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Chapter 658 - Argument

Third Fatty Jin slowly closed his eyes, then opened his arms wide as he fell…

"Ahh, I guess the focus should be moved away from here now. Maybe the camera of the higher powers will switch scenes now," Third Fatty Jin couldn't help but mutter as he fell down the cliff. Even at the end, he still couldn't keep his coolness for more than one brief moment.

"Well, will the camera move away now that the main character is here?" At that very moment, Ye Zichen flapped his black and white striped wings and grabbed Third Fatty Jin. "You want to die at such a young age? Did you get married yet? Did you confess to that senior sister of yours yet? Did you return all the money you owe the old guy at the cafeteria yet? Have you indulged yourself in the worship of your junior sisters yet? If you didn't do any of that yet, then your life was too meaningless!"

"Boss Ye," Third Fatty Jin opened his eyes wide in joy.

No kidding, nobody wants to die. He had no choice just now, so he merely wanted to finish his life in as cool of a manner as possible.

That was just to leave behind his most glorious moment in front of whoever was able to see it, but the truth was that…

He didn't want to die!

Wait, no. I've never told Boss Ye any of that. How did he know?

"Boss Ye, how did you know that I like my senior sister and owe money to the old man at the cafeteria…" Third Fatty jin was shocked.

Ye Zichen was momentarily shocked as well, then laughed, "I was right? I was just bullshitting."

"Can I curse you?" Third Fatty Jin couldn't help but retort after a few dozen seconds of silence.

"If you want me to throw you down here, then sure. People's words can't be that bad on their deathbed, so do it. I can take it," Ye Zichen smiled.

Third Fatty Jin shrunk his neck, then thought about his bright future. "Never mind, I'll resist it."

"Also, I want to tell you something else…" Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. "It seems like you've screwed me over. We can't get out."


"Did you not feel it? It seems like you can only enter this valley, but can't get out. There's a wind wall at the very top. I can't fly through that. I've already tried a few times already."

"Boss Ye, please don't mess with me."

"I'm not messing with you," Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Third Fatty Jin immediately swore, "Then, why the f*ck did you come down for? You screwed up my best moments. I gave in when I should, I felt moved when I should, and now you're telling me that we can't get up there!? I thought I was going to sacrifice myself to bring happiness to the entire human race, but great… Now the Yellow Emperor's reincarnation is going to die with me. My master is definitely going to curse me so much that I'll jump up from my grave!"

Ye Zichen couldn't help but scratch his head with an awkward smile, "Alright, my fault. You want to try again?"

"F*ck off. We're dying together then," with that, Third Fatty Jin wrapped his arms around Ye Zichen like an octopus.

Ye Zichen's expression instantly turned dark, "F*ck, let go. I can't fly anymore… Ahhhhh…."

At Maple City's City Lord manor.

"Brother Xue, you are definitely overthinking things. The wraiths are, at most of the Earth Immortal level, they won't be able to threaten Brother Ye at all," Yang Jian patted Xue Qi's shoulder.

Xue Qi felt worried ever since Ye Zichen left.

Thus, after he brought the aid to one more village, he went straight to the City Lord's manor to ask the city lord to mobilize the army.

"If you don't believe me, then ask Ox-Head. He's from the Underworld, and knows the strength of the wraiths very well. What's more, Nezha and Luo Wei both went out already, so it's only a matter of time before Ye Zichen returns."

"I can promise you that the wraiths will not be stronger than the Earth Immortal level," Ox-Head comforted.

At this moment, several hundred Immortal Region disciples landed within the city lord manor.

"The Immortal Region disciples are back. It seems like Ye Zichen should have returned as well," Yang Jian stood up from his seat with a smile, then walked to the entrance of the City Lord's manor along with everyone else.

When they got there, they saw that the group had bloodshot eyes. Although they were covered in wounds, they all stood straight and were staring at…

The Underworld's Ox-Head and Horse-Face.

"You guys…" Yang Jian couldn't help but ask.

Sun Yuanjia, who had once fought over the position of the chief disciple with Third Fatty Jin, smiled, then pointed his sword at Ox-Head in an interrogating manner, "Ox-Head, I'm asking you. Were you the one who said that wraiths would only be of the Earth Immortal level at max?"

"Yes," Ox-Head nodded. "I did say that before. Everyone here should be clear by now since we've already fought so many wraiths."

"Were there any exceptions?" Sun Yuanjia continued his questioning.

"Yes, but even those exceptions would not be stronger than the Earth Immortal level. The constitution of wraiths limits their potential, meaning that they can only reach the complete stage of the Earth Immortal level at best."

"Hahaha…" Sun Yuanjia suddenly laughed outrageously, while the junior brothers behind him stared at Ox-Head quite coldly.

"What are you guys doing? Why does this all feel a bit strange? Why are you guys so heavily injured? Didn't you go to clear away the remaining wraiths? Did you end up meeting demons? Then what about Brother Ye? Did you guys see him?" Yang Jian fired off questions like a machine gun.

Sun Yuanjia smiled mockingly, "Wraiths? We did clear wraiths, and we didn't meet the so-called demons."

"Then how did you guys get injured?" Yang Jian raised his eyebrows

Sun Yuanjia snorted, "Our injuries are from the wraiths."

Yang Jian was shocked upon hearing that.

Ox-Head also shook his head, "Impossible. Wraiths are merely numerous, but unless you end up bumping into a wraith horde, you wouldn't have gotten this sort of injuries. What's more, the clearing of wraiths has already been happening for several days. Yang Jian's side and my side already cleared most of it, so it's impossible for there to be a wraith horde left."

"Not a wraith horde? There were several tens of thousands of wraiths!"


"But the weakest amongst them are of the complete stage Earth Immortal level, and the strongest is of the Sky Immortal level!" Sun Yuanjia gritted his teeth, while his arm holding the sword trembled. "Our Eldest Senior Brother stayed behind himself to buy time for us to run. The only reason we came back here instead of going back to the Immortal Region directly is just to ask you one question - Why did you lie to us!"

"I didn't. That's impossible!" Ox-Head shook his head once more. "Wraiths cannot break through the Earth Immortal level. What's more, you said that there were several tens of thousands of wraiths all of at least the complete stage Earth Immortal level. That's ridiculous!"

"Then you're saying that I'm lying!?" Sun Yuanjia's expression grew even darker. He pulled down his jacket and pointed at the shocking injuries on his body. "Are all the injuries on the Immortal Region's disciples lies!?"

Original Chapter Teaser:

Third Fatty Jin: Good bye sweet world. I may not have enjoyed you long enough, but… It was a good run. I did manage to go to the Modern Realm, I did meet Boss Ye, and I am dying a hero.

Familiar Voice: Noooo!

Third Fatty Jin: Is this the voice they say you hear when you die?

Familiar Voice: Nooo! Krilin! I mean, no, ahhh, Third Fatty Jin, don’t die!

Third Fatty Jin: Huh? Who’s speaking to me when I’m falling down a cliff? Wait, huh?

Familiar Voice: Ahh, thank god I caught you.

Third Fatty Jin: Huh? I stopped falling?

Familiar Voice: Phew.

Third Fatty Jin: HUH!? Boss Ye, why are you here!?

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