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Chapter 384 – To the Underworld

The silver needles in Ye Zichen’s hands shimmered with a chilling cold light. However, the two watchers, who were suppressed on the floor, suddenly smiled strangely…

“Be careful!” Di Zun suddenly yanked Ye Zichen behind him, then quickly formed signs with his fingers, causing a barrier of light to instantly surround the two people on the ground.


A deafening explosion sounded out from within the barrier, while countless cracks appeared on the barrier.

“They self-exploded…”

Ye Zichen looked at the two people who had already turned into dust within the barrier of light blankly. Then he looked gratefully at Di Zun. If he didn’t yank me backwards in time, even though I have Unbreakable Body, I would have either died or at least been seriously injured judging from the commotion of the explosion.


“It’s nothing,” Di Zun maintained his calm look as he glanced within the barrier of light, then dispersed it.

As thick smoke flowed out of the dispersed barrier, Di Zun asked, “I brought you the people, but they self-exploded. That has nothing to do with me.”

“Mhmm, take Di Tian away!” Ye Zichen nodded. Then, Di Zun looked at Di Tian without any hesitation, and left.

“Boss,” Third Fatty Jin was on the verge of tears. Due to his personality of enjoying showing off, he was the closest to the two people who exploded.

If Di Zun didn’t created that barrier, he might have turned to dust already along with the two watchers.

“Clean this place up. If the neighbors ask what happened, then tell them an electrical appliance exploded.

Ye Zichen looked at the scorched places on the floor. Di Zun probably had a barrier above the floor as well, otherwise, from the looks of the explosion, it might have caused a pit in the floor.

“Master, Number 3 and Number 4 self-exploded after being discovered,” within a certain high-class mansion within Bingcheng, Song An said as he walked towards a man in the living room.

The man on the sofa nodded to signify that he understood, then chuckled, “Ye Zichen is pretty vigilant, but Plan A has already succeeded. We will be able to know his location even if nobody watches him.”

With that, he turned his head to look at Guo Jing.

“How is it going on your end?”

“There’s no issues,” Guo Jing smiled, then handed the phone to the man. “I’ve already mesmerized this guy. Now, even if I want to take his life, he might give it to me with a smile.”

“Is that so?”

The man scrolled the screen to skim the chat history, then returned the phone to Guo Jing.

“Not bad, just continue to infiltrate to Ye Zichen’s group. When you have done enough, I will tell you the next step,” the man caressed Guo Jing’s face, then stretched lazily as he looked outside the window. “Ye Zichen, I truly anticipate our moment of meeting!”

As Ye Zichen laid on the bed in his bedroom, his mood became rather unstable. I already tried my hardest to cause myself to be strong, and to accept all of this…

However, the continuous danger truly made Ye Zichen feel weak. For example, he had nearly lost his life earlier during the day.

I clearly just want to be a normal civilian and live a good and peaceful life.

“I’m going to go crazy,” Ye Zichen hammered his bed.

Liu Qing, who had been nurturing within the Dragon Eye came out. When she saw how Ye Zichen acted, she could only sigh softly…

Actually, she understood Ye Zichen very well. No matter how strong a person’s acceptance was, for him to experience so many strange things all of a sudden after being a normal person for twenty-something years, he will definitely have a moment of breaking down.

What’s more, Ye Zichen’s experiences placed him at the boundary of life and death, multiple times.

“Stay calm, don’t overthink the problem. Or… Can you contact that Flame Emperor and the rest of them? Tell them to send some bodyguards over,” Liu Qing said softly.

However, due to Ye Zichen laying with his chest to the bed, Liu Qing did not know that Ye Zichen’s eyes were already filled with tears.

“For what? If they wanted to give me bodyguards, then they would have given me some from the start. But have they? Think about how many times I’ve been in danger. Have they ever sent anyone over to protect me?”

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s mental state was already as fragile as a child. He cowered on his bed with his fist clenched, “Why do I have to rely on myself for everything? I need to train up my own power, and have to make connections a bit at a time by myself. Heh, I really am pitiful as the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. But then again, it is rather fortunate, at the very least, I’m still alive.”

Ye Zichen laughed wryly, then wiped away his tears with the blanket and apologized, “Sorry, I couldn’t quite help myself just now.”

“I can understand you. Seriously!” Liu Qing flew over, and hugged Ye Zichen’s head. “I really can understand you. No one is born strong. Just how long have you experienced all this for? You still need to get used to it. Everybody is afraid of dying…”

“Mhmm,” He patted Liu Qing’s head with a chuckle, then let out a long sigh. “I feel much better now. People do have to let out steam once in awhile. If you always hold it in, then someone is going to go wrong. I’m serious, when those two self-exploded, I pretty much pissed myself. These people truly disregard their lives in an attempt to kill me. But then again, I really am pitiful…”

Ye Zichen laughed in self-mockery. At that moment, Liu Qing was like a trash can for all his feelings, as she sat beside him and listened to his retorts with a smile.

A good half an hour later, after Ye Zichen said everything he wanted to say, Liu Qing squinted her eyes with a smile, “If you didn’t experience all this, I definitely would say that you’re a troll.”

“You even noticed that?” After speaking out what was on his mind, Ye Zichen was in a much better mood. “I thought I hid it really well.”


Liu Qing lifted her finger and pushed Ye Zichen’s forehead.

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone, which he put beside his bed, buzzed.

Liu Qing floated over and raised her eyebrows when she saw the message, “King Chujiang sent you a message!”

King Chujiang!

Ye Zichen quickly picked up the phone and read it.

“Master, you there?”

This brat actually proactively came looking for me. The Sun definitely rose from the East today. Normally speaking, he can’t avoid me often enough.

“Yeah, what is it?”

Ye Zichen replied in confusion.

When King Chujiang, who was sitting with the other Yama Kings, saw the message, he immediately replied underneath the gaze of all his brothers.

“Didn’t you say that you want to revive the person who died before their time?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded faintly. “But didn’t your big brother say that the Underworld is too busy, and I can’t go right now?”

“It’s because King Ksitigarbha came out of closed cultivation. Those vengeful spirits do not dare to act outrageously when he’s here. We just thought that we don’t want to delay you too much, so… How about we immediately open the gates for you to come over?”

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