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Chapter 746 - He is Big Brother's Friend

I knew it.

Cui Twelve expected this to happen the moment Liu Qing kneeled down to beg Lin Ru to allow her to stay a while longer.

He knew that she would not come with him obediently.

It was time for him to step up as a big brother.

He flashed over to Liu Qing's side and dragged her back.

"I don't want to leave, no! I don't want to leave! Ye Zichen!" Liu Qing cried her heart out. She struggled and struggled, but the hand holding her merely remained still like a prison cuff.

"She doesn't want to leave, so why are you forcing her?" Ye Zichen tried to reach out to pull Liu Qing back into his arms.

"I will not take our relationship in mind if you take another step forward," Cui Twelve pushed Liu Qing behind him and threatened with a frown. At the same time, he continued to push Liu Qing back to get out of there.

"I don't want to go…"

"Liu Qing said that she's not leaving!"

Ye Zichen felt something amiss from the very beginning. They have mentioned "time's up" way too many times.

He wouldn't have stopped them if Liu Qing wanted to leave, but now that she was crying and sobbing and refusing to leave, he was not going to let her go.

"If Liu Qing doesn't want to leave, then nobody's going to take her away," Ye Zichen glared at Cui Twelve.

He reached forward and tried to hold Liu Qing's arm, but Cui Twelve knocked his arm away, then pushed Ye Zichen back.

"I've warned you once," Cui Twelve glared at Ye Zichen sullenly. He already chose to hold back without using too much spiritual energy.

Otherwise, with his strength of an Earth Supreme, Ye Zichen stood no chance at all.

"Ugh…" Ye Zichen stopped trying to talk some sense into Cui Twelve. He was going to help Liu Qing stay.

As for Cui Twelve's warning…

As Ye Zichen swung his right fist forwards. Cui Twelve stumbled back and narrowly avoided the attack.

However, the force behind the punch still left a bloody mark on his face.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen followed up after missing the first attack. His attackers became fiercer and fiercer. This only agitated Cui Twelve more when he had to dodge the attacks while stopping Liu Qing from running away…

He could stand it no longer. He gathered up his spiritual energy and punched.

The moment he attacked, he realized it was too much. He shouldn't have done that.

He tried to soften the punch as much as he could, but even so…


Ye Zichen coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

"Aren't you looking down on me way too much!?" Suddenly, Lin Ru burst out of nowhere in anger. She looked at Cui Twelve, who just threw a punch, murderously while Su Yan and Xia Keke stood beside her.

When the latter two saw what was going on, they immediately ran to Ye Zichen's side.


"Big Brother Zichen!"

And almost simultaneously, Liu Qing's eyes also opened wide as she shouted, "Ye Zichen!"

Cui Twelve looked at his fist in shock, then glanced at Ye Zichen, who's mouth was covered in blood.

Just what was I doing? I was just going to take Liu Qing away. Why did I punch him? I already hold back a bit, but…

"B-Brother Ye…"

Liu Qing took the chance of Cui Twelve in a daze to run back to Ye Zichen's side.

Cui Twelve tried to walk over as well, but Lin Ru stopped him.

"I knew you people wouldn't stay put. You really think nothing of this new Master of the Law by using the strength of an Earth Supreme here! It looks like I have to teach you a good lesson," with that, Lin Ru prepared to strike.

"Lin Ru, leave it," Ye Zichen called out weakly.

Lin Ru stopped in confusion, then noticed Ye Zichen shake his head.

Then, Ye Zichen reached out to caress a strand of Liu Qing's hair, "If you don't want to leave, then stay."

"I…" Liu Qing hesitated. "Let me heal you first."

Around five minutes later, Liu Qing finally stabilized Ye Zichen's condition.

"Little Seventeen!" Cui Twelve frowned.

"Why are you urging her to leave all the time? She doesn't want to…" Ye Zichen glared at Cui Twelve murderously before turning to Liu Qing in anticipation.

He thought that she was going to stay, but Liu Qing had already stood up.

Her eyes were still filled with tears, but she seemed to have calmed down a little.

"Sorry, I got you hurt. I don't want to leave and that's the truth, but… I must."


Liu Qing merely smiled.

She turned around.

And walked off.

This time, she did not go back on her decision like before.

She silently walked beside Cui Twelve and nodded.

A rainbow bridge appeared on the mountain.

"Let's go," Liu Qing looked back at Ye Zichen one last time. She could see the confusion and worries on his face.

It was true.

Ye Zichen was very confused, but he was sure that Liu Qing had her reasons.

Turning back earlier was just her impulsiveness. Now that she calmed down, she thought everything through.

All he could do now was send her off.

As Liu Qing got further and further away, she couldn't hold in her sorrows anymore. She almost broke down.

Yet… for some reason, she started to forget why she was crying.

And soon…

She stopped crying.

She merely looked tearfully at the man waving at them from underneath the bridge.

"Wipe your tears, otherwise, His Majesty will think that I bullied you or something," Cui Twelve handed a handkerchief over.

Liu Qing tiled her head at Cui Twelve in confusion, "Big Brother Twelve, why was I crying? It was so strange…"

Cui Twelve was startled for a moment, then quickly regained his composure with a smile, "Did you forget about that really moving tale just now?"

"What tale? I don't recall anything," Liu Qing blinked.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl…"

Cui Twelve told the story for an hour, but Liu Qing's expression remained cold and emotionless.

"I was crying because of that story?" Liu Qing shook her head with a snort. "Love? What a joke."

Cui Twelve shuddered when he heard the ice-cold tone.

After a while, he let out a long sigh, then patted Liu Qing's head, "Alright, let's leave it behind. You've cried already, so there is no point of thinking about that anymore."

"That's true," Liu Qing shrugged with a smile. Then, she slightly frowned. "Who was that person waving to us just now?"

"Him..? He is my friend!"

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