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Chapter 137 – You’re too naïve

If Ye Zichen said that he wasn’t going to submit when such a black barrel pointed at him, that would be bullshit.

He squinted at eyes and looked at Hao Wen. This guy seemed to be very pissed off at him from his blood red eyes.

If this wasn’t a lawful society, Hao Wen might have pulled the trigger already.

“Ye Zichen, I remember you,” Hao Wen had a savage smile on his gloomy face. “You got with that bitch, Xiao Yumei, right? How is it, her skills in the bed isn’t bad, right?”

“How could Yumei have fallen for you in university?” Ye Zichen laughed softly. “You don’t look proper at all. Could it be that you were just a naïve young man in university? And were truly innocent?”

“F*ck you!”

Hao Wen kicked out, causing Ye Zichen to cover his stomach as he fell at the side of the wall.

Hao Wen pointed the gun barrel at Ye Zichen’s head, while his finger started to pull back to the trigger, as if he was hesitating whether he should just shoot Ye Zichen in the head and kill him on the spot.

“Hey, you’re pretty strong!” Ye Zichen pushed against the ground with his hands and stood up. He brushed away the dirt and grass on his body, and held his hands up in front of him. “This time I admit I screwed up. Let my friends go, then you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Hehe… You’re submitting?” Huo Wen laughed maniacally. Then very soon, he squinted his eyes and said, “Do you think laozi is an idiot? If I let your friends go, then can laozi survive?”

“Then you’re not going to let him go?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully, then pointed towards Dongfang Wenyi, who was being controlled. “That is the Young Master of the Dongfang Family in the capital, Dongfang Wenyi. Are you sure you dare to kill him? Or do you think that the person behind you will offend the huge monster, the Dongfang Family, for a small fry like you?”


Dongfang Wenyi.

Hao Wen’s eyelids jumped. He gave a cue to the people beside him to put Ye Zichen under control.

Then he walked in front of Dongfang Wenyi.

“You are Dongfang Xiong’s grandson?”

“Is Dongfang Xiong a name for you to speak of so easily?” Dongfang Wenyi frowned.

Dongfang Wenyi is the old family head of the Dongfang family, and his grandfather. It could be said that anyone would give at least a bit of face in the capital when Dongfang Xiong was mentioned.

“Heh, what are you getting cocky for?” Hao Wen slapped Dongfang Wenyi. “I don’t care whether you’re someone of the renowned Dongfang Family. Remember, you are in my hands.”


“Hmm?” Hao Wen directly pointed the gun barrel on Dongfang Wenyi’s temple, before the latter could say anything. “Dongfang Wenyi, if you want to suffer less, then don’t speak. Understand? You can’t understand the logic of a person having to bow under another’s roof, right?”

Dongfang Wenyi glared at him with eyes like a lone wolf, holding undisguisable hatred.

“Oh, oh, oh? Angry?”

Hao Wen raised his hands and slapped Dongfang Wenyi’s face a few times, then showed a hand gesture towards his subordinate.

“Help Young Master Dongfang enjoy himself.”


Hao Wen’s subordinate beside Dongfang Wenyi immediately punched him. Although the two hulks he brought over struggled to get up, there were completely suppressed by Hao Wen’s people.

“Hao Wen, don’t make a mistake,” a cold light flashed across Ye Zichen’s eyes.

Hao Wen raised his eyebrows and shrugged with a smile, ‘What? Laozi is the heavens here, do you think you can even manage to do anything?”

Indeed, Hao Wen’s ten-odd subordinates all carried guns. He did have the right to act cocky in front of Ye Zichen’s group who lacked any weapons.


“Director Hao, put down you gun.


The person controlling the two muscular men that Dongfang Wenyi brought with him suddenly pointed his gun at Hao Wen.

“Lil’ Six, what are you doing?”

“Six your f*cking ass.”

The one called Lil’ Six raised his gun and walked in front of Hao Wen to slap him.

