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Chapter 136 – Old Driver 1

“You said that Han Jing is in this mall?”

Ye Zichen sat inside a black van and held a pair of binoculars.

Dongfang Wenyi sat on the driver’s seat and nodded, “Yeah, I’ve been getting people to follow her these past few days. During this period of time, she would shop in this mall, and after that, she would leave and return to an apartment in the suburbs by herself. If there are no surprises, then Hao Wen is staying there.”

Ye Zichen handed his binoculars to Dongfang Wenyi’s subordinate, then took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Dongfang Wenyi.

Dongfang Wenyi received the cigarette with surprise, while Ye Zichen also patted his shoulder.

“I’ve truly troubled you.”

“It’s natural, helping Young Master Ye is my honor,” Dongfang Wenyi nodded with a smile.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I’m talking about lowering yourself to sit in this van. I’ve troubled you.”

“No really,” Dongfang Wenyi shook his head. They, the renowned Dongfang family powerful even in the so-called business circles of the capital.

It could be said that he’s already someone standing at the top of the pyramid.

However, even he, Dongfang Wenyi, did not dare to put on airs in front of the people from that place.

More importantly, they, the Dongfang family has recently wanted to make a step towards there. Ye Zichen was also someone from that place…

He must grab this chance, so that the Dongfang family is no longer only a renowned family of the mundane world.

“The target has appeared,” the person holding the binoculars suddenly said.

Ye Zichen quickly snatched the binoculars.

At the entrance on the other side of the road, Han Jing dressed very fancily. Even though she wore a pair of huge sunglasses on her face, Ye Zichen could be certain that she was Han Jing.

“That’s right, it’s this woman. Follow her.”

“No problem.”

Dongfang Wenyi pushed down the bill of his cap, and used the van to follow Han Jing’s Porsche at a moderate pace.

Their cars gradually drove out of the city center, and when they entered the suburbs, the number of cars gradually lessened.

At this moment, if Han Jing was even slightly vigilant, she would have noticed the strangeness of their van.


She didn’t care.

With her bitchy heart, she couldn’t be bothered with their van.

“How could Hao Wen set his eyes on this idiotic woman.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a laugh. They had already blatantly followed her for two hours, yet Han Jing still didn’t notice.

“Life’s good 2.”

The hulk sitting at the back suddenly said that, causing Ye Zichen to be momentarily stunned. Then he raised his thumb at the hulk.


“Hehe,” the hulk scratched his head with a dry laughter. Bodyguards like him are all brutes.

He just said it casually. The moment he said that, he felt that it wasn’t good, however, he actually wasn’t scolded.

“Classic my ass.”

Liu Jing snorted as she floated at the top of the van, “Bunch of perverts. I’m going back to sleep.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but snicker when he saw the angry Liu Jing.

That girl was pretty thin-skinned.


At this moment, Dongfang Wenyi suddenly spoke up. Ye Zichen took a look and said that Han Jing stopped the van.

“Continue driving forward, don’t attract her attention, but you have to be slow.”


Dongfang Wenyi nodded and drove the van closer. When Han Jing saw their van, she revealed a look of disdain.

“This woman is pissing me off,” Dongfang Wenyi cursed loudly. When has he, a young master with the best start, been looked down upon before?

“What’s there to be angry about?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and stared at Han Jing…



Dongfang Wenyi stopped down on the brakes, while Ye Zichen used the quickest speed possible to open the car door and run towards Han Jing.

“Don’t move, raise your hand,” Ye Zichen laughed softly, and put made a gun with his hand and pointed it at the back of Han Jing’s head.


Everything in Han Jing’s hand fell onto the floor, while she put her hands up tremblingly.


“You what? What do you want to say?”

Ye Zichen’s smile became more and more playful. At the same time, the two hulks, who were topless, that Dongfang Wenyi had brought with him also walked over.

“What do you guys want!?”

“What?” Ye Zichen smiled, and intentionally gulped loudly. “We want to… have sex!”

“Sure! You guys are the ones driving that van, right? I’ll come with you guys to the van.”

F*ck, so open!

This woman agreed without even hesitating. Was he supposed to say that she values her life, or to say that she couldn’t be satisfied!

Could this not be the first time? She even knows to get in the van!

Old driver!

This woman must have put on plenty of green hats of Hao Wen 3.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but stay silent for Hao Wen for a moment when he thought of that. Hao Wen might have thought that he found a treasure, but in truth, he was only the one scraping the bottom of the pot.

“Let’s go, don’t you guys want to have sex!”

For some reason, at that moment, Han Jing actually calmed down, while her tone revealed faint anticipation.

The two hulks couldn’t help but look at each other…

Then they looked at Ye Zichen!

What are you looking at, do these brothers really want to have sex with her!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. He used his right hand to grab Han Jing’s wrists and pushed her against the wall.

“This isn’t so good since people pass through here, right?” Han Jing spoke up once again. “It isn’t convenient for you to grab my hand either. Let go of me, I’ll definitely cooperate!”

“Cooperate your ass,” Ye Zichen cursed loudly. “I’m asking you, are you Hao Wen’s mistress?”


“Does Hao Wen live here?”

Hearing this question, Han Jing suddenly stopped.

Ye Zichen poked her with his index finger, “Not speaking?”

Still silence.


Ye Zichen pretended to pull the trigger, causing Han Jing’s legs to tremble…

What is this smell!

Ye Zichen looked down and saw that urine leaked down from Han Jing’s thighs, underneath her skirt.


Ye Zichen cursed silently, then said, “Hurry up silently and speak. Is Hao Wen here!”

“Big bro, if you want to have sex, then do it, if you want money, then take it. I’ll cooperate with you for whatever you want.”

“I’m f*cking asking you a question, stop saying vague stuff with laozi. Say it, is Hao Wen here or not!”

Ye Zichen lost his patience. He thought that this woman would reveal the news immediately, he didn’t think that…

She was rather loyal towards Hao Wen.

“You’re not going to speak, right? If you don’t, then I’ll send you…”

“Send her where?”

At this moment, Ye Zichen suddenly felt someone used something to push against his head.

He turned his neck stiffly, and saw that the two hulks, who had gotten out of the car with him, get controlled, as they squatted on the ground with guns pointing at their heads.

A man was also pointing a gun at Dongfang Wenyi’s head.

If there was no surprise, the person behind him…

Ye Zichen turned around slowly, and saw Hao Wen, with blood red eyes, point at gun at his head with a savage look on his face.

“Speak, if you don’t speak, then… Bang!”

Hao Wen laughed like Ye Zichen did just moments ago.

“Wen-ge,” Han Jing ran over in tears.

Huo Wen immediately pulled her into his arms and stuck the gun in his hand firmly on Ye Zichen’s forehead.

“Grandson, trying to mess with laozi? You’re too naive.”

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