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Chapter 259 - Young Master Han, who was messed with

At that moment, Han Yu's expression was rather dark. This "Expert" Liu, who nominated himself, did not seem particularly good at his job.

Of course, most of the stones this geezer told me to buy did not make a loss.

But my gains were pitiful compared to the pile of stones that Ye Zichen bought.

Just who the heck is that brat!

It was whatever that I, as the older brother, did not take revenge for my little brother, Han Qi, after getting beaten. However, I didn't gain any face here…

Han Yu muttered in his heart, only to look up and see Ye Zichen walk over with a smile.

"Young Master Han, how is it? Your stones raised in value, right?"

"Slightly!' Han Yu forced a smile and replied respectfully. "But it is naturally less than Young Master Ye!"

"Ha, naturally!"

Ye Zichen replied in a totally self-satisfied manner, then glanced at the stones that totaled to more than two hundred and fifty kilograms.

These stones looked pretty good, and could be called the featured items of this ore trade.

It could be said that these sorts of stone would get fought over crazily by the jewelers, but…

Since Ye Zichen had no intention of buying them, they didn't make any move either.

Ye Zichen could see with his Fiery Eyes of Truth that that these stones would give out jade, but only palm-sized ones.

"I'll take these three pieces of stone!" Ye Zichen lifted his fingers and pointed at the three stones, causing the jewelers to feel a hint of regret.

There were several times that they wanted to buy them, but since Ye Zichen did not have any intention of buying them, they thought that it wouldn't give out any jade.

In the end, it seems like he just wanted to buy them last.

Although they regretted it, but when they thought back on how much they earned by following Ye Zichen, they didn't think too much into it, and merely watched the show enviously.

"Sir, this stone isn't sold according to its weight, it'll be auctioned with the lowest amount being one yuan."

The heavens are truly helping me!

Ye Zichen laughed manically in his heart. He was only just pondering about how to make Han Yu fight over the price with him, and did not realize that the stone was actually one that would be auction.

However, he decided to put on a look of unwillingness, "Dude, this stone has been placed here for an entire day and no one has bought it, so auction for what. Just directly sell it to me. If it really is hard, then I'll buy double the price."

Han Yu glanced at the three stones. Even he could tell that the stones would give out jade. He subconsciously took a glance at Elder Liu. The old man caressed his beard, looked at the stone, then looked at Ye Zichen's desperate look.

"It'll give out jade, and a huge piece at that!'

Hearing that, Han Yu smiled, then walked over with his hands behind his back.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile when he saw Han Yu, who now stood beside him.

"Shopkeeper, these stones are for auction, right? I'll pay a million!"

"Young Master Han, you…" Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in false annoyance. "I clearly chose this stone, and now you're coming to snatch it from me?"

"Young Master Ye, he already said that this stone is set up to be auctioned, so how is it snatching?" Han Yu smiled when he saw Ye Zichen's look of annoyance, causing him to feel very good about himself. "A good stone naturally belongs to the highest bidder!"

This stone belongs to me, I can't let you have it.

I also have to open it up right here in order to anger this grandson properly. After all, he was so cocky in the clubhouse yesterday, and it'll also serve as a good way to get even for my little brother.

Ye Zichen felt extremely smug when he saw Han Yu's slightly proud face.

Goes to the highest bidder, just to my liking.

Ye Zichen really was worried that Han Yu wouldn't say something like that.

"Then so be it, after all, I have to gain this stone, it'll just be up to how much Young Master Han can pay," Ye Zichen laughed coldly. "Five million!"

"Ten million!"

"Twenty million!"

"Thirty million!"

Han Yu did not even raise his eyebrows when he named the price. The higher Ye Zichen raised the price, the more he felt like it was worth the price.

Thirty million, twenty million more is enough.

Ye Zichen laughed maniacally in his heart.

"Fifty million!"

"Sixty million!"


When Ye Zichen saw the smile on Han Yu's face brighten even more, he did stop to get worried about his plan failing if he raised the price even more. Thus, he mocked, "Is Young Master Han not afraid of making a bad bet?"

"Even if that happens, I, Han Yu, do not lack the money," Han Yu replied. Ye Zichen saying that clearly means that he has no money left. Thus, he mocked in return, "Why isn't Young Master Ye bidding anymore!?"

"Then I'll let Young Master Han have it," Ye Zichen shrugged.

Then he turned around, smiled towards the veiled girl, who stood beside him, and hooked his fingers, "Go and receive the money!"

The veiled girl walked over the girl in red, who was holding a POS machine.

Han Yu immediately felt like something wasn't right, but he didn't say anything, and just swiped his card.

After that, he roared at the stonecutter, "Cut open the stone!"

The opening of these three emperors of stone attracted the attention with many people.

However, Han Yu felt like something was amiss when he saw the veiled girl stand with ye Zichen.

"Open!" Han Yu clenched his teeth and roared.

The stonecutter walked up the stage with the machine.

First cut, nothing!

Second cut, nothing!

No matter how many cuts were made, nothing came out!

"Ye Zichen, you f*cking messed with me!" Han Yu glared and cursed.

"How did I mess with you!? Young Master Han, what the heck are you saying!?" Ye Zichen walked over and glanced at the stone on the floor. "There is jade inside!"

With that, he took up a piece of chalk and drew some lines on the stone, then glanced towards the stonecutter, "Cut it like this!"

Not long later, all three pieces of stone were cut. Each one of them produced a piece of palm-sized jadeite.

Ye Zichen pointed at the three pieces of jade on the floor and raised his eyebrows, "See? Didn't it give out jade?"

"Ye Zichen!" Han Yu clenched his teeth. He had spent sixty million to buy three palm-sized pieces of jadeite! "You two worked together to screw me over!"

He pointed at the veiled lady and Ye Zichen with a savage expression.

Ye Zichen smiled playfully, "Young Master Han really knows how to joke. Nobody forced you to bid, so how did we worked together to screw you over? What's more, I had reminded Young Master Han already, but Young Master Han did not listen! You even said that even if you took a loss, you could afford it!"

"You… You…" Han Yu squinted his eyes, pursed his lips and cursed. "You two screwed me over together, fine… But don't think that I, Han Yu, is that easy to push around!"

"What? Young Master Han wants to deal with me?" The veiled lady stepped up with a smile. "Stone gambling is all luck. You want to blame us for you taking a loss? What's more, I saw it just now, you were intent on buying it! Also, I am very curious, why exactly does the Han family, that's in politics, have so much money for stone gambling? It seems like there really is a need to probe deeper!"

"Fine, you two, just wait!" Han Yu turned around to leave.

Ye Zichen, who stood behind him, held out the three palm-sized pieces of jadeite, "Young Master Han, the jade you bought for sixty million!"

Hearing that, Han Yu paused for a moment, then left the scene without even looking back around.

Ye Zichen placed the three pieces of jadeite back onto the table and smiled toward the veiled lady, "How is that? You wanted fifty million and I gave you sixty. I also left these three pieces of jadeite to you. This is fine now, right?"

"Yes, but before Young Master Ye leaves…" The veiled lady pointed to the piles of ores. "Please give me a hand and pick out all of the stones that have jade in them. I'm not going to bring these useless pieces of stones back! Is that alright?"     

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Find out how much money the ore trade guys need See which (unfortunate) young master, who pisses you off, is around Select the young master Piss them off Pretend to want some piece of trash in order to lure them into competing with you Raise the price … PROFIT!!!

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