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Chapter 557 – Triggered

Third Fatty Jin had left behind a note saying he returned to the Immortal Region due to orders. I didn’t expect to meet him again here at Mount Biluo. I guess he came for Mount Supreme as well.

“C’mon, chase me. If you manage to catch me, then I’ll let you… Hehehe!”

Third Fatty Jin would stop shamelessly every few steps and mock the pursuers behind him. The two men could only clench their teeth and try their hardest to catch up.

“Junior Brother, enough is enough. Haven’t you messed around enough?”

A man appeared in the sky with a longsword in his hands. The man had completely white hair, but looked to be only twenty-something years old.

“It’s not my fault. What can I do when they are chasing after me with everything they’ve got?” Third Fatty Jin shrugged, then raised his eyebrows at the two eye-patched pursuers. “Stop chasing me!”

“Grandson, don’t let us catch up,” the eye-patched men continued to chase him relentlessly.

The man holding the sword in mid-air couldn’t help but speak up when he saw that, “Then keep playing with them, but I’m going to remove the technique from their legs.”

He pointed towards the two men.

Seeing that, Third Fatty Jin shouted out, “Don’t!”

However, he was too late. The man holding the sword had already dispelled the technique form the two men, causing them to instantly feel like their legs became a lot lighter. At the same time, the smiles on their face also brightened.

“Fatty, come and die.”

“Oh mama mia,” The reason he was able to mess with the two was because of his Senior Brother’s technique, now that it was dispelled, he immediately became nervous.

As his fat body moved forward, he passed by Ye Zichen. At that very moment, Ye Zichen patted him on the shoulders, and stopped him, before stomping on the ground.


Cracks surfaced on the flat earth. The two eye-patched men also subconsciously stopped and looked vigilantly in front of them without daring to make any reckless actions.

“Boss Ye,” a hint of joy surfaced on Third Fatty Jin’s face when he saw Ye Zichen.

It looks like the two eyes who have been chasing me are very wary of Ye Zichen. Under this sort of situation, Third Fatty Jin felt like he really was wasting the opportunity if he doesn’t act cocky.

“C’mon, chase me, aren’t you guys amazing and determined? Look, the key is in my hand, come…” Third Fatty Jin took out a key. When he saw the blinding light from it..

Oh my f*cking god, just how many keys are nearby?

“Don’t you feel wrong for doing this? You snatched the key from us, and now you’re mocking us now. That is extremely unsightly,” the man with an eye-patch on his right eye said sullenly.

Third Fatty Jin quickly put his key away, then looked around vigilantly before snorting, “The keys to Mount Supreme go to the capable. Since you guys managed to get your key snatched by me, all it means is that you guys aren’t strong enough. Even if I didn’t snatch it from you, someone else would still do the same here. Since that’s the case, I rather benefit myself rather than someone else.”

“Just leave,” Ye Zichen said. “It is great fortune for an Earth Immortal to be able to find the key, but this is not a place for you guys to be. You might get killed.”

“You guys are too much!” the man with an eye-patch on his left eye roared. Then, a sword appeared in his hand as he started to muster up the celestial spiritual energy in his surroundings.

The man with the eye-patch on his right eye also did so. Moreover, for some strange reason, the spiritual energy of the two begun to synchronize.


“Heh, break!” Ye Zichen lifted his hand. A faint light appeared forth from his palm and broke the blade of light the two brothers swung.

Then, he stepped forward with his left foot, and swung his right fist.

A tremendous amount of spiritual energy surrounded his fist.

Seeing that, the two eye-patched men immediately raised their swords to block it off….


Blood flowed down the corner of their mouths.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also scolded them, “Scram.”

Third Fatty Jin was completely dumbfounded. He never expected Ye Zichen to have grown so much in a few months.

I was already an Earth Immortal in the Modern Realm, and Ye Zichen was merely at the False Spiritual Body level.

Now, I just entered the Sky Immortal level, but it seems like Ye Zichen at the very least has the strength of a late-stage Sky Immortal.

Should I say, as to be expected of the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation?

“Friend, your actions are not so good, are they?” Just as the two eye-patched men fell onto the ground, a young man flew out of the manor opposite the Snow Rabbit Clan’s village.

It was the young man who wanted to take over the Snow Rabbit Clan’s village initially.

“Long time no see,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes with a smile. There was nothing wrong with what Ye Zichen said at all. After all, it had already been an entire week since the last time they had met.

“It hasn’t been so long. Maybe you haven’t been paying much attention to me, but I have to you,” the young man smiled, then cupped his hands. “I don’t seem to recall us having exchanged our names yet. Bian Tianrui!”

“Ye Zichen!” Ye Zichen replied with a faint smile.

“Brother Ye,” Bian Tianrui nodded, then walked beside the two men and held them up with a smile. “Brother Ye’s friend took the key of these two friends, that’s not quite right. I wonder if Brother Ye can…”

“No!” Ye Zichen interrupted with a meaningful smile. “Don’t being the peacemaker here. Everyone who comes here knows that holding the key now doesn’t mean that they’ll be holding the key when Mount Supreme appears. It’s way too normal for one to take someone else’s key or get their own snatched away. The reason you haven’t done anything yet is because you aren’t confident that you’ll succeed!”

“Brother Ye sure is confident,” said Bian Tianrui.

“I’m merely speaking the truth,” Ye Zichen smiled. “I’m sure the people on your side must be feeling sad that the people holding the keys actually all know me. My team is increasing in number day by day, and what can you do about it even if you keep on taking in those without any keys?”

“Brother Ye’s words are…” Bian Tianrui smiled, then nodded. “That’s right. Currently, we have already became the two different sides that are going to enter Mount Supreme. But Brother Ye is too confident, in fact you’re so confident that I have to test you to see where your confidence comes from.”

Clap. Clap.

Bian Tianrui clapped his hands, then a group of people flew out of the manor and stood behind him as they stared intently in front of them.

At the same time, the experts staying in the Snow Rabbit Clan also flew over, and stared back coldly.

The atmosphere became unusually tense…

“It seems like it can’t be avoided!” Bian Rianrui smiled.

“More bullshit is useless. We have the keys. If you want them… Then come and get it, but be careful. Don’t let your two keys fall into our hands!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Third Fatty Jin: Boss Ye!?

Ye Zichen: What are you doing here?

Third Fatty Jin: I should be asking you that!

Ye Zichen: Just.. answer the question first.

Eye-patch Guy 1: Stop right there you fat ass.

Third Fatty Jin: Hey!

Ye Zichen: What the heck did you do to them?

Third Fatty Jin: Uhm… Nothing?

Ye Zichen: Hmm?

Eye-patch Guy 2: Fat ass, stop lying, you stole our key!

Ye Zichen: Key? You don’t mean…

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