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Chapter 258 - The Person In Charge of the Trading Center

Since the jewelry businessmen were going to open up the stones up already, the fact that Ye Zichen said that basically meant that they could do him an easy favor.

Thus, they nodded. The topless stonecutters walked out, and the businessmen split into three queues and got ready to get their stones cut.

Han Yu subconsciously frowned when they saw everyone's calm expressions, then asked Expert Liu, "Elder Liu, do you think these stones can open up jade?"

"Definitely not!" was what Expert Liu really wanted to say. He had a very deep grudge for Ye Zichen. He wished more than anyone for the stones this brat picked to all open up to nothing, causing the crowd to feel enraged towards him.

However, he also knew that this brat did have some capability…

"I'm not too sure. From the patterns of the stones, there is a possibility for jade to get opened up," Expert Liu chose to give a rather neutral answer.

Han Yu raised his eyebrows, "If there is a chance, then there is a chance for it to not open up any jade. However, why can't I see any worry from these jewelry businessmen!?"

"This… Might be blind trust!"

Han Yu did not reply, and merely stared at the people who were asking to get their stone cut. He did not believe that all of these stones would give out jade.


Through an entire hour, Han Yu stood on the spot and watched the stones all open up jade.

"Thank you, Young Master Ye!" All the jewelry businessmen laughed.

Ye Zichen nodded towards them with a kind smile, then walked beside Han Yu, "How is that, Young Master Han. They all opened up jade!"

"Impressive, Young master Ye," Han Yu faked a respectful smile.

Ye Zichen nodded and chuckled, "Hey, isn't Elder Liu going to take Young Master Han to buy a few stones that look rather good? If you don't, then I'm going to take them all!"

"Hehe… No need for you to worry."

With that, Elder Han took Han Yu and left.

"Young Master Ye, should we…" Bai Dahai got rather impatient as he watched the businessmen open up jade.

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, "Get ready to pay!"

Then, Ye Zichen activated his sweeping mode in the trade center.

An hour later… Ye Zichen picked out most of the jade-giving stones in the ore trading center, and let the more minor jewelry businessmen take the ones that would give out slightly lower quality jade.

I gain some merits this way as well.

However, a strange scene appeared. When Ye Zichen stopped sweeping, the jewelry businessmen in the trade center also chose to stop picking stones.

They were not idiots, since Ye Zichen stopped buying, it clearly meant that none of the stones left will give out jade.

They were still able to remember the losses they made the previous few times.

"Older sister, we still have a large majority of the ores left, but no businessmen are buying anymore. If this continues, then we'll be at a huge loss."

A young girl said to the girl, who was embroidering, on the sofa within a hidden room of the trade center with a frown.

"Why did this occur?" The embroidery lady, who wore a veil, was stunned. The way she dressed emitted a classical beauty, while the way she spoke was unusually clear.

"It's that Ye Zichen," The girl twitched her mouth. "Our trade centers made losses the last few times because of him as well…"

"So, the young man that can buy all of the stones that will give out jade? I'm rather interested in him. It seems like it's time for us to meet."

Then, the girl stood up from the sofa, put the embroidery on the side with a smile, "Take me to see him."

The jewelry merchants did not choose to act at all, even though most of the ores in the center were not opened yet. They merely set their sights on Ye Zichen, and waited for him to start choosing.

F*ck, isn't this making me thetarget of blame for everything!?

"Mr. Ye."

At this moment, a clear voice sounded out near his ear. Ye Zichen turned around, and saw a veiled girl slowly walk in towards him like a lady of a rich-upbringing.

Covering her face? Zeze, she's afraid of being looked at!

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and shrugged, "There are plenty of ores over there that can give out jade, go and pick yourself. I'm about to leave with my people!"

"Mr. Ye, you misunderstood," The lady smiled softly. "I'm the person in charge of this ore trade…"

"What did you come to me for?" Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

The woman made a "please" gesture, "Can we talk over there?"

Ye Zichen walked with the woman to a rather distant place and placed his hands in his pockets, "Say it!"

"Just how are you speaking to my sister!" The red-shirted little girl, who was like a powdered jade sculpture frowned. "I'm telling you, bad guy, you've already severely affected our family's business. Look at all the leftover ores, they aren't going to be sold anymore…."

"What does that have to do with me!" Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. "Am I not your customer for buying ores from you? What's more, I buy a lot, so I more or less am a huge customer of yours!"

"But since you stopped buying, so did those jewelers!" The red-shirted girl pouted. "It's all because of you! Go and make them buy stones!"

"Are you bandits!?"

Ye Zichen was truly speechless at the girl's bandit-like mindset.

Those jewelers are no idiots, isn't there something wrong with them if they continue to buy even when they will just lose money!?

"Lil' Red!" The veiled lady scolded. "Mr. Ye, Lil' Ye is rather young, please don't take it to heart."

"There's no need to fault children for what they say!" Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

"However, Mr. Ye, I have to say, you did severely affect our interests. Ignoring the previous few times, we have nearly lost fifty million just this single time."

"What? You want me to compensate you?"

"No!" The lady shook her head. "From this day onwards, you will be blacklisted. From now on, you will not be allowed into the ore trades at all!"

"Hey… This is a bit too much! You are doing business…"

"We are doing business!" The lady's voice remained soft, yet without any doubt. "But businessmen look for profits. If our business continues to lose us money, then why should we continue to do it? Am I right? For example, you only buy stones that open up jade, and not stones without anything inside!"

"The fact that I manage to buy stones that open up jade is my capability, is that part of your business?" Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

"Then we also have a right not to sell to you, right!?" With that, the veiled lady turned around. "I won't pursue this issue any further this time. Please leave!"

"Say, girl, you can't be like this, right!" Ye Zichen sighed. "Is there any space for negotiation…"

"There is!" The veiled girl turned around. "Help me sell all these stones, or buy a few of them at a high price!"

"Wow, your heart is truly filled with profits!"

"Thank you, that is the best praise you can give to me, who is a businesswoman!" The veiled girl smiled. "All of the remaining ores are worth around fifty million, I believe in you."

"Who am I supposed to find though!" Ye Zichen frowned, then swept his gaze over the trade center before smiling. "No problem. Fifty million, right? I'll screw someone over for you!"

Original Chapter Teaser:

Han Yu: Do you these these stones that Ye Zichen chose for the jewelers can open up jade?

Expert Liu: (mutters) I really want to say no… but… (turns towards Han Yu) Young Master Han, I cannot be certain but it’s certainly possible. These stones do have indications of containing some jade in them.

Han Yu: So that’s not a definitely yes?

Expert Liu: It is likely, but not guaranteed.

Han Yu: Good, then let’s see how Ye Zichen is going to deal with all this. After all, it’s impossible for all of these stones to contain jade!

Two hours later…

Han Yu: Elder Liu, how many stones has it been?

Expert Liu: Young Master Han, exactly 6,732.

Han Yu: … How the heck is this even possible?

Ye Zichen walks over.

Ye Zichen: Young Master Han, how is it? Does your face feel red hot from the smacks?

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