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Chapter 1467 - The Red Packet Server’s New Feature

The starry sky gradually let up, and Ye Zichen, with his newly-opened celestial eye, floated amongst the Milky Way, utterly content.

Within the river of stars, he was like an emperor reigning over his empire, supervising his civilians and reveling in their awe and respect.

It was pleasant as could be, but before long, the ding of a notification disrupted his reverie.


He flipped over and fished his phone out from under his pillow, scrolled down, and saw countless messages. Even more continued flooding his screen.

Erlang Shen: How is Ye-zi doing now?

Erlang Shen: It’s already morning but none of you are awake. Wake up already! I’ve already walked the dog and come back.

Erlang Shen: Heavenly God City was really lively this morning.

Erlang Shen: Quit playing dead! Come out and chat with me. Howling Celestial Dog, greet everybody.

Howling Celestial Dog: Woof woof woof….

Monkey King: Shut up.

Erlang Shen: Hey, you’re awake! When I went out, I saw no sign of life in your rooms. Hurry over! I’m in the west of the city, and they have jugglers here! Get here quick and watch with me!

As soon as he sent the message, Yang Jian sent his coordinates over as well.

Monkey King: Scram! Don’t you remember what we came back here for? We’re not supposed to be on good enough terms to go for leisurely morning strolls together.

Invincible Adorable Beauty: There are jugglers in Heavenly God City?

Erlang Shen: What did you think? They’re quite good. Just wait a bit and I’ll send you something good.


A red envelope appeared on screen. Still yawning, Ye Zichen tapped it.

It was a designated red envelope.

“The app has a new feature?”

The envelope had been sent to Invincible Adorable Beauty. Ye Zichen arched his brows; it seemed the IT guys he’d brought from the Heavenly Court weren’t just idling around.

Invincible Adorable Beauty: Is there something wrong with your brain? A rattle drum? A toy? Do you really think I’ve never played with something like this?

Ultimate Charmer: Shh! Zichen is resting. Could you pipe down?

Yumei really was good to him.

Erlang Shen: What’s up with Ye-zi? Yesterday, you stopped sending messages all of a sudden and scared the crap out of us. Did you have something to do with all that light overhead?

Invincible Adorable Beauty: That was starlight, ya’ dingus.

Ultimate Charmer: Zichen opened his celestial eye, but it took an enormous amount of energy, so he went to bed early. I don’t know if he’s awake yet or not.

After reading all these messages, Ye Zichen typed out a simple greeting.

Only Idealism: Hello.

Erlang Shen: Ye-zi! You’re awake. The monkey and I reached Heavenly God City yesterday. The Upheaval Alliance is doing fine, and the Profound Pavilion seems alright too. That Zhou Wu hasn’t dared act against us, the wimp…. Wait, did you just call me a dingus?

Monkey King: ‘morning, Ye-zi.

Ye Zichen naturally already knew that the Upheaval Alliance and Profound Pavilion were doing well. If something had happened, Wei Jie would have contacted him. As for why Zhou Wu hadn’t done anything, he understood as soon as he thought about it.

However, as soon as she stepped inside, she and Ye Zichen both froze.

“Zichen, you…”

“Yumei, you…”

Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei pointed at each other. When they saw each other’s response, they then turned to look at themselves.

“What about me?” they both asked in unison.

“Your eye….”

“Your body…..”

Right now, in Xiao Yumei’s eyes, Ye Zichen’s left eye was like a star. She could see starlight flickering in his pupils and flowing into the surrounding air.

As for Ye Zichen? He saw Xiao Yumei completely enveloped in starlight. He’d never seen anything like this before.


After Xiao Yumei rushed out, the great emperors in residence hurriedly gathered in Ye Zichen’s room.

The Hermit Emperor sat in front of him. He’d placed a black facemask over Ye Zichen, one he’d designed himself. It was similar to what Hatake Kakashi wore in the anime Naruto.

“You’re feeling better now, right?” asked the Hermit Emperor after putting on Ye Zichen’s mask.

Ye Zichen nodded. After covering his left eye, he really couldn’t see the starlight flowing around Xiao Yumei anymore.

“Your left eye is the Emperor Star’s celestial eye, and it can see the celestial fates of the eighty-eight major stars. What you saw just now was the light and celestial fate of the Fated Stars.”

“Ah, okay.” Ye Zichen nodded in understanding.

“Zichen’s eye sometimes leaks starlight. How do we handle this? Does he have to wear an eyepatch or a mask forever?” asked Ye Rong.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that he only just barely opened his celestial eye and hasn’t mastered controlling his starlight yet. After he adjusts, he shouldn’t have issues with overflowing starlight anymore,” said the Hermit Emperor with a dismissive wave.

“Right, how is Xue Mo doing?” Ye Zichen knit his brows. When they heard that, the great emperors’ gazes darkened, and the atmosphere grew tense. Seeing this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask, “We didn’t save her?”

Ye Zichen knew better than anything that they’d successfully infused her body with imperial starlight. The Hermit Emperor had said that, so long as she had starlight, she’d wake up….

“It’s not that we didn’t save her.” The other emperors remained silent, but the Hermit Emperor sighed. “The light of the Emperor Star was enough to stabilize her, but the situation is thornier than I imagined. She’s alive and stable, but she’s still in a coma.”

After Ye Zichen fell asleep, the other great emperors had visited Xue Mo to check her condition.

The imperial starlight filling her body really had reduced the strength of her bloodline power’s backlash, but at the same time, it caused a new type of backlash.

As such, Xue Mo had shown no signs of waking up. Zhao Qianling’s eyes were red and puffy; she’d cried all night long.

“What do you mean? If that wasn’t enough starlight, I can give her more!” Ye Zichen frowned.

“Zichen, don’t talk nonsense,” snapped Ye Rong.

Giving Xue Mo a hint of starlight as he opened his celestial eye was already the limit of what Ye Rong could accept. They couldn’t give her anymore. If they did, would Ye Zichen still be the Master of the Stars, or would Xue Mo take his place?

“Is there really no other way to save her?” asked Ye Zichen.

“Of course there is,” said the Hermit Emperor. He glanced at Ye Rong, then continued, “But I’m afraid the Lord of Seven Stars won’t agree.”

“Then don’t bother saying it!” said Ye Rong decisively.

“Tell me!” said Ye Zichen.

“Give her the Emperor Star’s celestial fate!”

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