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Chapter 747 - Six Months

Six months passed by.

As the inhabitants of the Immortal Region got their rest, they started to put the demon invasion behind them.

The merchants on the street started to call out to potential customers, while the civilians started to gossip once more.

What's more, the appearance of the ley line also meant that cultivation was no longer that difficult.

Smiles finally returned to their faces.

It was as peaceful as it was before the invasion.

During the six months, Ye Zichen's wounds had also completely healed, but something did remain.

He would always go to one specific place.

The peak where Liu Qing left him.

He would often watch the surroundings at the side of the cliff with a drink, and when he closed his eyes, he felt like he could still hear Liu Qing crying her heart out.

Was there more to it?

That was a question that repeatedly surfaced in his mind. Liu Qing did return to the God Realm, but for some reason, he had a feeling that the situation was completely different.

Why was she so tearful? Why was there endless reluctance to part in her eyes?

He did not understand.

All he could do now was wait for the right moment and find out after he ascends.


Several people rushed through the sky. Ye Zichen put his liquor aside and saw that it was Xue Qi and Stone.

The two of them had also reached the Sky Immortal level with the aid of the ley line.

Now, the Sky Immortal level was no longer this unachievable terrain for the Lower Three Realms. Although breaking through to that level was still difficult, it was no longer nigh impossible as it was before.

And because of that, the Immortal Region had a great increase in strength.

Everybody had begun to say that it was now the golden age for the Three Realms.

"I knew you were drinking here," Stone chuckled as he descended from the sky. He walked over to Ye Zichen's side and snatched the flagon and took a sip.

"Meh, it's a bit worse than Erguotou," Stone wiped his lips and handed the flagon back.


Unlike Stone, Xue Qi still kept himself at a distance from Ye Zichen due to their status.

Ye Zichen had told him to relax countless times, but he always laughed it off.

Then remained the same.

After telling Xue Qi that several times, Ye Zichen finally gave up. However, that did not mean that he did not think of Xue Qi as an equal.

"Why're you guys here? Is the Treasure Tower not busy?"

During the past six months, Ye Zichen got his Leisure House to merge with the Treasure Tower.

After being through so much, he started caring a lot less about a faction of his own. What's more, if he really needed a faction…

The entire Immortal Region would bend to his will.

What's more, Zuo Mo needed some trustworthy helpers, so Ye Zichen told the Leisure House folks to go and help her with the Treasure Tower's business.

Hearing that, Xue Qi and Stone looked at each other meaningfully.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, "Is Zuo Mo looking for me?"

The two continued to smile meaningfully.

Those from Leisure House had always felt that Ye Zichen had something going on with Zuo Mo, that's why they didn't mind working as her subordinates at all.

From their perspective, there was no difference between working for their boss or their boss's wife.

What's more, she was also very rich.

Although the pair said nothing, Ye Zichen still knew that Zuo Mo was looking for him, since there was no other reason for them to act like that.

Since he knew that they wouldn't believe him if he tried to explain his relationship with Zuo Mo, he chose to keep quiet and merely shrugged, "Where is she now?"

"Mistress, no, Young Mistress is waiting for you at the Treasure Tower headquarters in Maple City," while it seemed like Stone made a careless mistake, Ye Zichen knew full well that Stone was just making fun of him.

It was also blatantly obvious from Que Xi's attempt to not burst out laughing.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then leaped into the air.

"Hey, wait for us!"

At the Treasure Tower headquarters in Maple City.

Ye Zichen had always been someone to only use those he cared for and trusted. When his identity as the Yellow Emperor was revealed, he gained a huge amount of respect from everyone in the outer regions of the Immortal region!

Due to that, Ye Zichen naturally used his contacts to triple the strength of the Treasure Tower.

Although the headquarters in Maple City was not the main one, there were no less merchants than in the Treasure Tower's main headquarters.

That's why Ye Zichen had no choice but to walk in with a straw hat covering his face.

Ye Zichen had forcefully stopped construction of statues of himself in the various Immortal Region cities, but that didn't stop the people from finding out about him. Everyone would not greet him with the utmost respect they had for him. Moreover, there were often fans who would yell insensible things at him every so often. He really couldn't stand it.

That was why he finally understood why celebrities would cover themselves from head to toe when they went out.

They had no choice, the fans were truly too passionate.

"Lady Zuo, I feel like we can still discuss a bit more about the price," a chubby-looking merchant smiled. He did not dare to try and lay hands on Zuo Mo at all. Not only was Zuo Mo the future successor of the Treasure Tower, she still had a man backing her.

There were many rumors talking about how her man was the Yellow Emperor.

"Master Li, you should know that the Treasure Tower has always been trustworthy. We never force low prices amongst others. Yes, we do accept negotiations, but the price you are asking for is too high."

Zuo Mo was wearing a plain delicate dress that showed off her body.

She was negotiating for a huge business deal and she negotiated with the merchant in front of her for a long time. At that moment, they were at a critical point of discussion. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a hooded man waving towards her.

Zuo Mo's eyes lit up, she turned back to the merchant, "Master Li, please excuse me for a moment."

Normally speaking, Zuo Mo would never leave such an important customer hanging. She would treat all customers with equal respect, but right now…

"Why did you come over with such a large straw hat covering your face?" Zuo Mo skipped over with a giggle.

The man took off the hat with a wry smile, "I can't help it. I'm sure you know how famous I am right now."

The slightly angry merchant immediately hide his dark look when he saw the hooded man's face.

Yes, the merchant was famous, but when compared to the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor and savior of the Three Realms…

He was nothing.

He merely looked around as he thought to himself.

So the rumors are true. Then should I try to flatter them? Maybe I'll lower the selling price a little?

But he didn't want to.

Merchants cared about profit all the time. He was definitely willing to raise the price, but lowering the price was like taking a bite out of him.

He really had to give a deep thought for what he should do.

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