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Chapter 385 – Meng Po! Meng Xiang!

Go to the Underworld?

That seems to be what King Chujiang means by sending this message.

Ye Zichen licked his bitter lips, then hesitated as he looked at the message.

“Are you sure that I can go now?”

“Master, if you are going to come over, then hurry. We don’t know when King Ksitigarbha is going back into closed cultivation. When that happens, you might have to wait for a long time again.”

King Chujiang replied.

Ye Zichen glanced at Liu Qing, then thought about it for a moment.

“Then open the gates for me!”

Ye Zichen’s heart begun to skip. We’re going to the Underworld in a moment…

Nobody would believe a mere mortal like me actually having gone to the Underworld. Of course… It’s not like I dare to tell others either.

“Wait a moment.”

Approximately three minutes later, a spatial crack appeared in Ye Zichen’s bedroom. At the same time, King Chujiang’s message also appeared on his phone.

“Master, just directly enter.”

“No one’s coming over for reception?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. I need to always be careful, after all, what if King Chujiang is trying to screw me over?

“Master, we, the Yama Kings, are unable to casually go in and out of the Modern Realm. All of the ghost servants are capturing ghosts outside, so we really can’t assign anyone to receive you!”

King Chujiang revealed a helpless expression.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

“Fine, then I’ll go by myself.”

He patted Liu Qing on her head, then placed his phone back into his pocket, “Let’s go to the Underworld to revive you.”


The scene before their eyes changed as they walked through the crack.

The very moment Ye Zichen walked through the spatial crack, he found himself on top of an ancient bridge. In front of him was a stele with “Helplessness” written on it!

“Another new person came… If it’s going to continue to be so busy, then I’m going to resign,” a woman in yellow clothes muttered as she stood on the bridge. When she saw that neither Ye Zichen nor Liu Qing moved, she raised her eyebrows. “What are you guys spacing out for? Come over here!”

“Oh, okay!” Ye Zichen gulped, then walked over. When he got closer, he asked with a look of confusion on his face, “You’re Meng Po, right?”

“You know me?”

The girl’s appearance had nothing to do with “Po1”, she merely looked to be around Liu Qing’s age.

“Never mind, all dead people should know me. I’m Meng Po. Drink these two bowls of soup, then continue walking inside! But why didn’t any ghost servants come with you?” Meng Po questioned.

Ye Zichen immediately chuckled, “We didn’t come to move onto our next life. I’m actually alive, while this girl is a ghost. I brought her here to revive her.”

Meng Po blinked, then tilted her head and snickered.

“You really are funny kiddie. How could a mortal come to the Underworld? And you said that you’re going to revive a ghost? Do you know what sort of ghost that’s beside you? A virgin ghost girl. If she gets revived, then she’ll be an immortal…”


“Mhmm, since nobody’s coming right now, then I’ll chat a bit with you,” Meng Po pulled over a stool and sat on it and crossed her legs. “The amount of treasures that is needed to revive a ghost is tremendous, it is even possible to forcefully turn someone into an immortal using it. The girlie beside you is a virgin, so she can absorb most of the treasures, meaning that she’ll be at least a Human Immortal, and a Sky Immortal at the very best… But, kid, I’m not trying to criticize you, but the items used for reviving people are treasures that even those of the Heavenly Court finds valuable. Say, you are just a mortal, and you actually want to revive her? Are you kidding with big sis?”

Ye Zichen looked at her in shock.

Meng Po thought that she was right, so she raised her eyebrows and smiled, “You have nothing more to say, right? Here, Meng Po’s soul. A bowl for each one of you. Hurry up and drink it!”

“I really came to revive her, King Chujiang told me to come,” Ye Zichen put on a look of helplessness.

Meng Po raised her eyebrows with a smile, “You even know King Chujiang, it seems like you did your homework in the Modern Realm!”

“Everything I said was true!” Ye Zichen sighed helplessly. “If you don’t believe me, then go and ask King Chujiang. After all, don’t you guys have the staff chat?”

Meng Po’s face drastically changed.

The staff chat was an internal thing for the Underworld. Even ghosts who have died a very long time ago would not know of it if they do not become ghost servants.

This person actually knows of the staff chat.

This time, Meng Po started to question herself. She glanced over at Ye Zichen, then took out her phone and mentioned King Chujiang.

Meng Po: @King Chujiang, I have a person here that’s claiming to be a mortal that have come to revive a virgin ghost girl.

Ox-Head: You’re kidding, right?

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Judge Cui: …

Everyone in the group continuously retorted, even causing Meng Po herself to feel like she acted like an idiot. How could a mortal revive a ghost?

King Chujiang: Hurry up and send that master over. Do not display any signs of arrogance. We will be waiting for you in the Reincarnation Pool of the Sixth Hall.


Everyone in the group were stunned.

Ox-Head: Master truly came?

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Judge Cui: …

Hua Tuo: This…

Meng Po looked up at Ye Zichen, who was standing in front of her with a dumb look on his face.


She quickly stood up from her chair, then giggled after putting her phone back into her pocket.

“Master, I have caused much offense just now. Please forgive me!”

“Now you believe my words, right?” Ye Zichen sighed helplessly.

Meng Po immediately nodded, “Yes, yes, I’ll take you over to the Reincarnation Pool in the Sixth Hall right now…”

“Then your…” Ye Zichen pointed at her station.

Meng Po giggled, then shouted towards a nearby tent, “Hey, come out and watch over this place for me. I’ll do half an hour of your shift!”


Not long later, a middle-aged looking woman with the exact same outfit as the Meng Po in front of Ye Zichen walked out of the tent.

“… So Meng Po is not a unique job in the Underworld!”

“Yeah, only people of the ghost marshal level and above are unique. Everyone else are just staff,” the young Meng Po giggled.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “What are you called?”

“I… Meng Xiang! Uncle King Chujiang gave it to me!” Meng Xiang scratched her head with a giggle. “You are definitely wondering why I’m so young even though I’m Meng Po, right? Actually, I’m only seventeen!”

“So young!”

“Hehe, I was seventeen when I died, so I am forever seventeen. But that’s what the Yama King Uncles told me!” Meng Xiang giggled.

Ye Zichen was stunned, before he put on a different expression, “Sorry!”

“It’s nothing!” Meng Xiang continued to smile. “I am already used to it. Since I’m already dead, there’s no point of thinking about useless matters.”

As they chatted happily, the three of them arrived in front of a glorious palace.

“We’re here,” Meng Xiang giggled.

Ye Zichen subconsciously let out a sigh, then grasped Liu Qing’s hand tightly.

Yama Hall, here I come!

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