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Chapter 558 – Undefeatable

Third Fatty Jin was rather confused.

What’s going on? Are they going to fight because I got the key? This doesn’t look like it’s going to just be a small skirmish.

However, what caught more of his attention was Ye Zichen’s side!

Heavenly Court, Beast Region… If I count myself in, that’s all three factions.

All three factions do not get along, yet Ye Zichen actually managed to get on good terms with all of them, and have them not fight amongst themselves.


“I thank Brother Ye for your worries. I am keeping the key rather safely,” Bian Tianrui smiled, then snapped his fingers.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, “Go!”

“Damn, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s finally happening,” Jail King charged at the very front, and nimbly moved through the enemies.

All those below the Sky Immortal level got beaten down wherever he passed through.

“Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals. Do you not feel ashamed of yourself by lowering your status to attack Human Immortal level youngsters?” An elder walked over with a gloomy expression.

Jail King glanced over, and hooked his fingers at the elder, “Come and die!”

As the fight broke out, rays of spiritual energy fluctuation continuously tore at the surrounding space. Since they were in a sub-dimension, the surrounding space began to get shredded apart by the residues of the large-scale battle.

From first glance, Ye Zichen’s side seemed to have the advantage.

Although Bian Tianrui had gotten together some people who had come for the keys, they were not as strong as those on Ye Zichen’s side.

Even though they were numerous, there was still a huge gap in strength.

“Young Master!” Iron Bull rubbed his fists. He was a warmonger, and if he didn’t get to fight in a situation like the one they were in now, he would feel extremely terrible.

“Go, be careful,” Bian Tianrui could tell that relying on his mash-up crew was impossible, but he himself had no issues with keeping himself safe.

“Oh yeah!” Iron Bull rotated his shoulders, then charged towards the crowd.

“Yang Jian,” Ye Zichen shouted with a frown.

Yang Jian glanced over at Iron Bull, who was about to enter the fray, and smirked, “Got it!”

With that, he heavily wounded the Human Immortal level expert in front of him, then slowly walked over with his lance.

As the two experts met.

Iron Bull subconsciously stopped, while Yang Jian did the same.

Both of them were able to sense a different feeling from the other despite being several tens of meters away.

“Yang Jian!” Iron Bull called sullenly.

“Yo, so you know your grandpa’s name. Since that’s the case, then shouldn’t you kneel down and beg for mercy? Otherwise, don’t cry like a baby when grandpa beats the shit out of you,” Yang Jian said playfully.

“Heh, I’ve wanted to see what the number one war god of the Heavenly Court is capable of since ages ago. Bring it!” Iron Bull put on a anticipating stance.

Yang Jian glanced at him, and the light in his hands shimmered, “Since you’re so desperately wanting to get killed, then… I’ll grant you your wish!”

With that, Yang Jian dragged the lance along the floor and charged forward. A crack appeared on the ground that the lance traced over… “Die!”

Even though both sides sent out their strongest warrior, neither Ye Zichen nor Bian Tianrui looked over. Instead, both of them stared straight at one another.

“Brother Ye, are you not worried?” Bian Tianrui said.

“Since you’re not worried, then why should I be?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Suddenly, Yang Jian, who was fighting Iron Bull in the sky, coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell downwards.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen’s expression drastically changed.

“It seems like your guy is worse than mine,” Bian Tianrui smiled.

Right before hitting the ground, Yang Jian slapped the ground, and managed to land stably.

“Ugh,” Yang Jian spat out a bit of blood, then wiped the stains away from the corner of his mouth. “I underestimated you.”

“Zhuge Hong, go and help Yang Jian!” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes said angrily.

Zhuge Hong, who was fighting the group of Human Immortal level experts looked over, then squinted her eyes. She sent a ball of fire to engulf the experts in front of her and hurried over.

However, Zhuge Hong’s actions caused an opening in Ye Zichen’s formation.


Ye Zichen gave Bian Tianrui the evil eye, then charged towards the Human Immortal experts without any hesitation.

“Brother Ye, I won’t make a move if you don’t. Wasn’t it nice for us to just stay still for a while?”

The moment Ye Zichen moved, Bian Tianrui also caught up like his shadow.

“Scram,” Ye Zichen swung his fist, but Bian Tianrui caught it with a playful smile.

“Are you very worried right now? Sorry, you aren’t leaving.”

He flung Ye Zichen back to where he was, then stood in front of him with a soft smile.

At that moment, the Human Immortal level experts had already begun to fight Zhuge Kongming and co…


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly.

Although Bian Tianrui seemed to be of a similar strength to Ye Zichen, for Ye Zichen, his spiritual energy felt extremely strange. It was as if his spiritual energy naturally countered Ye Zichen’s own.

What’s more, the young man had very strange movements, and he was just like a shadow that Ye Zichen couldn’t get rid of.

I have to find a chance to get over there. Or perhaps, if I can get some help right now…

“Wei Chen, I didn’t expect you to be the White Tiger’s Body Double,” Xia Keke smiled casually at the teleportation point within Mount Biluo, while several dragon elders followed behind her.

“Yeah!” Wei Chen smiled.

“Ai, do you know what Mount Supreme is for? My tribesmen forced me to come, but refused to tell me anything,” Xia Keke pouted.

“Mount Supreme is where someone can become a supreme,” Wei Chen replied with a smile. “But whether a person can get the inheritance will be all up to fate. We didn’t get any message about being the Chosen One, so it probably isn’t any of us.

“Then what did I come here for?” Xia Keke frowned in annoyance, then said to the dragon clan elder beside her. “I don’t want to go to whatever Mount Supreme. Send me to Maple City, I want to go and find Zichen-gege!”

“Young Lady, don’t throw a tantrum. Since we’ve already come here, then let’s continue the journey,” said an elder.

Wei Chen’s expression shifted for a moment, “Boss Ye is in Maple City?”

“Yeah, he said that he would come and play with me at the Dragon Clan when he has time, but he still hasn’t come. Susu didn’t reply any of my messages either. When I went to look for her, her older sister didn’t let me enter. I’m so bored!” Xia Keke swung her fists angrily.

However, at that very moment, all of them heard the clash of spiritual energy.

“A fight is up ahead. Did Mount Supreme… appear?”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Well, it has finally come to it, the fight between our two sides is about to begin.

No matter what, I won’t lose to these peasants in this god forsaken land. Ugh, I wouldn’t even have descended down here if not for Mount Supreme. No matte what, I will get more of those keys, which are crucial to entering the mountain.

The people I’ve gathered should be ready as well. Although they are nowhere as organized or cohesive as the  other side, they should be able to hand them. After all, even though quality matters, overwhelming numbers can still solve the trick.

Now… Now, barbarians of this lower realm. Show me what you’re capable of!

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