“Have a look at who exactly grandpa is,” Lil’ Six ripped off the mask on his face.

Hao Wen was stunned when he saw the person in front of him, “Li Minghu.”

“You finally recognize laozi?”

Clap, clap.

Li Minghu clapped his hands, causing half of Hao Wen’s subordinates to turn their guns towards the other half.

Not long later, Hao Wen’s subordinates were all put under control.

Dongfang Wenyi was stunned. Why did someone suddenly betray Huo Wen?

But from the looks of it…

Dongfang Wenyi licked his lips and walked in front of Hao Wen, before slapping him.

“F*ck, you dare to hit laozi?”


Dongfang Wenyi directly caused Hao Wen to kneel on the ground with a kick.

“Who let you hit laozi, who let you hit laozi…”

While Dongfang Wenyi went to unleash his anger at Hao Wen, Ye Zichen also moved his shoulders and walked in front of Li Minghu with a smile.

“Hu-ge, I’ve troubled you to make you act undercover for so long.”

“Heh, we’ll do it when there’s money,” Li Minghu smiled. “However, you and Director Xiao are truly a match for each other, both of you are very generous. It’s just that I, Tiger, don’t get one thing. I’ve been undercover here for so many days, why did you only now ask me to leak the news to him.”

“Try this one just now…”

Ye Zichen glanced over at Dongfang Wenyi.

Li Minghu rubbed his bald head, “He, I, Tiger, don’t get you people with so many plots.”

“Haha, Hu-ge can just concentrate on receiving money.”

“Yeah, I, Tiger, can just concentrate on receiving money. Hehe, I, Tiger, is in a bit of a fortune. However, it’s all thanks to you and Director Xiao. The two of you can now let Tiger rest for a while.”

Li Minghu laughed idiotically as he rubbed his bald head. On the other side Hao Wen was kicked until he was half dead by Dongfang Wenyi. Thus, Ye Zichen hurried over to prevent a death from happening.

“Alright, Young Master Dongfang. Stop hitting him, if you beat him to death, then we still have to take responsibility.

“Heng, if it wasn’t because you, Young Master Ye, still have a use for him. I really didn’t think much of killing him here,” Dongfang Wenyi snorted coldly.

F*ck, he only let his father hit him in his own life.

Yet, he actually got slapped by this grandson today.

“Alright, stop getting angry.”

Ye Zichen patted Dongfang Wenyi’s shoulder, then squatted beside Hao Wen.

“Grandson, trying to mess with laozi? You’re too naive.”

Ye Zichen returned Hao Wen’s exact words to him.

As Hao Wen coughed up blood, he clenched his teeth and cursed, “Ye Zichen, you better not do anything to me.”

“Oh? I do want to hear why!”

“Do you think that Bai Dahai gave the jewelry store to you willingly. It was all under laozi’s orders. If you don’t want anything to happen, then release laozi, otherwise…”

Ye Zichen dialed Bai Dahai’s number directly in front of Huo Wen.

“Bai Dahai…”

“Young Master Ye, how is it!”

Hao Wen’s face instantly turned the color of dirt.

“Bai Dahai, you f*cking betrayed laozi, do you not want your wife and daughter’s lives!”

Hao Wen shouted with all his might. Ye Zichen comforted Bai Dahai a bit, then hung up and dialed Xiao Hai’s number.

“Hai-ge, how is it on your side?”

“I already saved Bai Dahai’s wife and daughter, they are at the Xiao family right now…”

Ye Zichen laughed softly and raised his eyebrows towards Hao Wen.

As Ye Zichen looked at Hao Wen’s dumbfounded expression, he hung up the call and patted Hao Wen’s face, “Hao Wen, trying to mess with laozi? You’re too naive.”

With that, he kicked Hao Wen to Dongfang Wenyi’s side.

“Bring him to your place and keep him alive. Send out news that Hao Wen is on my hands and if they want him, tell the people behind him to come find me.”

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