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Chapter 657 - Hero

"Retreat, retreat…" Third Fatty Jin roared loudly at the junior brothers behind him as he stood in front of them with his pair of hammers in his hands.

Over ten thousand wraiths stood in front of him. However, their numbers was not the biggest issue. If they were merely normal wraiths of the spiritual body level, then they would not pose much of a threat to the group at all.


Even the weakest wraith was of the Earth Immortal level.

All of the wraiths had already taken physical form. Their originally gray irises were now completely black. Their fangs dripped with blood, while they repeatedly tore at Third Fatty Jin with their razor sharp claws.

"Senior Brother!"

"Scram!" Third Fatty cursed as he swung his pair of giant hammers around. "What the f*ck are you guys looking at? I told you to scram. Don't you get it? SCRAM! Stop getting in the way!"

"Senior Brother."

All of the disciples were covered in blood. Many of them were missing an arm or a few sections from their bodies.

The only word to describe their situation aptly was "pitiful".

"Someone went to find Boss Ye. Boss Ye will come and save us."

"Boss Ye!?" Third Fatty was momentarily stunned. Then he cursed angrily. "Who the heck told you to do that? Do you want to see Boss Ye die as well!? You bunch of complete and utter failures. F*ck off. Don't let me ever see you again."

"Senior Brother, we're not…"


The disciple felt something hit his head before he could even finish his sentence. He looked down, then saw that one of Third Fatty Jin's hammers had been swung at his head.

"Scram! I told you guys to scram!"

"Senior Brother."

"Please, I'm begging you. Run. Do you all want to die here? What am I supposed to say to Master if you all die? So, I'm begging you, run!" Third Fatty Jin pleaded helplessly.

Many of the female disciples were already drowning in tears.

"Go," one of the disciples clenched his teeth, then dragged the disciples around him and left on top of a sword.

Seeing that, Third Fatty smiled with a bit of comfort.

"They're all a bunch of cute little kids," Third Fatty Jin turned back, then snarled, revealing his bloodied teeth. "How about… eating me instead of these kids? But then again… I won't just stand here like an idiot even if you do want to eat me."

He reached into his pocket and took out a blood red pill.

That was the Blood Demon Pill Great Emperor Qingming had given him before he left for battle. It was able to make a person's blood boil and squeeze out his full potential…

However, that meant that his meridians will break after the six hours of pill effects, causing the user to become a normal person.

He actually scoffed at Great Emperor Qingming when the latter gave him the pill, since he could not imagine him being foolish enough to eat it.

Yet, right now, he still chose to eat it.

"Being a hero for a moment is better than being a useless animal for a lifetime. Even if I die, at least I once gained glory."

The blood vessels on Third Fatty Jin begun to swell several moments after he chucked the pill into his mouth without any hesitation.

His nerves tensed up, while his tiny eyes emitted a crimson light.

Third Fatty Jin was instantly covered in a red glow. At that very moment, even his black hair seemed to be dyed red. The rampaging spiritual energy around him seemed to flash with a blood red light, while it helped him seemingly breakthrough without a limit.

Complete stage Human Immortal.

Sky Immortal.

Early stage Sky Immortal.

Mid stage Sky Immortal.

That effects of the pill only seemed to have stopped working when it brought him extremely close to the late stage Sky Immortal level. Third Fatty Jin was momentarily stunned as he felt his body fill up with power before he smiled evilly.

"Animals, come and eat me!"


He smashed his hammer onto the ground, creating a huge crack.

He laughed, then charged towards the center of the wraith swarm with a bloodthirsty smile.


Several wraiths would instantly disperse every single time he swung his hammer. Yet, at the same time, several other wraiths would also leave behind a few claw marks on his body.

"Tsk, this is no big deal, try again!" Third Fatty Jin could not spare any time to care about his wounds. Or rather, he didn't want to care about them anymore.

He understood very well that after taking the Blood Demon Pill, he'll only be a useless person even if he manages to survive. Thus… So what. He might as well use these final moments to make the entire Three Realms remember him.


His shout caused a huge soundwave to pierce through the wraiths, animals in the surrounding forests scattered and howled.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Region disciples, who were racing towards Maple City on their swords, all couldn't help but close their eyes when they saw the fleeing animals.

"I was wrong to fault Eldest Senior Brother. He is truly worthy of being the chief disciple." The person who spoke was the disciple who agreed to leave first. He is the number one disciple amongst those who were not Great Emperor Qingming's inner disciples.

He was also Third Fatty Jin's competition when the sect was deciding upon the chief disciple.

In the end, he had lost.

He had always bore a grudge for that, and scoffed at Third Fatty Jin's position as the chief disciple. It was only at that moment that he finally accepted it with all his heart.

In order for us to escape unscathed in front of those wraiths.

He actually chose to stay behind to block them off… If I was him… It would have been very very difficult for me to make that decision.

Even if I could make that choice, I wouldn't have made it without any hesitation like he did.

"Senior Brother…" many of the fleeing disciples uttered out to Third Fatty Jin. At that very moment, it could be said that Third Fatty Jin's influence over them have increased thousand-fold.

"C'mon, we don't know how long Senior Brother Jin can block those wraiths off. We should hurry back to Maple City. The Underworld was so sure that the wraiths could only reach the Earth Immortal level at max and that there could not be Human Immortal level ones. Yet, there were actually Sky Immortal level wraiths just now. We have to get an explanation from the Underworld!"

"Yes, we have to!" the Immortal Region disciples all flew towards Maple City menacingly.

Meanwhile… Third Fatty Jin was already forced onto the edge of a cliff by the wraith swarms.

His strength did shoot up massively after taking the Blood Demon Pill. However, when facing a swarm of over ten thousand wraiths averaging around the mid-stage Human Immortal level, even if he was an Immortal King…

There wasn't really much he could do.

"Gah, I regret it now," Third Fatty Jin squinted his eyes as he edged closer to the edge of the cliff. "I've decided not to let you guys eat me. Bye bye."

He took another step backwards and tumbled down the cliff.

All of the wraiths surrounded the cliff, but did not dare to follow him down.

Third Fatty Jin smiled as he felt the air resistance against his back. "At least… I've managed to be a hero once."

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