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Chapter 570 – The Enraged Su Liu’er

“Ye Zichen!” The beautiful figure roared angrily like a madman, while she released her spiritual pressure around her continuously, causing all of those at the Human Immortal level or below to cough up a mouthful of blood.

“Who are you!?” Yang Jian stepped forward with a frown.

The woman in front of him was too terrifyingly strong. Even he felt an intense sense of danger.

The other people all looked towards the lady.

The lady squinted her eyes, and looked towards Yang Jian, “That’s none of your business. Now, where is Ye Zichen?”

“Master of the Fox Yaos,” the dragon elder took a step forward and raised his eyebrows. “I wonder what business do you have with little friend Ye?”

“Dragon, you seem to know where Ye Zichen is. Tell me, or else I will commence the slaughter!” The lady frowned at the dragon elder’s question.


Iron Bull twitched his mouth, “This girlie is rather bold. Slaughter? Who do you think you can handle here?”

“You’re too loud!” The woman sent a ray of cold air towards Iron Bull.

Within mere moments, Iron Bull, who Yang Jian and co. had trouble defeating as a group, was frozen into an ice sculpture.

The surrounding people couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows.

They could sense that the woman’s cold aura had nearly reached the level of an Immortal King.



Bone-chilling cold air filled the surroundings. Although it was not targeting anyone, everyone couldn’t help but muster up spiritual energy to defend against it.

“Liu’er-jie,” a charming voice called out from the air, and an armored man with a staff stood next to her.

“Yuan Hong,” Yang Jian revealed a surprised expression.

The man also raised his eyebrows, “Big Brother Yang Jian.”

“I have no time for your chitchat. Tell me… Where is Ye Zichen!?”


Su Liu’er’s face was covered in a cold expression as a thunderous noise sounded out in the air.


“I’ll ask one final time. Where. Is. Ye. Zichen!” Su Liu’er stared intently in front of her, while her dark pupils were slowly turning into a crystallized blue.

Yuan Hong couldn’t help but gulp when he saw this. Then, he turned towards Yang Jian, “Big Brother Yang Jian, where exactly is Little Brother Ye? Hurry up and say it. If Liu’er gets angry, no one in the entire Beast Region dares to try and calm her down!”

“He already entered Mount Supreme,” Yang Jian shrugged. “You guys were just a tad bit too late. If you were ten minutes earlier, he’d still be here.”

“Damn it!”


Su Liu’er stomped, causing a huge crack to appear on the ground.

Yuan Hong nudged Su Zhu on her shoulders and gave her a cue. Su Zhu nodded, and just when she wanted to approach her older sister…

“Move!” Su Liu’er roared angrily. Everyone in the surroundings subconsciously made way for her.

“Break!” Su Liu’er punched onto the seal. The powerful rebound effect caused her to cough up a mouthful of blood. Yet, she completely disregarded her injuries and rained punches onto the seal like a madman.

“Say, even if you continue like this until next year, you might not be able to open it,” Yang Jian couldn’t help but speak up. “This is a seal left by a supreme, you…”


“Shut up!” Su Liu’er wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth, then charged towards the seal once again.


This time, the rebound seemed even more powerful, causing Su Liu’er to stagger a bit before climbing back up.

“Sis, don’t you,” Su Zhu hugged her from behind.

However, Su Liu’er clenched her teeth, while blood dripped from the corner of her mouth to the ground, “I have to destroy this seal. I have to capture Ye Zichen.”

“But, we can’t break this seal!” Su Zhu smiled wryly.

“We have to break it even if we can’t. Or else, what’s are we going to do about lil’ sis!” Su Liu’er stared at the seal, then snorted. “I’m definitely going to shatter this seal!”


After Ye Zichen entered the cave, he was directly teleported into a hall within what seemed to be a palace.

“It seems like everyone lands in different places,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then looked around.

From what he could see, the people who he entered with were not around. He was the only person within the palace hall, and it was so quiet that when he walked around, he was able to hear the echo of his own footsteps.

“Welcome to this old man’s kingdom of games,” an ancient voice sounded out throughout the palace. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. This is should be the who left Mount Supreme behind, but just what exactly does kingdom of games mean? “There are twenty-three participants each time. It’s slightly different to what this old man had envisioned, but is more interesting this way with odd numbers. Starting from right now, you have three days to form your teams. The method of that is very simple.  Each one of you should have a jade pendant in front of where you are.”

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw that there was indeed a white jade pendant glowing not so far away.

Ye Zichen picked up the jade pendant. It was slightly cold, and the moment he touched it, he instantly felt like he was a lot calmer.

“So it actually has the effect of clearing the mind!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “But so many people entered. I actually expected less than fifteen.”

“This pendant shall be the item for you to form your teams. Find your teammates and exchange it. The person who has not found a teammate after three days will fail, and be killed! Okay now, I wish you all a good time. I will tell you the next step after three days.”


What’s Mount Supreme trying to do!?

“The Niflheim Dragon loved all sorts of games before becoming a god. He even treated the Heaven’s Will and fate itself as games. It isn’t surprising for him to be able to do this,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang came out of the sword with a smile. “I just didn’t expect the rules of his game to be so extreme. The losers will actually be killed.”

“What’s he trying to do? Is he treating us like puppets?” Ye Zichen frowned. “He’s not treating our lives seriously at all.”

“At this level, he is already treating lives of other people like that of ants. He doesn’t care if a few people die in front of him. What’s more, cultivation is going against fate itself. The lives of every single successful person are piled with bones. If you die while testing your luck here… Then it can only mean that you weren’t lucky enough,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled in response. It was clear that she didn’t feel like anything was wrong with the game.

“I still feel like it isn’t right.”

“Youngster,” Just as Ye Zichen held the white jade pendant in dissatisfaction, the voice transmission of an ancient voice sounded out in his mind. It was the person who gave the gaming instructions earlier.

“What happened?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang noticed the change in Ye Zichen’s expression.

Ye Zichen shook his head to signal her to be quiet, then replied in his mind, “You’re talking to me?”

“You’re very lucky to actually gain the map of this game, but you’re not the Chosen One. It really is a shame. In order to compensate you, you can choose right now. There are thirty of the best treasures in the God Realm in front of you.”


An altar covered in divine items suddenly appeared in front of Ye Zichen.

“Choose one and quit, or participate in the game to try and gain the final treasure. Of course, if you choose the latter, then you will face the danger of death like all the other contestants. Now… What is your decision?”

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Ye Zichen, Xia Keke, Third Fatty Jin and co. finally entered Mount Supreme! However, it was nothing at all like what they had expected.

Instead of being faced with trials and monstrous beasts, they are faced with… a game!?

What is this?

Why did Mount Supreme turn into what looked to be a game with multiple stages!?

How can the Niflheim Dragon love games so much that what he left behind was a game as well?

Despite how great it sounds, the losers of the games still have to be… met with death.

Just how will Ye Zichen react to all this? Just how will he cope and get through the multiple stages?

Find out in the next chapter of Red Packet Server!

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