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Chapter 1468 - A Brief Awakening

Never mind Ye Rong, even the other great emperors were startled by the Hermit Emperor’s suggestion.

This venerable senior, a man who hadn’t left his mountain in almost ten thousand years, was just full of shocking ideas.

For instance, using the Emperor Star’s imperial starlight. Now, he wanted to use its celestial fate too.

“Hermit Emperor, you….” Even Xue Yang couldn’t help but speak up. The Hermit Emperor’s suggestion was just too astonishing.

Obtaining a hint of imperial starlight to infuse her body was already Xue Mo’s good fortune. Now, he wanted to give her imperial celestial fate? What was he trying to do?

Was he trying to turn Xue Mo into the new Emperor Star?

The other great emperors, including Su Qingyan and Bi’an, both knit their brows.

Among them, someone’s aura was already frosting over, and the temperature in the room plummeted. They all glanced over and saw that it was none other than the Lord of Seven Stars, Ye Rong.

The atmosphere was clearly out of the ordinary. None of the great emperors spoke; they were all keenly aware that this was no time for them to speak.

Despite the cold disdain in Ye Rong’s gaze, the Hermit Emperor flashed her a warm smile. “It’s this old man’s honor to have your attention.”

“Let me warn you: don’t take this too far.” She seemed to be giving him advice, but her tone carried a hint of a threat. “You obviously know I can’t agree to that, but you still said it. What for?”

“The Master of the Stars told me to. Dare I keep silent?” he laughed.

“That explanation sounds reasonable enough.” Ye Rong nodded lightly. “But if you really respected the Emperor Star, you would never have suggested such a thing.”

“Decision-making power ultimately lies in the Emperor Star’s hands. Why should I keep silent?” The Hermit Emperor chuckled and stroked his beard. “While we’re here, I’d like to give you a bit of advice, Lord of the Big Dipper. At the end of the day, you are the master of your constellation, while he is the Emperor Star. Although you are his mother, you ought to remember your position and adjust your attitude accordingly. You ought not to interfere in the Emperor Star’s decisions.”

His words, although phrased as advice, were like a punch to the gut. Everyone thought that they’d infuriate Ye Rong.

However, to their surprise, her cold glare gradually faded, and her aura receded. She pursed her lips but didn’t argue.

“Hermit Emperor, you….” Xuan Ji couldn’t bear to watch anymore. She was just about to say something when Ye Rong stopped her and shook her head.

Ye Zichen was her child, but more than that, he was the Emperor Star!

She’d watched Ye Zichen grow up, and when she thought about him, she thought from the perspective of a mother. Thus, she overlooked his position as the head of the Milky Way, the leader of the countless stars of the night sky.

No one had the right to interfere with his plans. All stars, regardless of rank, out to support the Emperor Star’s every degree.

The Emperor Star was chosen by the heavens themselves.

The hands of fate were involved in everything he did, guiding him. Intervening would only make things worse, and could result in truly severe consequences.

“Thank you for your guidance, Hermit Emperor.” Ye Rong cupped her fists.

Xuan Ji knew Ye Rong’s personality better than just about anyone. When she saw her give into the Hermit Emperor, Xuan Ji was stunned. Xuan Ji knew that Ye Rong, the Master of Seven Stars, would do anything in her power to prevent Ye Zichen from coming to harm.

Now, the Hermit Emperor wanted the Emperor Star’s celestial fate.

“It’s never too late,” said the Hermit Emperor with an inscrutable laugh.

At the same time, the Hermit Emperor glanced at Ye Zichen and smiled. “Star Lord Ye, what do you say?”

“Of course I….” Without any further thought, Ye Zichen started to agree, but halfway through, he paused and glanced at his mother.

Sensing his gaze, the Hermit Emperor laughed, but Ye Rong’s heart clenched.

Only now did she realize it: she really did have too much influence over the Emperor Star.

“Zichen, you’re the Emperor Star, the leader of the starry sky. Do what your heart tells you. No one can change your decisions, not even me. Just follow your heart and do what you have to do,” said Ye Rong softly.

“Then…. Of course I’m willing!”



In the Modern Realm, the very concept was considered a sort of mysticism, but to cultivators, it wasn’t the least bit unfamiliar.

That’s why cultivators often described people as having “heaven-defying fortune” or as being “fated to be ordinary.”

But even among cultivators, who were well acquainted with the concept of fate and fortune, “celestial fate” was utterly alien.

This included the great emperors gathered in Xue Mo’s room. They could only watch as, under the Hermit Emperor’s guidance, Ye Zichen took Xue Mo’s hand, closed his eyes and, somehow or other, transferred his imperial celestial fate to her.

Roughly six hours passed in complete silence.

“It’s done!” Su Qingyan suddenly muttered, her eyes flashing with shock. The others, those with no connections to the stars, glanced at her, then noticed that Ye Zichen had suddenly opened his eyes again.

He released Xue Mo’s hand, then stared intently at her.

As soon as he let go, her eyelids fluttered, then her fingers twitched, until….

“Ye Zichen?”

“Little Mo.” The Zhao sisters instantly rushed over. Xue Mo had only just opened her eyes. When she saw them, she was stunned. “Mom? Why are you here?”

“Is this the Sea of Innocence?” She shifted as if intent on rising and paying her respect to these mighty, renowned experts, but the intense pain wracking her body made it difficult even to sit up. Her face contorted with agony. Zhao Qianling watched in obvious distress, then covered her face and stealthily wiped away her tears.

“Mom, why are you crying?” Xue Mo’s raspy voice was starkly different from her former crisp clarity. She smiled at her mom, then looked at Ye Zichen.

“It’s really embarrassing. It seems I was beaten so badly, I was shipped back home for treatment. I’m surprised you’re here too. I wanted to get that sword and give it to you. Since you joined the Anti-Upheaval Society, I’ve never given you anything…. How… embarrassing….”

Her flushed cheeks made her embarrassment immediately obvious. She really was embarrassed. She’d tried her hardest to get her hands on a sword, only to wind up severely injured. Now, Ye Zichen was here to witness her shame.

When she saw Ye Zichen, she was primarily concerned about her lack of face. She didn’t even ask about her injuries.

Even though her face was pallid and her body was wracked with agony, she simply quietly endured it.

But then, at that moment, she noticed the parts of Ye Zichen’s scars that his masks couldn’t cover, as well as his empty left sleeve….


“Go to sleep.” Ye Zichen gently patted her head. For some reason, his soft tone and gentle smile put her right to sleep, as if they contained some mystical force.

She’d only just barely opened her eyes, but before she could say more than a few sentences, she sunk back into slumber.

No one seemed surprised; the Hermit Emperor had made himself perfectly clear. Zhao Qianling’s gaze was full of reluctance, but all she could do was gently kiss her daughter’s cheek.

Afterward, everyone’s gaze landed on Ye Zichen. They then heard him say, “Tell me what exactly I need to do!”

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