we have all the keys or know where the rest of the keys are?

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